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WEEP News / WHO exposed for causing Worldwide Harm / Court Challenges Program / Tiredness Epidemic / Antenna sickness / Brain Cancer / Infant Physiologic Monitors / Heat or Eat? / etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

12 February 2017

The World Health Organization (WHO) - exposed for causing Worldwide Harm

The document is accessible here:  it exposes the harm being caused by WHO.

Conflict of interest, corruption, laundered money, industry bias/infiltration, intentional ignorance, denial of the science, disregard for humanity and failure to fulfill its mandate of protecting global health.  It's all happening at WHO.

The document exposes the truth about the World Health Organization (WHO), regarding electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – particularly the RF/microwave radiation that's saturating our environments, from cell towers, WiFi and other wireless devices:

It has failed to alert governments/the public about the proven dangers of RF/microwave radiation.

It has sided with the wireless telecommunications industry.

It has hired industry professionals to assess the harm being caused by that same industry.

It has received funding from the industry.

It has dismissed the proven bio-effects of microwave and other forms of radiation.

It has ignored the pleas of countless independent scientists, researchers, doctors, organizations and advocacy groups worldwide for stricter safety standards and recognition of the science on RF/microwave radiation.

It has failed to acknowledge the rapidly growing epidemic of microwave sickness/electromagnetic sensitivity (now believed to be affecting at least 300 million worldwide).

It has failed to fulfill its mandate to protect our health.

Via its International EMF Project, WHO is supposed to be protecting us from the harm­ful effects of RF/microwave radiation—radiation that we cannot see, smell or taste, even though it penetrates and affects every cell of our electromagnetic bodies.

The document provides details of these inexcusable failures, as well as scientific confirmation of the biological harm caused by electromagnetic radiation, and recommendations for addressing the current crisis.

A Vote of No Confidence in WHO and its EMF Project was launched in mid-December 2016 .  2,200+ votes have so far been received, with more being added daily.  


Olga Sheean


Liberals to restore and expand Court Challenges Program

The Canadian government's revival of the controversial Court Challenges Program will be expanded to include additional charter rights on top of equality and language rights.

The new program to fund court challenges will include cases based on freedom of religion, freedom of democratic rights, and right to liberty and security.

The British Tiredness Epidemic
Dr Hilary said: "One of the most common things I see in my surgery is people feeling worn out.
Is this another result of being constantly exposed to wireless radiation?

Antenna sickness is everywhere now

Mobile communications and mobile entertainment require a human environment overflowing with disease-inducingradiation, both indoors and out

Brain Cancer has exceeded leukemia now as the leading cancer among children

Leukemia used to be the leading cancer among children, but it is now #2 behind brain cancer.  Something in our environment has obviously increased brain cancer among children, and we need to bring attention to this fact and demand answers from our political leaders and government health agencies.   (both of these diseases can be related to EMF exposure).

Smartphone-Integrated, Infant Physiologic Monitors
My comments: The authors of this new paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association criticize the marketing of smartphone-integrated, infant physiologic monitors to parents of normal infants.

The paper should have included a summary of the research which suggests that wireless radiation exposure adversely affects infants because these potential health risks far outweigh any potential benefit from use of wireless monitoring devices with normal infants.

The Emerging Market of Smartphone-Integrated Infant Physiologic Monitors


January 24/31, 2017

Christopher P. Bonafide, David T. Jamison, Elizabeth E. Foglia. The Emerging Market of Smartphone-Integrated Infant Physiologic Monitors. JAMA. 2017;317(4):353-354. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.19137

No Abstract


In the past 2 years, a new class of infant physiologic monitors marketed to parents for use in the home has emerged. Smartphone applications (apps) integrated with sensors built into socks, onesies, buttons, leg bands, and diaper clips have the capability to display infants' respirations, pulse rate, and blood oxygen saturation, and to generate alarms for apnea, tachycardia, bradycardia, and desaturation (Table). Despite the lack of publicly available evidence supporting the safety, accuracy, effectiveness, or role of these monitors in the care of well infants, sales of these products are brisk and the market is expanding....

There are no medical indications for monitoring healthy infants at home ....

The makers of consumer infant physiologic monitors have avoided US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical device regulation by not making claims that the devices prevent SIDS.

There are a few potential paths to establishing the safety, accuracy, and effectiveness of consumer infant monitors ...

Even if consumer monitors were highly accurate, the clinical appropriateness of monitoring healthy infants would remain in question ... these monitors could increase the risk of overdiagnosis and potential harm if these innocuous events generate alarms.

The current market of smartphone apps integrated with sensors that monitor infants' vital signs are innovative and have potential to improve care. However, their performance characteristics are unknown to the public and there are no medical indications for their use. Until these monitors have been thoroughly evaluated and guidelines for use have been established, the recommendations physicians should give to parents who ask about these products is simple. There is no evidence that consumer infant physiologic monitors are life-saving, and there is potential for harm if parents choose to use them. Child and family advocates should make it clear to the FDA and policy makers that regulatory guidance and research evaluating the safety, accuracy, and effectiveness of these products are needed.

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety


Heat or Eat?

Rent: $980. Hydro cost: $798. Is this 'smart' insanity what utilities had in mind all along?

Watch this poignant story of one young Ontario family's heartbreaking struggles as they are forced to choose between heating and eating:

As we know, this is unfortunately not an isolated situation. Hundreds of thousands of reports of extreme billing increases have been reported from around the world, after the 'smart' meter agenda gets deployed in a given region.

* * * * *


Secondly, did you know that contrary to analog meters, with most 'smart' meters there are NO BUILT IN SURGE PROTECTORS? And the results? Millions of dollars in damage from fires, explosions and power outages which should have never happened.

Just last week, between 500 and 1000 homes were damaged or otherwise affected by a power surge. Damages that DO NOT HAPPEN WITH ANALOG METERS.

Get Brian Thiesen's full story and analysis, here:

Josh del Sol

Seattle, WA — (SBWIRE) — 01/24/2017 — The smart meters market is estimated to grow from an expected $11.1 billion in 2014 to $18.2 billion by 2019.

Comment - Where a lot of money is involved, there is corruption!  All this money is being taken from the unsuspecting public, with false information, harming the integrity of electrical systems and endangering the health and safety of all.
Comment to FCC


By: Paul Raymond Doyon

Brief Comments: I oppose this proposal. There is not only an increasing body of evidence showing that this technology is deleterious to our health and the health of our environment, there is military research going back to the 1960s and 1970s showing all kinds of adverse health effects. An increasing number of people all over the world are waking up to the fact that this invisible wireless man-made radiation they are being exposed to on a daily basis, which has been estimated to be between one quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) to one quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) times what we would get from natural sources (i.e. the Sun, the Earth, and the stars, etc.) is adversely their health. I was personally made ill living in the vicinity of several cell phone towers back in 2005 and it took me approximately six months to finally figure out what was affecting my health. I did not see the towers and imagine myself getting sick like industry wants to claim; no, I got sick and did not even imagine that this invisible radiation might be the cause and it took me six months before I was even able to consider this.
This invisible radiation (which we are unable to detect with our five senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing) is affecting not only our personal health but also the health of all wildlife on our planet. If people are being made ill from constant 24/7 exposure to wireless radiation both at home and in their work places, they will eventually get sick and become a burden to not only their relatives, but also to the healthcare and welfare systems to no fault of their own. Do not blame the victims of a system that puts profits before people's health. The only people to blame are the people in government and industry that let this happen to an unwitting population. It is time to give the people back their power to make choices with regards to the placement of not only microwave transmission but also the new potentially health-damaging high-frequency millimeter-wave transmitters that are being proposed to spread 5G ubiquitously over not only the country but the planet.

Address: Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Radio and Microwave Impacts on Human Health: The Role of the Family Physician

Ontario College of Family Physicians website:
Children are at the greatest risk from exposure to environmental hazards.  Molecular biology and physiological studies support the real potential for adverse health impacts on children from exposure to EMF. These health impacts may not be immediately apparent, but may occur years later given the latency period of chronic disease development such as neurological disorders and cancers.

Smart Meters Dangerous? Man wins round in fight with PECO

There have been many smart meter fires in several US States and Canadian Provinces.

In the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where smart meters have been installed, the powerful bursts of radiation they emit, have caused serious health effects, and some people are unable to live in their homes because of it.

Here is a list of US environmental groups who are fighting the dangers caused by 'dumb' smart meters: 

Smart meters are dangerous and should not be allowed !

Radio Interview: Second Hand Radiation and Warrantless Wiretapping
Deborah Kopald Interview Starts at 33:10 - lasts 21 minutes

A bill introduced this week in the Kentucky Senate would make smart meters optional.

 That PSC noted that the Kentucky Attorney General's office concluded that "very few independent scientific results have been produced demonstrating that smart meters are either unsafe or dangerous to human health."  Incompentent investigation?
Wireless Action - Act Now
Let Your Voice be heard

I plan to continue to update this page with the latest urgent going-ons that need action/input from the community.


Everything You Need To Know About 5G 6 minute video from IEEE

That is everything except the adverse health effects of 5G, they seem to be missing from this presentation.
Compilation of studies related to 5G effects on health
Dear Colleagues:
I want to share with everyone science journals and articles related to 5G millimeter waves that I have been compiling, and are they difficult to find!  I hope these can help support and define your case against 5G in your letters/email to the legislators.

Effects on bacteria:

Cellular electrodynamics in kHz-THz region:

Fields of the cell:

Resonance effect of low-intensity millimeter waves on the chromatin conformational state of rat thymocytes:

Research on biological effects of millimeter waves: a review of literature:

Articles with something to think about:

Saving the best for last.
Must read this motherlode of all explanation why MMW will be an ecodisaster and destroy all life on earth:

It is clear 5G will contribute to mass ecocide.  Another point I would like to introduce to round out the argument is the 5G effect on the buildings themselves.  The buildings are also not meant to be enveloped in these microwaves indefinitely and have never been engineered to withstand these vibrational forces on them.  These infrastructure dense DAS structures/poles placed intimately close to buildings (as well as humans) will be violating building code.  All building structures must meet strict engineering code requirements for sheer stress, vibrational stress, load stress, etc and these are all mathematically calculated and must meet approval in order to be built.  None of the buildings standing today takes into account the vibrational force at the molecular level.  Electromagnetic microwave radiation shakes and causes calcium breakdown in concrete and the like in building structures.  The breaking down of the connective bonds via calcium undermines structural integrity.  It causes a shortening of the life of the building as well as causing unintended consequences to earthquake safety - think of al the skyscrapers.  This may be another great angle of attack as these calculations can be made quantifiable in all the engineering mathematical equations.  All the torque and stress and vibrational issues must be accounted for during engineering and approval of any structure and it is clear no buildings account for electromagnetic microwave radiation passing through these building from all these myriad of sources - cell towers, wifi, antennas on buildings, and now 5G dense DAS so close to all buildings.  Even if they could account for these EMR's passing through, it would never pass because of the break down of the calcium in the concrete.  Most buildings use some form of concrete, especially large commercial structures - from foundation to holding rebar, etc, including concrete blocks, brick, etc. are all affected.


5G Scientific Papers-mm wavelengths

Here is a list of articles on 5 G that may be helpful. Certainly research is needed on non thermal effects.
Cindy R

1) Changes in gap junctional intercellular communication in rabbits lens epithelial cells induced by low power density microwave radiation. Ye, J. Chin Med J (Engl). 2002 Dec;115(12):1873-6.


2) [Experimental studies on the influence of millimeter radiation on light transmission through the lens]. Prost, M.  Klin Oczna. 1994 Aug-Sep;96(8-9):257-9. "Transmission through the lenses was significantly decreased (about 33%) in the rats exposed to microwave radiation of 10 mW/cm2. The results of the study indicate that also microwave radiation in millimetre range can induce changes in the lens, predisposing to cataract development."

3) Does human skin truly behave as an array of helical antennae in the millimeter and terahertz wave ranges? Ney,M.  Opt Lett. 2010 Oct 1;35(19):3180-2.

4) Impact of 60-GHz millimeter waves and corresponding heat effect on endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor gene expression.

Bioelectromagnetics. 2014 Sep;35(6):444-51. Le Quément C.

5) Near-field dosimetry for in vitro exposure of human cells at 60 GHz. Zhadobov M. Bioelectromagnetics. 2012 Jan;33(1):55-64. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nihgov/pubmed/21713963

6) Bose Condensation and non thermal processes in living systems under millimeter (MM) radiation. Chukova YP. Electromagn Biol Med. 2009;28(1):41-5.

7) Reasons of poor replicability of nonthermal bioeffects by millimeter waves. Chukova YuP. Bioelectrochem Bioenerg. 1999 May;48(2):349-53.

8) A non-thermal effect of millimeter wave radiation on the puffing of giant chromosomes. Z Naturforsch C. 1983 Sep-Oct;38(9-10):883-6. Koschnitzke C.

9) Thermal mechanisms of millimeter wave stimulation of excitable cells. Shapiro MG. Biophys J. 2013 Jun 18;104(12):2622-8.

10) Effects of millimeter wave irradiation and equivalent thermal heating on the activity of individual neurons in the leech ganglion. Romanenko S. J Neurophysiol. 2014 Nov 15;112(10):2423-31.

11) Modulation of neuronal activity and plasma membrane properties with low-power millimeter waves in organotypic cortical slices. Pikov V. J Neural Eng. 2010 Aug;7(4):045003."V The applied levels of MMW power are three orders of magnitude below the existing safe limit for human exposure of 1 mW cm(-2). Surprisingly, even at these low power levels, MMWs were able to produce considerable changes in neuronal firing rate and plasma membrane properties. At the power density approaching 1 microW cm(-2), 1 min of MMW exposure reduced the firing rate to one third of the pre-exposure level in four out of eight examined neurons……. he presented results constitute the first demonstration of direct real-time monitoring of the impact of MMWs on nervous tissue at a microscopic scale. Implication of these findings for the therapeutic modulation of neuronal excitability is discussed.

12) Comparison of blood pressure and thermal responses in rats exposed to millimeter wave energy or environmental heat. Millenbaugh NJ. Shock. 2006 Jun;25(6):625-32.

13) Bioeffects Research for Emerging RF Technologies M. R. Murphy and J. H. Merritt. Radio Frequency Radiation Branch, Human Effectiveness Directorate Air Force Research Laboratory, Brooks AFB, Texas, USA.

13) Current State and Implications of Research on Biological Effects of Millimeter Waves: A Review of the Literature. Andrei G. Pakhomov. Bioelectromagnetics 19:393–413 (1998)

14) State of knowledge on biological effects at 40–60 GHz. Yves Le Dréan, Yonis Soubere Mahamoud, Yann Le Page, Denis Habauzit, Catherine Le Quément, Maxim Zhadobov, Ronan Sauleau. State of knowledge on biological effects at 40–60 GHz. Comptes Rendus Physique, 14(5): 402-411.2013.

15) Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Contribution of Thermal and the Specific Effects in Cellular Response to Millimeter Wave Exposure. Oct.14, 2014. PlosOne.Habauzit, D. "Our data evidenced a specific electromagnetic effect of MMW, which is associated to the cellular response to hyperthermia. This study raises the question of co-exposures associating radiofrequencies and other environmental sources of cellular …. In the hierarchical clustering of the up-regulated genes a specific cluster was nevertheless isolated (indicated by a bar in Figure S1B). This original cluster evidences up-regulated factors in Expo condition but not in HSC condition (Figure S1C). This cluster contains 7 genes (DKK1, NTN4, ADCY7, IRF2BP2, ADAMTS6, FAM120C and PAG1). Altogether these data suggest that the main effect of MMW is linked to the heat shock associated effect, except for some genes that may illustrate an action of MMW independent from the heat. .. Thus, we evidence here for the first time, that acute MMW stimulation specifically induces the expression of some secreted genes. Additional studies will be needed to determine what are the molecular mechanisms underlying this cellular response and how could evolve this response after chronic long-term MMW exposure.   or

16) The Human Body and Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communication Systems: Interactions and Implications. Wu,T. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Jun. 2015 Soubere Mahamoud Y.  Full article

17) Additive Effects of Millimeter Waves and 2-Deoxyglucose Co-Exposure on the Human Keratinocyte Transcriptome.


18) Transcriptome Analysis Reveals the Contribution of Thermal and the Specific Effects in Cellular Response to Millimeter Wave Exposure.


19) Impact of 60-GHz millimeter waves and corresponding heat effect on endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor gene expression.


20) Study of narrow band millimeter-wave potential interactions with endoplasmic reticulum stress sensor genes. Nicolaz CN.

21)  [Effects of millimeter wave on gene expression in human keratinocytes]. "Millimeter wave exposure could affect gene expression in human keratinocytes, which might be related to the intensity and the times of exposure.


22) Millimeter waves in the treatment of neurological manifestations of vertebral osteochondrosis.


23)  Invited Review Article: Current State of Research on Biological Effects of Terahertz Radiation. Wilmink,G. Journal of Infared,  Millimeter and Tetrahertz Waves.
October 2011.  Volume 32, 
Issue 10, pp 1074–1122

24) Millimeter wave absorption in the nonhuman primate eye at 35 GHz and 94 GHz. Chalfin S. Health Phys. 2002 Jul;83(1):83-90.
25)  Increased sensitivity of the non-human primate eye to microwave radiation following ophthalmic drug pretreatment. Kues HA

26) [Effect of extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation of low intensity on parameters of humoral immunity in healthy mice].
 Lushnikov KV.  Biofizika. 2001 Jul-Aug;46(4):753-60.

[Suppression of nonspecific resistance of the body under the effect of extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation of low intensity].
Kolomytseva MP. Biofizika. 2002 Jan-Feb;47(1):71-7.

[Effects of low-intensity extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation on chromatin structure of lymphoid cells in vivo and in vitro].
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29) Low power radio-frequency and microwave effects on human electroencephalogram and behavior. Bise W. Physiol Chem Phys. 1978;10(5):387-98.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nihgov/pubmed/751078 "Frequencies included .1 to 960 MHz continuous and 8.5 to 9.6 GHz pulse-modulated waves. Since the relaxation frequency of protein-bound water is considered to fall between 100 and 1,000 MHz, absorptions and quantum effects may be the mechanistic basis for the electroencephalogram changes observed in most of the subjects produced by 10(-15) W/cm2 cw radio-frequency energy of between 130 and 960 MHz. Constructive and destructive interference patterns from standing waves within the skull possibly interact with the bioelectric generators in the brain, since electroencephalogram wave amplitudes and frequencies increased or decreased respectively at different radio wavelengths."

30) Exposure of tumor-bearing mice to extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation modifies the composition of fatty acids in thymocytes and tumor tissue. Gapeyev ABInt J Radiat Biol. 2013 Aug;89(8):602-10.

31) Effects of 60-GHz millimeter waves on neurite outgrowth in PC12 cells using high-content screening  Haas AJ, Le Page Y, Zhadobov M, Sauleau R, Le Dréan Y.. Neurosci Lett. 2016 Apr 8;618:58-65. doi: 10.1016/j.neulet.2016.02.038. Epub 2016 Feb 26.

32) Le Dréan Y, Mahamoud YS, Le Page Y, Habauzit D, Le Quément C, Zhadobov M, Sauleau R. State of knowledge on biological effects at 40–60 GHz. Comptes Rendus Physique, 14(5):402-411. 2013.

33) Sivachenko IB, Medvedev DS, Molodtsova ID, Panteleev SS, Sokolov AY, Lyubashina OA. Effects of Millimeter-Wave Electromagnetic Radiation on the Experimental Model of Migraine. Bull Exp Biol Med. 2016 Feb;160(4):425-8. doi: 10.1007/s10517-016-3187-7. Epub 2016 Feb 22.

34) Soghomonyan D, Trchounian K, Trchounian A. Millimeter waves or extremely high frequency electromagnetic fields in the environment: what are their effects on bacteria? Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2016 Jun;100(11):4761-71. doi: 10.1007/s00253-016-7538-0. Epub 2016 Apr 18.

Residents in Fortis Green slam Thames Water's smart water meter installations

Smart meters
are replacing wired analogue meters which wirelessly monitor, measure and communicate customer's water usage data to utility

Council members spar over smart meters, compare MLGW to 'Gestapo'

A handful of council members said they're strong arming people into getting a smart meter.

Councilman Joe Brown compared MLGW to the Gestapo in the way they were handling the rollout.

She, and other members, said their phones were ringing off the hook with citizens upset with MLGW over smart meters that the customers did not want.

"We are being bombarded with calls from unhappy customers," council member Jamita Swearengen said.

The Google Chromebook, a type of stripped-down laptop, isn't a practical mobile device for many people — mostly because it basically turns into an expensive paperweight whenever it can't find a Wi-Fi connection.
Will a future headline read - Google harmed millions of children?

Firstly, I worry about the pupils – providing wifi on tap is like handing them the keys to the tuck shop and expecting them not to clear the shelves.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

WEEP News / Comment to FCC / Warning to the Minister / Now He Thinks They're Dangerous / French to protect employees / RF Guide / Krakow's bold step / In perspective / Sheninger / etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

30 January 2017

The BioInitiative Working Group - Comment to FCC

We have submitted a comment to the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC
on their proposal to streamline the process for small wireless facility permitting, and exempt small cell
installations from normal regulatory review as now required by the 1996 Telecommunications Act
for new cell towers (masts).  If adopted, it will permit millions of new wireless antennas (small cells transmitting at high gigahertz frequencies) that are untested for effects on human health.  It is the new infrastructure network envisioned to
establish 'The Internet of Things" where all devices, appliances and home controls are wirelessly interconnected.


The FCC has not yet completed its investigation of RF health effects of low-intensity radio frequency radiation in the
800 MHz to 3 GHZ frequency range (cell phone radiation and Wi-Fi frequencies) which has been going on for the last two years.
See the attached PDF:- Bio WG FCC

Cindy Sage
Lennart Hardell
David O. Carpenter
On behalf of the BioInitiative Working Group
Warning to the Canadian Minister of Health

See the attached letter (Word Document): Rogue Scientists within your own Ministry are Lying to you!

This Former Techie Owes His Fortune to Electronic Devices. Now He Thinks They're Dangerous.

"I thought that anybody that talked about the health effects of EMFs was a complete idiot. I thought that they just were not science-y," Sullivan recalls. But then he got sick.

French companies will have to protect employees from electromagnetic waves

(Google translation from French)

France Inter with Yann Gallic, January 1, 2017

This is one of the novelties of January 1: companies will now have to take into consideration the issue of electromagnetic waves to which employees are exposed

Measurement of electromagnetic waves using a broad-band isotropic probe. © Sipa / Valinco

These waves are emitted especially by wireless equipment: Wi-Fi, mobile phones or tablets. It took three years for this European directive to be applied in France. A decree, published on August 6 in the Official Journal , on the "protection of workers against the risks arising from electromagnetic fields," said the exposure thresholds that must not be exceeded.

The employer must assess the risks incurred by its employee

Employees should be informed of the risks and the workplaces where they are likely to be exposed to "electromagnetic field levels exceeding the values" should be reported to them and their access be limited. The results shall be communicated to the occupational physician and the health, safety and working conditions committee or, failing that, to the staff representatives and in the event of crossing the levels, workers may be given a medical examination.

Pregnant women and employees under 18 years of age will also receive special attention. Every effort should be made to ensure that the impact of waves is the lowest.

A first step for all employees "electrosensibles" 

Sophie Pelletier is an engineer and works in a public administration in the center of Paris. For six years she has hardly any working life. Electro diagnosed by doctors, it is now recognized as a disabled worker because his health has continued to deteriorate due to electromagnetic waves: "In the meeting rooms and wifi in the subway and public transportation , Throughout the week I accumulate this exposure which ends up echoing my general state, with great fatigue, and creates me troubles of the heart rhythm, memory and attention that prevent me to return to work When I'm too tired ".

Sophie Pelletier continues the sick leave. She has repeatedly requested that her position and working time be adjusted. But she has always run into the misunderstanding of her employer. "It's a disease that does not fit in the boxes," she explains, "it's complicated for the employer to arrange a number of things to allow me to keep myself properly in the job. 'I lost two thirds of my salary for several years and it annoys me because I put a damper on my career, or my health, or both at the same time.

According to estimates, in France, there are now nearly 70,000 people with électrosensibibilité.


Radiofrequency Radiation Guide

Krakow's bold step to curb electromagnetic pollution reflects growing evidence of harm

Lynne Wycherley summarises 2016's news highlights on the emerging bio-risks of rising exposure to non-ionisiong radiation. For how much longer can governments continue to ignore the growing evidence of harm?

In perspective:

878 Russian studies (1960-1997)

Regarding the Hecht report, now you know why our Vice-President, Chris Bird, so persistently encouraged the publication of these Russian studies into English in New York, in the 1980s (involving several visits to Moscow, especially to negotiate with Prof. Dr. Alexander P. Dubrov, their principal compiler, and who became Minister of Health under Gorbachev, and also a PACE associate) and why we used these, as well as Polish, Czechoslovak, Belorussian, Ukrainian ones, in order that Dr. Jerzy Kulcycki (Polish Solidarity movement, neuroscientist at Carleton University, and author of Basis of Electromagnetic Hygiene, published by PACE) be able to merge this knowledge with the Western research in order to develop some sense of full-spectrum non-ionizing radiation standards, which have since developed into BioInitiative, EC/EP Resolution 1815 (2011), now being implement throughout for many new installations.

Karl Hecht: Health Implications of Long-term Exposure to Electrosmog (English edition 2016)

Andrew Michrowski
President PACE
613 236 6265 
Look at the photo of the device addicted audience, playing with their dangerous phones.  This author needs to do more reading about the dangers of EMFs, before he lectures about technology.
Comment to article
Wi Fi is not a benefit, it is a strong and dangerous pollutant which, in the long term is likely to cause serious harm to children exposed to it.
There are thousands of scientific studies which show various adverse biological effects caused by wireless microwave radiation. The World Health Organization refers to wireless radiation as a class 2b possible carcinogen. Other studies indicate that it is a strong carcinogen.

The recent extensive USA study by the NTP indicated significant brain cancer, heart cancer and damage to DNA from wireless radiation.
Is this something that children should be exposed to?

Do your own research at a scientific report based on thousands of studies.
The pros and cons of earthing or 'grounding'

City to remove electric meter resident says is causing her pain

The Le Sueur City Council chose to remove an electricity meter from the home of a woman who claims it is causing her and her daughter pain.
Keep Parks Safe from Wireless Radiation 
The public were asked for their input for improving Canadian Parks:
Dear Ministers
Please keep Wi Fi, cell phone towers, other broadcasting antennas and any form of microwave radiation (other than for emergency services) out of Parks Canada properties and parks.
There is a massive amount of scientific information that indicates that wireless radiation causes cancers of various types, affects brains, damages DNA, changes blood composition, causes depression and disrupts sleep.  There are people who can no longer live in their homes because they have become highly sensitized to wireless and other electromagnetic fields, they need safe areas like our National Parks so that they can survive and recover.
In addition to the harm to humans many studies have show serious harm to insects, birds, animals and trees when they are exposed to microwave radiation.  This is not the kind of modern pollutant that should be allowed in the National Park system!  The damage that wireless can do, may not be seen for several years and by then it will be too late!
As Stewards of our National treasures, please ensure that the Parks are kept as safe and as pristine as possible.
If you require more scientific information about the dangers of wireless radiation, I would be pleased to assist you.
Martin Weatherall

Smart Energy GB, the official campaign to drive take-up of smart gas and electricity meters, has sparked industry debate over its tactics after ...
Mobilitie, LLC Pulls Request to Install 13 Cellular Towers

The proposed height of each tower is about 90 feet with 75 feet being above ground and 15 feet below ground. In turn, placing wooden poles with additional equipment attached such as antennas, GPS, and radio devices. 


Newsletter from Katie Singer

The January 2017 newsletter can be read here:
Everyone, give a BIG SHOUT OUT TO KEVIN MOTTUS, below is the link.  He is on INFOWARS for almost four minutes.  This is under the YouTube page of "Alex Jones Channel," who has almost two million subscribers as well as main stream media watches this channel as well.  As of when I viewed this there was almost 29,000 views already.  AWESOME JOB KEVIN!!!  

Stop this "MOBILE NOW Act."   Make our voice be heard upon Docket No. 16-421 with the FCC in regards to the deployment of small cell infrastructures.  Information about this Docket and how to send in your comments can be viewed at 

Silent Spring
Rachel Carson fought industry and government(s) many years to prove that pesticides, etc. were damaging the environment. We are fighting the same fight and we might be able to benefit from learning about her struggles and strategies. A very interesting two hour documentary is available here:

Interphone's New Study…


Changing Mix of Brain Tumors in U.K.

The incidence of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the most virulent and deadly type of brain cancer, is going up in the U.K., while the incidence there of other types of malignant brain tumors are declining, according to some newly published raw data.

Two new bills have been introduced in Massachusetts
I wanted to share with you that 
this legislative session
in Massachusetts
to help educate the public on the health effects of wireless radiation:

Senate Docket 1462: Resolve creating a special commission to examine the health impacts of electromagnetic fields; Presenter: Senator Karen Spilka This bill aims to form a commission to bring the right minds to the table at the State level to examine the biological and psychological effects of wireless radiation and excessive screen time. You may recall last session the bill was reported out favorably by the Joint Committee on Public Health. As bills typically don't progress the first time they are introduced, especially when submitted by citizen request, we are very grateful for the bill's initial movement. This session, we are humbled that Senator Karen Spilka has introduced the bill under her own name. The bill now indicates that commission members shall have no financial ties to the telecommunications, technology and energy industries and members are to examine non-industry funded peer-reviewed scientific studies in their analysis.

Senate Docket 344: An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers' rights
​; Presenter: Senator Michael O. Moore​ National Grid is piloting the utility "smart" meter grid in Worcester,
​ MA​
installing wireless meters on residences and businesses that emit microwave radiation 24/7 without informed consent. If the pilot succeeds, "smart" utility meters will be installed throughout Massachusetts. These have caused microwave sickness (electrosensitivity) to citizens here and in other states. This bill would give Massachusetts citizens the choice of keeping or re-installing mechanical analog meters that do not emit electromagnetic radiation. There would be no fee to choose the analog meter.

This is the week for constituents to ask their representatives to co-sponsor bills. Given you
​r commitment to raising awareness of EMFs,
I wonder if I might impose upon you to make a phone call to your State Representative and State Senator asking them to co-sponsor these two bills
if you live in MA​ (and/or forward to others you may know in MA)
would be so kind as to send a follow-up email to
​MA legislators 
(and cc: me for tracking purposes), I understand they will be sitting down this week with printouts of all constituent requests to determine which bills folks care about. I am told there are more than 6,000 bills this session so it is important to set these two bills apart.
needn't be long but should include
name, address and phone number. Feel free to copy and paste the bill info above.

It would be a gift to all
citizens, especially our children
to look out for their health in this way. Here is a link to help find
(and/or to send a thank-you to Senators Spilka and Moore for their leadership)​

​For folks who 
haven't had a chance to examine the effects of wireless radiation on health, I hope
will watch this five-part cable series. Each episode averages a half hour, and
​by ​
on SHOW MORE in the description on YouTube,
will find links to supporting information: Please feel free to share with your colleagues and loved ones, and even your legislators.

Cece Doucette
Ashland, MA
FCC Causing a Danger to All
Dear EMF Stakeholders,

When it rains, it pours. Two days ago I sent an update asking folks in MA to request their legislators co-sponsor MA bills on EMFs (please still do that). Then
 learned something big is up at the Federal level.
Below is an email I am sending to my contacts, please feel free to use any of it if it might help with your efforts too...​

The FCC and industry are fast-tracking legislation that would take authority away from our municipalities in deciding whether or not we want the infrastructure needed for 5G and
he Internet of Things. They did this back in 1997 too when they circumvented safety testing on cell phone technology then got the Telecommunications Act passed. That left our local authorities powerless as the industry put cell towers near homes, schools, hospitals, churches and senior housing. Many have become very ill, with no recourse.

Now the FCC and industry are trying to push through two bills in D.C. that will put small but extremely hazardous cell antennas in our neighborhoods on utility poles right outside our homes, schools, offices, everywhere. The 5G signal will carry huge doses of data faster, but not very far so the industry wants to install millions of these small cell antennas to carry the data from pole to pole. 5G will also use 3G and 4G technology so existing towers won't come down; 5G will add to the electrosmog. These small cell antennas will pulse biologically hazardous microwave radiation at us 24/7 at close range. 

The way the Telecom Act is written today, industry is supposed to submit an application to town officials to put in antennas, and these new bills are trying to override this control measure for local authorities. Why is the FCC and industry in such a rush? The U.S. National Toxicology Program is in the middle of reporting out findings from a $25M multi-year study that has already found this radiation causes DNA damage, brain and heart tumors. More findings will come out in 2017. 

The industry leaders
​are not concerned with
 public health
, they just want to be first to market. As soon as the NTP findings came out, they pushed to get approval to use the 5G spectrum. The Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA-The Wireless Association) did its own big cancer study in the 1990s which showed the same findings, but they didn't inform the public. Instead, they crafted the Telecom Act and pushed cell phones and infrastructure on an unsuspecting public. Then they introduced wi-fi which exposes us even further indoors, and now they plan to roll out
he Internet of Things and blanket our neighborhoods in radiation.

Please, don't take my word on all of this, when you have time I encourage you to investigate on your own (thank you, Katie Singer, author of Invisible Silent Spring, and others for this great resource on these two bills, and thank you world scientists for the EMF Scientists website which presents the facts on wireless radiation).

But for today, we need your voice (and every adult's in your house) in two ways:

1. Call your U.S. Senators' office with the following message; you can read it to the person who answers the phone, or leave it in voice mail. Phone numbers are given at the end of this email:

My name is ______ from (city/state) and I am calling to ask the Senator to Vote NO on MOBILE Now Act S.19 and DIGIT Act S.88 to stop 5G infrastructure and rollout of the Internet of Things. The National Toxicology Program has found the electromagnetic radiation used by wireless technology causes DNA damage, and brain and heart tumors. Non-industry funded studies all over the world report other short-and long-term biological effects, ranging from infertility, Alzheimer's and autism to digital addiction, insomnia, headaches, skin rashes, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, depression, anxiety and more. Please VOTE NO on the MOBILE Now Act S.19 and DIGIT Act S.88. Please insist on public hearings, and send a clear message to industry that they need to work with non-industry funded scientists to develop biologically safe technology. Thank you.

2. Email your U.S. Senators with the following message; email links are given below:

Subject: Please Vote NO on MOBILE Now Act S.19 and DIGIT Act S.88

The National Toxicology Program has found the electromagnetic field (EMF) of radiation emitted by wireless technology causes DNA damage, and brain and heart tumors. Non-industry funded studies all over the world report other short-and long-term biological effects, ranging from infertility, Alzheimer's and autism to digital addiction, insomnia, headaches, nausea, nose/ear bleeds, skin rashes, cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, depression, anxiety and more. Children, fetuses, the elderly and those with known health compromises are especially vulnerable. See

If this subject is new to you, you will likely have questions as we have all rapidly adopted wireless technology into our lives. Please read this high-level three-page overview titled, "EMF Points of Confusion vs. Fact" at

The FCC and industry are trying to fast-track these bills which will take away local authority from communities to decide whether they want toxic 5G/Internet of Things infrastructure installed at the street-level on poles right outside homes, schools, and offices. Please insist on public hearings, and send a clear message to industry that they need to work with non-industry funded scientists to develop biologically safe technology. Retired Microsoft Canada President Frank Clegg assures us they can, if given a nudge. See

Please VOTE NO on the MOBILE Now Act S.19 and DIGIT Act S.88. Thank you.

This is how the system works. They log your call, then print out your email for the legislator. Multiple calls and emails get their attention. If there is no activity, or very little, the industry wins.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I hope you will take another ten minutes to call and send an email to your legislators before your head hits the pillow tonight. The Senate will vote on this any day now, and most do not even know wireless is hazardous yet. They've only heard the benefits from persuasive industry lobbyists.

Thank you for the courage to use your voice in a way that might really make a difference in our world!

Senator e-mails:

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