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15 October 2011

Costa Rica
Another country to avoid.  Will this be the beginning of the end of eco-tourism?
Save the Humans

Sonoma County Citizens Against Wireless Radiation is a group of retired teachers, parents, grandparents and concerned citizens.

Long Distance Telephone Plan
This is not a commercial.  I have used this plan for several years at very low cost.
It can be very useful for low income EHS / MCS victims who need to remain in contact with distant sources of help.
Smart Meter Fires
Working to Ban Smart Meters in Texas & Beyond…
Kent not feeling better about his Smart Meter

Don't you just love how we are charmed into saving money? It has cost me more than a $1,000 to save that $12. But as the environmentalist pointed out, "Don't you feel better for it?"
Protect wildlife from cellphone towers: Panel

Indian Express
Electromagnetic field radiation does not figure in India's notified list of pollutants for want of incriminating, India-specific data. After reviewing 919 international studies on this matter, the group found 593 studies that said EMF bore a ...
Toxic Energy; theTruth and Consequences of Technology
Smart meters: Are they safe?

Her headache isn't just about a single meter: it's the prospect of more than a dozen BC Hydro devices being placed in the utility room that's one slender wall away from her living room.

Cell Tower Dangers
Wireless Safety Summit Core Message
5 and 6 Oct 2011
The Editor
The Gauntlet
University of Calgary
Before printing an article of this type, which could harm the health of a great many people, you should first do some basic research.  A good place that you could start is the Bio Initiative Report .
You will quickly learn that there is a vast amount of scientific research which shows a great variety of adverse health effects including large increases in several different cancers.
As an editor you have made at least two very significant mistakes
1.  You have written something that you want to hear rather than an accurate description of fact
2.  You have quoted 'industry' studies instead of independent studies.  This is very similar to asking the cigarette industry: is smoking is safe?  The cigarette companies could show you all sorts of scientific studies which they paid for, which show that cigarette smoking is safe, and ignore the other more important studies which show dangers to health.
You may want to look at the final images of Steve Jobs to see what the future may hold for people who are exposed to wireless technology for many years.
I have attached several documents to educate you about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation.  I hope that you will inform the students of Calgary University, so that they may protect themselves for the future.  If you would like further information, I will gladly provide it.
Yours sincerely
Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP
"I interviewed Olle Johansson two years ago and asked him about Wi-Fi and fertility. I've isolated his clip for quick viewing.
Clint Crisp"
Radiation from smart meters raises concerns

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Pulsed Electromagnetic Devices Pose Health Risks

The human body as a walking RF antenna

Tumour fear cuts chatter as woman switch off their mobile phones

Why Our Urban Trees are Dying

Barrie Trower predicts economic and ecological systems collapse

Scientists manipulated research played down brain tumour risks in children

Cancer Industry: Profits Before Lives

Killer Cell Phones: Why Honeybees Are Dying Worldwide

The Latest Danger: 'Smart Meters'

SmartMeters and Electropollution

Smart Meters: not so smart an idea

Cellphones ring in alarm bells

Wi-Fi making kids, teachers sick?

Brennan Park phone tower fight looms

Money for masts

Phone mast plan fury residents in blockade

Parents worried at new mast scheme

B.C. Hydro program sparks up a storm of controversy

CTIA again tries to block San Francisco cell phone radiation ordinance

People power halts roof mobile phone mast, in Sutherland Grove, Teddington

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