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4 August 2013

Germany Rejects EU Smart-Meter Recommendations on Cost Concerns

Germany said it probably won't follow smart-meter guidance from the European Union -- which has recommended that 80 percent of homes install the devices by 2020 -- because such a move would be too costly for consumers.

: THE WAR ON 'WE THE PEOPLE' 08-01-2013 10:31 am - John A. Holeton There comes a time in the history of a country when its people look back and acknowledge a turning point that transformed their way of life forever; a crossroad such ...

Making a safe water system Dangerous
SmartReach, a collaboration of Arqiva, BT, BAE Systems Detica and Sensus, together with South Staffs Water, have announced a new trial to connect up to 1,000 smart water meters in Kinver, South Staffordshire.


Take Back Your Power (TBYP) is an independently produced documentary about issues surrounding smart meters that are being installed by major utility companies globally, including NV Energy. "The film uncovers alarming issues about health, privacy, ...
Group of Consumers Energy customers wants out of smart meter program, files ...

The group of West Michigan residents, led by Michelle Rison, believes smart meters bring health risks and say the harm of smart meter emissions have been studied by scientists and medical professionals. On July 25, the group filed a claim of appeal ...

The suit demands that BC Hydro remove unwanted smart meters, that BC Hydro stop installing the devices without the consent of the home owner, that BC Hydro be prohibited from declining to sell power to properties who don't want the meters, and that the ...

"Smart Homes are Convenient But May be Vulnerable to Hack - Ins"

Some smart new advise about home safety and all the technology making
everything easier from your appliances to your garage door. Abc's Neal
Karlinsky shows us how thieves can now open up your house from hundreds
of miles away.

Wireless in Mullum ?
Here is a link to our new website opposing municipal Wi-Fi in our town in Australia.
Peter Nielsen

European Citizens' Initiative - "Electromagnetic Radiation"
An international group of organizations from Spain, France, Portugal, and Sweden met in Madrid last month to follow up and take action on the Council of Europe's Resolution.
Safe cell tower?
Avoiding (the radiation from) Cell Phone Towers
Until the concentration of electromagnetic radiation can be reduced on the main level of her home, Wendy Hoy is sleeping in the basement.
Chief Medical Officer Daly - Is Wrong (Letter to Council)
From: Sharon Noble Sent: Friday, August 02, 2013 7:08 PM
Subject: Dr. Patricia Daly's letter July 4, arguing against prudent

Dear Mayor Robertson and Council,

It is with amazement and bewilderment that I read the attached letter from
Chief Medical Officer Patricia Daly in which she states, unequivocally,
that there are no health risks from cell transmitters.
As you have been shown before by educated residents of Vancouver, there
are thousands of independent studies showing that prolonged exposure to
radiation like that from cell transmitters can lead to many serious health
effects ranging from neurological problems, cellular leakage, DNA damage,
reduced fertility, to cancer and cardiac problems. It was not without
cause that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared
radiation from wireless technology to be a 2b (possible) human
carcinogen, the same classification as DDT,lead, HIV and many industrial
Many scientists believe that the classification should be probable (2a) and
 would be even definite (1) if the mechanisms were fully understood.

To state that a prudent avoidance policy would mislead the public is one
 of  the most irresponsible statements I heard from a public health officer.
Isn't the job of this person to identify risks or possible risks in order
to  prevent harm?

Dr. Daly bases her argument on  2012 UK HPA's AGNIR Report which has been
shown not to be independent.  Professor Anthony Swerdlow, chairman of the
AGNIR and an epidemiologist at the Institute of Cancer Research, has long
been a supporter of the status quo, stating that there is no evidence of
harm from RF radiation despite the many studies to the contrary. Mona
Nilsson, an investigative reporter, reported that Prof. Swerdlow is a
shareholder in telecommunication companies, Cable and Wireless Worldwide,
and Calbel and Wireless Communications. His wife is a shareholder of BT
group, and global telecommunications services company. A clear conflict of
interest which, if Dr. Daly had done any research, would have been easily
found and which should force her to reconsider use of this resource.
The Vancouver Coastal Health authority also is in a position of conflict
 of interest with regard to cell towers and companies. It has many contracts
for transmitters which are on hospitals, nursing homes and other VCH

Unfortunately Dr. Daly's letter is fraught with incorrect, out-of-date,
 and biased information about the safety of cell towers, some of which may
be as a result of the fact that she is not an expert in the field of
bio-engineering or RF radiation.

I would strongly suggest that you correspond with independent experts
before making your decision about implementing a policy of prudent
According to the Provincial Charter, it is your responsibility to protect
the health of your constituents even if that means protecting them from
 Dr.  Patricia Daly.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, British Columbia

Dangers of the Wireless Classroom
The wireless classroom model is potentially very dangerous to children and teachers.  The expansion must be halted and the studies need to be looked at and not ignored.  The FCC guidelines do not consider non-thermal biological effects.  The FCC guidelines are like having a 2000 mph speed limit in a school zone.  The following links are of vital importance:

Autism and the theory that it is a direct result of electromagnetic exposure in the womb.  Pregnant women do not belong in these classrooms, much less our children.

Well worth reading especially the Autism link at the bottom written by Joe Imbriano.  

Walking into a Wi-Fi Zone
EMF Omega News
Grounding Helps Thin Dangerously Thick Blood and Fights Inflammation and Disease
When you walk barefoot, free electrons are transferred from the earth into your body, and this grounding effect is one of the most potent antioxidants we know of.
Another way of viewing this information is that electromagnetic fields are causing very serious risks for heart attacks and strokes. 

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