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9 October 2011

Cell Phone Radiation and Our Health
Interesting video from Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Environmental Health Trust to Unveil Worldwide Cell Phone Safety Recommendations at Istanbul Symposium on October 7-8

EHT Founder to Present Compilation of Guidelines Adopted Around the World to Minimize Potential Health Risks from Cell Phone Use

Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, President of Environmental Health Trust, will unveil a global summary of cell phone safety laws and regulations at the Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields and Its Effects, to be held at the Yildiz Technical University Auditorium in Istanbul, Turkey on October 7-8.

The document, titled "Worldwide Cell Phone Safety Recommendations and Policies," reveals the wide array of guidelines in place around the world aimed at reducing and preventing health risks from cell phone use.

The document summarizes new and unprecedented safety measures adopted in San Francisco, France, Israel, Russia, and the United States including those adopted by the US Federal Communications Commission, as well as other localities in California, Maine, Wyoming, Oregon, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.  It continues with a look at international advisories adopted by Australia, Brazil, Ireland,  Finland, France, United Kingdom and Russia.  Completing the document is a roundup of jurisdictions that encourage limiting the use of cell phones by children, including India, Israel,  Switzerland, Germany, Korea, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Canada.

The Symposium, which is being jointly sponsored by Environmental Health Trust, the Istanbul Chamber of Physicians, the Istanbul Chamber of Electrical Engineers and the Istanbul Bar Association, provides an unprecedented interdisciplinary forum to examine the latest research on the impact of cell phone radiation on human health and explore policy options for protecting public health. 

Dr. Davis said, "This Symposium represents a truly international effort to focus the world's attention on the ongoing risks posed by the use of cell phones and simple ways to reduce those risks.  New studies conducted by Turkish researchers confirm that cellphone radiation poses health threats to children and to pregnant women and make the case for expanding global efforts to deal with this vital health issue."

Attached is the worldwide cellphone safety advisory
Health Warnings 

On October 4, 2011, Health Canada issued a warning for those under the age of 18 to limit their cell phone use. Click here for document.  This warning comes 5 months (May 31, 2011) after the World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as a possible human carcinogen and it comes more than a year after cell phone providers issued warnings about the use of cell phones in their user manuals.

If Health Canada truly cared about the health of Canadians, this is what they would do.

1.  They would issue a warning (similar to that Council of Europe) that wireless routers be replaced with wired routers for internet access in schools, at home, and at work. No one should be exposed for hours each day to pulsed microwave radiation generated by Wi-Fi routers.  For places that need to have wireless routers, they should use the patent issued to Swisscom for their "on demand" routers that radiate only when in use.

10 recommendations are provided.  To read more visit:  

How Safe Are Smart Meters?
Protest SDG&E Rate Hikes, Smart Meters at PUC Meetings

Thanks, Susan for keeping us all informed on such an IMPORTANT matter. As you know, I am concerned as my 91 year old Mother experienced declining health after the installation of her digital smart gas meter a few months ago. (The smart utility meter on Mom's house already had a Smart Meter Shield on it for decrease in radiation and her protection.) It was the digital gas meter that was installed on her home recently that she reacted to physically immediately. Her legs and ankles were swollen; her eyes sight decreased; and her anxiety increased. She had a hard time sleeping. She had NO idea WHY.... We took off her gas smart meter and her symptoms were minimized and/or went away totally! Wow! Now... the question is, how do we keep these smart meters off of homes where people are (EHS) electrically hyper sensitive, incuding elders and children, the most vulnerable?

... 25.9 percent for middle and 21 percent for high school. When asked whether they knew that the electromagnetic waves from cell phones could cause cancer, 51.4 percent of elementary, 59.2 of middle, and 51.7 of high school students answered yes.
Electromagnetic Fields & Mould Prevention, Recognition & Removal
Conference Montreal
Letter to the BC Premier

Attached is the letter I sent yesterday to Premier Clark with copies to Rich Coleman and our MLA.

Jim Waugh


Questions about Smart Meters?
I'd like to point you all to our new FAQ section- completed by Amy O Hair- that discusses smart meter shielding options:

Grassroots voices are singing against smart meters

Salt Spring Part 7 "No Wireless Smart Meter" Protest Rally Song (BC)

SMART METER  by ShaftBottomBoy
Stop Smart Meter Rally : Songs (BC)
Activist Nina Beety performs her 'Get Rid of Smart Meters' song (California)
New Rap Song Takes On PG&E: A to Z Smart Meter Rap by Ellen Cecil (California)
And are a couple really creative smart meter shorts from BC:
Hitler Rants about BC Hydro Smart Meters
Phil Versus the Smart Meter -- Part One
I have posted the entire list here:


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