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23 August 2013


Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters

See how the radiation from a smart meter quickly affects blood of people near-by.  From the documentary - Take Back Your Power.
Is it really Lyme's disease or EHS ?  Or a mixture of both?
Is it really Lyme's disease or EHS ??
When you see the above video (live blood analysis) and then realize that lyme disease is caused by blood born parasites, it is easy to see how electro hyper-sensitivity and lyme disease can be inter-related and how exposure to wireless radiation could make the symptoms much worse.

Doctors sound alarm on child fitness and health

New report prompts fears over soaring obesity, showing half of seven-year-olds are not doing enough exercise.  By the final year of primary school 33.9% of pupils are either overweight (14.7%) or obese (19.2%).

Comment - Is this problem 'childhood fatigue', caused by long term exposure to wireless microwave radiation, in a similar way that microwave radiation appears to cause chronic fatigue in adults?  It is interesting that the poorer single parent families, who are less likely to have many wireless gadgets appear to be suffering less.

Laptop use lowers student grades, experiment shows

Laptops have replaced pen and paper for many post-secondary students but a Canadian study suggests using computers during lectures could be hurting their grades and lowering their classmates' marks.

Province pulls plug on Internet access in school buses

Officials had hoped students would use the service to complete homework assignments. But the majority of students, roughly 60 per cent, used the Wi-Fi primarily for entertainment purposes.

Help stop cellular antennas near the Monarch butterfly sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California.


Please forward this information to all who care about the bees, butterflies, trees, our children, our health, and our future, and sign our petition


My appeal

Can Cellphones Affect Your Heart Health? A Cardiologist Explains
 A 1-minute phone call raised the heart rate in chronic users of cell phones. The blood cholesterol levels were also higher in regular users
Why the U.S. Power Grid's Days Are Numbered

There are 3,200 utilities that make up the U.S. electrical grid, selling $400 billion worth of electricity each year. And they are doomed, says David Crane, CEO of NRG Energy.

Some customers, particularly in the sunny West and high-cost Northeast, already realize that "they don't need the power industry at all," Crane says.

Indian Cellular operators provide false information over radiation from towers

Vikram Tiwathia, Associate Director General of COAI, feels that there is no proof whatsoever that radiation caused by using cellphones result in cancer
Lies lies and more lies!
UK Parliament Energy and Climate Change Committee
Thoughtful submission about the dangers of wireless radiation.
A solar storm is coming
Sun's poles are set to FLIP within four months and it could lead to bad weather and radio disruption

BC Center for Disease Control on oxidative stress from RFs and link to infertility and neurodegenerative diseases

The Radiofrequency Toolkit was developed in response to requests from BC's medical and environmental health officers to the BCCDC for assistance in assessing and communicating the risk to health from exposure to the many devices which emit radiofrequency waves. Students, public health residents, and specialists in epidemiology from outside BCCDC collaborated with staff from BCCDC and the National Collaborating Center for Environmental Health (NCCEH) on this project

Thanks to Zen Gardner for this quote:

"A Radio frequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners." released March 7, 2013, the BC CDC states that "the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility were consistent in demonstrating decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones" and "biological effects on sperm motility related to RF exposure."

In the need to understand how harm is caused by exposure to microwave radiofrequency radiation, the review panel noted that "oxidative stress seems one of the more plausible mechanisms of RF-induced sperm damage. Mechanisms by which oxidative stress is caused by increased ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and decreased antioxidant have been shown to exist in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's."

Another Huge Conflict of Interest - Royal Society review panel member Louise Lemrye

New information received through access to information

Dr. Louise Lemyre (University of Ottawa) is listed under Dan Krewski's company - Risk Sciences International.

Dr. Louise Lemyre (University of Ottawa)
Dr Louise Lemyre, Ph.D. is a Full Professor at the School of Psychology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada, and the McLaughlin Research Chair on Psychosocial Risk at the Institute of Population Health of the University of Ottawa, where she leads a research unit on psychosocial analysis of health 'GAP-Santé'. She obtained her Master's degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and her doctorate at Université Laval in Social Psychology. She then went for an interdisciplinary postdoctorate in social epidemiology and medical sociology at the British MRC Social Research Unit at the University of London, UK. Her work examines the social environment, especially risk perception, risk communication and risk management, in the context of public health and public safety. She was the founding scientific leader of the national Psychosocial Cluster of the Center for Security Science Canada.

KREWSKI, Daniel, Ph.D., MHA
Chief Risk Scientist, CEO
Daniel Krewski is the co-founder, with Greg Paoli, of Risk Sciences International.

----- Original Message -----
A report Daniel Krewski wrote for industry Canada evaluating IC communication strategy on cell tower safety: 
This is the report that CMAJ referred to that Krewski had not declared.

Dead dolphins washing up on Virginia Beach

"We're seeing lesions in their respiratory systems. We're seeing animals with joint problems. We're not seeing animals feeding normally; a lot of them are thin,"
Its hard to swim away from powerful sonar and other underwater EMF devices.

U.K. - Fulflood residents win five-year campaign against phone mast

erged we had too many sites and we are going through the process of review and removing those we no longer need.
We are removing several thousand (cellphone masts) around the country.
And another one bites the dust
Australia - Smart meter trespass
The installer had gone ahead and installed a Smart Meter despite being told to leave the property, so the owner blocked his driveway with his ute & the installer was not able to leave. The owner then called the police.
But it will also enable them remotely to terminate your supply if, for example, you fail to pay your bills on time. Which means — and here's the interesting bit — Kim Jong Un, the Chinese army or any number of unsavory characters in the Middle East or Russia could do the same.
"The off switch creates information-security problems of a kind, and on a scale, that the energy companies have not had to face before," writes Prof. Ross Anderson, one of Britain's leading experts on cybersecurity

Wi-Fi sensitivity solution sought on ferries

A two-hour trip into the city can leave her fatigued for the rest of the day. Campbell avoids restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres and anywhere she expects exposure.

The situation impelled Campbell to call on B.C. Ferries to provide a way to limit exposure to the ship's wireless technology while on voyages to the Mainland.


Extra-low-frequency magnetic fields alter cancer cells through metabolic restriction

New scientific study shows changes caused by magnetic fields. 
credible mechanism of interaction between MFs and living material

Read More:
credible mechanism of interaction between MFs and living material

Read More:
Smart meter hearing in Worcester, Mass, 8/21/2013

Starts at about 1.45 hours, slide the button over to see video of the meeting.

Concerned speakers

Janet Johnson            2.12:40

Patricia Burke            2.21:45

John Dick                    2.29:06

Tina Fallstrom           2.37:30

Clare Donegan           2.44:50

Leslie Schaffer           2.51:50

Dr. Debora Moore     2.56:37

Moe Bergman            3.00

Tim Sullivan               3:06

John Provost              3:12


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