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30 October 2011

Wi-Fi health hazard for students
This is a very important video which explains the dangers that school children face from Wi Fi.
Please forward this to parents.
IARC  Strange Games
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is
playing some strange games, which will inevitably lead to
more public confusion about cell phone cancer risks.

IARC Is now saying that the Interphone study shows
no association between brain tumors and the use of
cell phones.


We decided to look into this.
Read what we found out at


Louis Slesin
More than 9,000 devices producing a strong type 2B possible carcinogen in just one School Board - Kawartha

People have protested the move to make all schools Wi-Fi enabled, saying the technology can lead to health problems such as heart palpitations, dizziness and vomiting.
Wi-Fi in Schools, Not Worth the Exposure

New revelation about high ranking CDC official who played a key role in the H1N1 propaganda scare, and pushed vaccines on young children... This evidences her lack of integrity and concern for children should finally settle your trust issue. Isn't it time to look elsewhere for advice?
Note - Another phoney Danish study is noted in this article.
Are the Danish people not concerned about the terrible reputation they are getting from bad scientists. 
Are all major Health Ministries corrupt?
How many will get ill in Illinois?

(Smart meters set to ravage another state.  If you think that Al Capone was bad, wait till you see what smart meters can do!)


The following is the saga as covered by the Chicago Tribune where Commonwealth Edison successfully got legislation over the veto of the Illinois governor allowing Smart Meter technology. This is what happened in California where people are getting sick amid threats of  class action suit ....and now Illinois. Obamam has already endorsed Smart Meters and now they are being rolled out incrementally, state-by-state.

What make the story even more interesting is that legislators were able to push buttons for other legislators.

And, sadly, while the newspaper reported the saga, the public remains unaware of the meaning of the legislation and the consequences.

Ill.lawmakers override veto, OK measure raising electric rates, modernizing grid

October 26, 2011

...the power companies' delivery systems by installing "smart meters" in all ComEd homes and 60 percent of Ameren Services...year, on average. But they say savings created by the smart meters would more than offset the higher costs. The governor...

CHRISTOPHER WILLS, Associated Press,0,3944132.story

Legislature overrides Gov. Pat Quinn's veto to allow smart grid

Legislation raises ire of governor, other critics because it also overhauls a century-old regulatory process for setting electricity rates and reduces oversight by the Illinois Commerce Commission

By Julie Wernau, Tribune reporter

October 27, 2011

SPRINGFIELD— — No more meter readers. No more calling the electric utility when the lights go out. And when a big storm does knock out power, those outages will be less widespread and shorter in duration.,0,1622191.story

Quinn wants investigation of 'Buttongate'

By Ray Long, Tribune reporter

October 27, 2011

SPRINGFIELD—It's getting called "Buttongate."

Gov. Pat Quinn  wants an investigation into how several lawmakers punched the "yes" voting buttons of their colleagues on ComEd legislation that moves Illinois toward having a so-called smart grid in place.,0,1874977.story

 The above is an object lesson in the strategy being employed to bring in this technology without the public being aware.

Kind regards,

John Weigel






Sparrows are tough but Mumbai is tougher

When was the last time you saw a sparrow? They no longer flit around window sills, peck at grains or chirp noisily in the backyard; sparrows seem to have disappeared completely.







 Cancer cases up by 45% by 2030

The number of new cancer cases in the UK could rise by 45% by 2030 to more than 430,000 a year, research suggests.







Electromagnetic radiation and people who have become refugees

ABC (Washington D.C.) aired this Thursday October 27 11p.m.

Video link:
Starts at 8:41 minutes,  into this segment
Relief - In a Cave
Town to see if anyone is listening
During the meeting one resident delegation said council had completely missed the health issue stating cell towers had been linked to brain cancer.

FortisBC plans to seek approval from the BCUtilities Commission sometime this fall to implement mandatory wireless smart meters for its 166000-plus customers in the Okanagan and Kootenays.
Microwave Ovens Produce EMFs, Alter Food

Austria - Land of 1,000 mobile phone masts
How dangerous are mobile phone radiation? Mobile operators refer to values, self-help group calls even prohibition.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 14.10.2011  

A nurse who used for years a cordless phone in her service to the chest and suffered from cardiac arrhythmia. A man who feels for a wireless transmitter in his apartment, extreme temperatures, although the thermometer shows nothing suspicious. A close one Handymastens residents who moved because of health problems in a dead zone.

These are just a few examples of some 70 Carinthians who feel affected by the effects of mobile phones - that's why they have come together in the self-help group "electro-electrical sensitivity".
"We are the only ones who dare to speak critically about this issue," says team leader Joseph Neuschitzer.

The support group is for seven years and has been content to share in the small circle tips and advice. Now the mobile opponents go on the offensive and start a campaign with an information evening, "which will set the discussion going," said Neuschitzer. He cites numerous studies that would demonstrate the dangers of mobile phones. The St. Veit is also aware that the topic is controversial.
"We have powerful opponents, for which there may not be true that mobile phone for tinnitus, burnout or cancer is partly responsible. But let us not be defeated."

As an adversary, the self-help group has chosen not small fish. The Forum for Mobile Communications (FMC), the lobbying organization of the major Austrian mobile operator takes the concerns of the Carinthian not really seriously. "The wireless technology has existed for over 100 years and has researched basically one knows exactly, is harmful under what circumstances the technology, so there yes, it also limits. The set has the World Health Organization and are respected, "said Gregory Wagner, spokesman for the FMK. According to him are around 1,000 base stations and base stations for mobile base stations in Carinthia.
A number that will increase no longer great: "If there is an expansion, then existing only at the sites."

For the self-help group, every single one of these sites too much, in a resolution recommending to discontinue the use of mobile phones completely. At the same time calling the opponent a mobile phone and Wi-Fi ban in all public buses, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and clinics. With their skepticism, they are not alone, the Medical Association recommends calling as short and little. Health Councillor Peter Kaiser (SPO) has published rules for mobile students.
The Kleine Zeitung is the largest regional daily newspaper in Austria, in the Provinces of Styria, Carinthia and also appears in East Tyrol. ...
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 14.10.2011 um 20:31 Uhr
More and more damage to nature and man "

Photo © KKJosef Neuschitzer directs the self-help group against electromagnetic pollution

They call in the resolution of electromagnetic pollution and electrosensitivity an extensive mobile phone ban. Do you think that something like this goes down well in the general population?

JOSEF Neuschitzer: Such bans are nothing new, in hospitals as they are already commonplace. Of course, such a ban might sound unrealistic. But I am convinced that there are increasing dramatically in the foreseeable future, the damage to nature and to human health. Then there will be a rethink.

There will also be mobile phone-free areas and valleys, so it asks how their group?

Neuschitzer: In Germany, which is required for a long time. I've already spoken with mayors interested in Carinthia. I realize that the implementation is difficult, but basically it's all about me, the discussion about the mobile back into swing.

You can expect great support?

Neuschitzer: Many people do not realize that their complaints that their discomfort is due in large part on the mobile. First we need to propagate information and a critical approach to the art. We do not want fear.

If not a cell phone ban, what should change?

Neuschitzer: We want our activities with the Telecom Act to bring the case that the mobile radio operator allows many freedoms in operation. But politics are not interested in the topic.
Spain EHS 
Guide diseases Dangerous radiation?

We spent the day glued to the phone, television, Wi-Fi to ... But all this technology exposes us to harmful electromagnetic fields whose effects are only beginning to see. - MARISOL Guisasola
We do not conceive without moving out and we even took him to the bathroom and bed. It is a relationship as dependent, if one day the phone fails us (either conventional model with an Internet connection), we feel disconnected from the world. And yet, more and more scientists think may have come short era and change. While news on cancer risk associated with using mobile phones for years have been circulating a report has always come in time to prevent disconnection, and concluded that "there is insufficient evidence to prove unequivocally that relationship."

This lack of definition exculpatory, to which the industry has stuck ever, begins to lose ground since the last May 31, WHO, through its International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) officially classified electromagnetic fields RF as "possibly carcinogenic".

Back in September 2008, the European Parliament decided (by 522 votes in favor and 16 against) establish more stringent safety standards for mobile devices. In view of studies that use associated with increased risk of brain tumors, said: "The limits of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) established for the general public are obsolete." The European Parliament did not hesitate to declare themselves "very concerned by the International Bioiniciativa report ( on ​​electromagnetic fields, which includes about 2,000 scientific studies and details the risks of emissions from mobile telephony, including mobile phones, UMTS, Wi-Fi, WiMax and Bluetooth, and wireless phones. "
The report noted that exposure to equipment and electrical systems and / or electronic, power lines, wireless devices and antennas expose the population to increased risk of immune disorders, Alzheimer's, cancer, alterations in brain function ...

Perhaps the greatest authority on EMF radiation and its effects is the Swede Olle Johansson, director of the Experimental Neurology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute and professor of neuroscience at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His sly smile clashes with his speech, anything but reassuring. "The current measure of risk of radiation or SAR (English acronym for" specific absorption rate "established by the industry for decades) is inadequate and, therefore, the world population is at risk," he says flatly. "Until now, the idea prevailed that the only adverse effects of RF emissions were due to a thermal or heating effect, as it was thought that the fields had no non-thermal biological effect," he adds.

Precautionary principle. Today, however, there is ample research showing that non thermal fields can affect tissues and physiological functions. Bioeffects have been observed nonthermal radiation of low intensity for both molecular and cellular level. "In light of recent results, we have to reduce exposure to microwave about 50000-60000 times. That said, the limits of the new biological standards are still 100 million times higher than natural radiation levels with which the life of the planet (and our genes) evolved, "he concludes.

As a first step, Johansson and other scientists are asked to apply the "precautionary principle" which aims to safeguard the public against potential risks. Johansson explains, "that risk has not been fully established is no excuse for not applying the precautionary principle, which is a natural right. Politicians and legislators have a duty to redefine the maximum exposure guidelines based on biological data and taking into account the long-term effects. And they should be considered especially at risk groups such as children and pregnant women (the fetus is especially vulnerable), elderly, sick, people with genetic or immune electrohipersensibilidad people ...".

Indeed, the hypersensitivity has received much attention. In Spain, Minerva Palomar is the first work to which a judge has granted "permanent work disability and absolute" electromagnetic hypersensitivity and environmental. Today it is estimated that between 18 and 20 million Europeans suffer from this disorder. In Sweden, first country to accept this problem as a cause of sick leave, the number of affected rises to more than 250,000. Most belong to the Swedish Association for electrosensitivity in the Federation of Disability.

Minerva is easy to recognize on the street. To isolate the electromagnetic fields, the Complutense University excel is dressed in silver fiber clothing sewing itself (the fabric, purchased in Germany, it costs 600 €) and also a veil covering her silver fiber mask carbon which, in turn, protects the mouth. "My diagnosis of electrosensitivity is behind a pilgrimage for many years, from doctor to doctor, always without a clear diagnosis for my symptoms of extreme fatigue, mental confusion, headaches, generalized aches, loss of coordination, tachycardia, syncope, emergency income ... In the end, an Integrative Medicine physician went to a congress to explain cases like mine associated with hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields. " Today, Minerva is not going anywhere without your meter radio: "I have four. Thanks to them I objectified my problem every time I feel bad, I look and check if the high frequency levels are very high. "

"Not out of the city are free of risk," says Elizabeth Peña, another affected by this hypersensitivity. "The roads and towns are littered with antennas and repeaters. If you want to spend a weekend in the countryside, you have to check before the house that you do not have Wi-Fi or wireless phone or is below a base station or a power line. Of course, urban centers are off limits. I'm all for progress, but not everything has to be wireless, because it involves a lot of radiation. "

RISK CHILDREN. The dr. José Francisco Tinao, vice president of Healthy Living Foundation (www.vivosano. Org), is the first struck by the proliferation of electrohipersensibilidad patients with a disorder that may also include nausea, irritability, tinnitus, coughs, insomnia and even eczema and other problems dermatology. "This is a harmful environment, he explains. We are the first generation exposed to this radiation and exposures are added gradually. Children are especially vulnerable. "

Concerns about a child's risk spreads. Irina Fiore, director of the Organization for the Defense Health Foundation Integrated Healthy Living, hainiciado campaign "Schools Without Wi-Fi" (, which includes the collection of signatures. "Wi-Fi systems in schools expose children (and workers) to a known carcinogen for more than 130 hours a month minimum, and more than 1170 hours per year," he explains. "Countries like France and Germany have removed the Wi-Fi in schools, hospitals, libraries and public places. Our campaign aims to eliminate them from the classroom and promote other Internet access technologies that do not endanger health. "

Investigate and decide. To Olle Johansson, the only way to get to the bottom line is that scientists who study the risks associated with electromagnetic radiation are untrammeled labor and funds for research are covered at 100%. "They must be completely free of commercial interests-emphasized. Public health can not be labeled with a price. It is a responsibility of governments and WHO. "

What can we do as to minimize the risks from exposure to EMF? The suggestion of Professor Johansson is to gather as much information as possible, read, think and then make a responsible decision for yourself and family: "I often ask this question and answer with this one: Do you really need these devices ? Really your children have to spend so much time with the phone, computer or console? If you think the answer is yes, go ahead. If not, it's time to start to make changes in your life. "


Now, the campaign against BC Hydro smart meters is getting a high-profile ally in renowned BC wildlife artist Robert Bateman. Hydro is installing thousands of smart meters every day across the province.  See video
Florida Smart Meters sparking concern

Right now, millions of smart meters are getting installed on homes throughout South Florida. If you don't have one yet, chances are you're going to get one very soon.

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