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16 August 2013


In the last month, I have been contacted by two women driven out of their homes by illness caused by neighborhood installation of water pumps with variable frequency drives (VFD) or variable speed drives (VSD) or controllers. These are solid state devices which replace mechanical motor switches to control motor <> speed <> and torque <> by varying motor input frequency <>  and voltage <> .
One was a solar powered water pump using a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller to maximize charging of batteries which powered a water pump motor. The other was a VFD on a replacement deep well pump motor. When this pump was running, dirty electricity levels in the house spiked as did the primary neutral to earth voltage dumped into the earth at a transformer near the house. These devices all interrupt current flow and generate high levels of high frequency voltage transients or dirty electricity.  The industry calls this radiated noise or common mode noise. See:
Dairy farmers were the first to recognize the problem, since installation of VFDs on milk pump motors caused an immediate drop in milk production. A 10 millivolt change in dirty electricity in the milking parlor floor equals a change of about a pound of milk per day in each cow.
Sci Total Environ.
<>  2013 Mar 1;447:500-14. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.12.089. Epub 2013 Feb 14.

VFDs are also being put on the motors  of many new air conditioners and furnace fans.
The inverters and controllers on residential and commercial photovoltaic solar systems and wind turbines all generate dirty electricity.
Sam Milham
Rhode Island Commissioner Tries to Slow Smart Meter Deployment
Although Rhode Island has a smart meter pilot program on Aquidneck Island, there are currently no plans to expand the meters in the state. Rhode Island's Public Utilities Commissioner Paul J. Roberti doesn't believe smart meters "come close" to justifying their costs and are an ill-advised, unrealistic attempt to modify consumer behavior.
Donna Giroux of Kennebunk says she became extremely ill and experienced facial burning, weakness and other cognitive and neurological effects after smart meters were installed in her neighborhood.
Canadian Panel Looking at Wi-Fi Health Concerns Hit by Controversy
A scientific panel set to review Wi-Fi health and safety concerns has been wracked by resignations and allegations of conflict of interest. A second member of the ...

FDA Finalizes Guidance on Radio Frequency in Wireless Medical Devices

Since it is possible for an electromagnetic disturbance (EMD) to affect important medical device functions, mitigation measures for some risks could aid the device operator in recognizing a hazardous situation and taking action to prevent harm, FDA said in the guidance.

A NORTHCOTE resident says her pleas to an electricity provider to get rid of the smart meter she's blaming for her tinnitus are falling on deaf ears. Vasiliki Erophile is calling for residents to have access to an opt-out clause similar to Holland and ...

Electrical Workers Union Speaks Out Against Smart Meters

Leaders of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1288 said Monday, July 8, they intend to put up billboards warning the public of what they say are the dangers of the new meters the utility plans to seek city funding for later this year.

"We know it can be hacked in China," said Donna Bohannon, another opponent of the meters. "Made in China, hacked by China."


North Webster Fire Department Chief Jeremy Likens 

said the fire at 36 EMS T14 Lane, Leesburg, "definitely started in the new meter.

Across the country, over 900 fires have been linked to smart meters since 2008, according to Jonathan Libber, a former attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency. Libber heads Maryland Smart Meter Awareness, a group opposed to the meters.

Canadian Government Wi Fi Fairy Story
It would probably be humorous if it did not put the entire population at risk!
Is Wi Fi in Schools Safe ?
Excellent video describing the dangers of Wi Fi in schools.

Ontario Teachers Union Wants Cell Phones Turned Off in the Classroom

Yesterday, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario voted at its annual general meeting that student cell phones should be turned off and stored during school hours, unless a teacher gives permission. The vote was part of a series of motions requesting that radiation from cell phones and WiFi be recognized as a potential workplace hazard for teachers.
ETFO is Canada's largest teachers union, representing seventy-six thousand Ontario elementary teachers.


Electrohypersensitivity Is Real

The report concluded "a growing number of people worldwide have serious and debilitating symptoms that are key to various types of EMF and RFR exposure. Of this there is little doubt."
An excellent rebuttal after a very stupid article was published.

The Connection Between Cell Phones and ADHD


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