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W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

18 August 2016


Cell Towers and Cellphones. Microwave Radiation, Electromagnetic Pollution, Impacts on Human Health

"Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible." — Andrew Weil, MD, bestselling author

"Is Your Cell Phone Putting You at Risk?"

Scientists now know that many of the effects from cell phones are non-thermal. In other words, they occur at levels too low to cause significant heating to tissues.

Smartphones are causing a 'visual health crisis' in China

A major Chinese health research center recently published a white paper on the country's visual health.

According to a recent Nomura research report, the main two takeaways from the paper, from Peking University's China Center for Health Development, were that the prevalence of visual problems in China is far above the global average and that the problem is quickly getting worse. 



More than a third of UK internet users have tried 'digital detox'

The scale of the UK's obsession with the internet has been laid bare by a new study showing that the ever increasing amount of time we spend online is leading to lost sleep, neglected housework and less time spent with friends and family.
The survey found that more than a third of people had taken a digital detox at some point in the last year – suggesting about 15 million people in the UK have tried going offline – and 11% had done so in the last week.
Hearing Eeyesight Body-Functions Memory all Fading, Am I Disappearing?
She researched the nose bleeds, the crushing headaches, nausea and dizziness and found ES-UK, a charity established to help people with electrical sensitivity (ES).

Spain: High Court of Madrid Ruling Recognizes "Electrosensitivity" as Grounds for Total Permanent Disability

A recent ruling by the High Court of Madrid, No. 588/2016 dated 6 July 2016 (rapporteur Mr. Miguel Moreiras Cabellero) has recognized for the first time a situation of total permanent disability for the exercise of the profession of a telecommunications engineer suffering from a rare syndrome, "electrosensitivity syndrome (EHS)", which prevents him from working in environments with electromagnetic fields. It does not recognize, however, an absolute permanent disability.
High Court of Madrid recognizes Telecommunications Engineer's  EHS Disability

Another article from El Pais the national Newspaper.
Montgomery County Public Schools - False Statements

Overnight fire damages Tavistock (Ontario) home - PressReader

Jul 29, 2016 - Overnight fire damages Tavistock home ... A fire that was likely caused by a surge in a hydro (smart) meter from a lightning strike resulted in major ...

Electrician Discusses Smart Meter Fire Hazards

Why do smart meters catch fire, melt, or blow up? Why are your lights flickering after a smart electric meter was installed? Is this dangerous? Redford, Michigan electrician Rob Marx discusses these issues. See an example of a digital meter on a Michigan man's home that is melting.

Interview with Smart Meter Education Network Director Linda Kurtz

Listen to this great radio interview with Linda Kurtz, director of the Smart Meter Education Network as we discuss health issues, privacy, and much more. Linda also talks about her first--horrific--encounter with smart meters and how they have affected her health.
Staff at the Public Regulation Commission say the utility has overstated the benefits in the early years of its proposal.
Instead of saving customers almost $21 million, staff concluded the project would cost $12 million and would not produce sustained savings until 2024
New Yorkers pressure utility industry for smart meter alternative, citing health and safety concerns
In a letter addressed to the Daily Freeman, Michele Hertz and Toby Stover of Stop Smart Meters NY expressed their concerns on behalf of citizens regarding the meters, which have been installed throughout the state over the past few years to replace analog utility meters which have been used for decades with few problems.
Letter - MRI Radiologist on Non-Ionizing Radiation Health Threats
Very thoughtful letter on EMF danger.
Scientist Outlines Potential Risks Of JCPL Power Lines
"Children are much more vulnerable," to EMF radiation, Dr. Carpenter said. "Studies show 1 in 10,000 children will develop childhood leukemia. Exposure to EMF rays puts that up to 4 in 10,000 children. That's not insignificant, especially if it is your child or grandchild."

Turin is planning to cut back on Wi-Fi in state schools and government buildings over concerns that radiation might damage people's health

Turin is planning to cut back on Wi-Fi in state schools and government buildings over concerns that radiation might damage people's health over concerns that radiation might damage people's health.

The plans were outlined last week as the city's new new Five Star Movement (M5S) mayor, Chiara Appendino, presented her council's five-year political plan.

"We would like to take all precautions necessary and ask all public structures to work to reduce the volume of emissions and while guaranteeing connectivity for citizens."


How the U.S. Tests Cellphones for Safety

"Motorola put in a substantial amount of research on the biological effects of radio-frequency radiation," said Dr. Balzano, who retired from Motorola in 2001 and is now at the University of Maryland. "We found absolutely no proof whatsoever" of anything harmful.
Twenty years ago, during Bill Clinton's presidency and Reid Hunt's chairmanship of the FCC, the U.S. Congress passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (the TCA). Section 704 prohibits environmental and health concerns from interfering with the placement of telecom equipment.
Smart Meters and EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
Video from 2012
Dr. Klinghardt has found that excessive exposure to manmade electromagnetic fields not only causes illness, but can compromise recovery from some illnesses, including chronic Lyme disease. Studies show that microbes replicate more quickly in the presence of electromagnetic fields, and that these fields disrupt the body's energetic field in a way that comprises immune function.

Medical pioneer writes a history of environmental hypersensitivities

Eighty per cent of EMF-sensitive patients also had chemical sensitivities, says Dr William J. Rea who founded the Dallas-based, Environmental Health Center in 1974. Errors in diagnosis and treatment of diseases are common in physicians ignoring the principles of environmental medicine. They should be aware that various tests developed since the early 1980s "take the guess work out of the diagnosis" of chemical and electrical and electromagnetic hypersensitivity, writes Dr Rea in a new paper published in Reviews on Environmental Health.
No cell phones, wi-fi allowed in small W.Va. town

GREEN BANK, W.Va. (KDKA) — Would you believe there's a place where no one can use a cell phone? Where Wi-Fi is not allowed? Where even finding a radio station can be a difficult task?

There's a town in West Virginia a few hours to south of Pittsburgh where all that is true.

Green Bank is a place where you can hear nature. Where you can hear yourself think. And that's because some very important listening is going on.

Letter of Appeal to the Pope about EMF Dangers

Letter: City Could Lead on EM Safety

A Safe Alternate: US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein
At a meeting in March, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein told the assembled crowd that wireless Internet technology is dangerous for developing children.
Cell Tower as Drone Charging Station
Amazon has just come up with a scheme where it plans to use cell towers to charge its delivery drones. Cell towers aren't the only structures that Amazon is looking at, however. They are also considering things such as church steeples, power poles, and buildings, among others.

French National Assembly Question published on the situation of electro-hypersensitive persons

14th legislature  Question No. 98406

Jean-Claude Buisine (Socialist, environmentalist and Republican - Somme)

Ministry questioned: Social and Health Affairs

Electromagnetic waves.

Question published in the OJ on: 02/08/2016 Page: 7052

Mr. Jean-Claude Buisine attracts the attention of Ms. Minister of Social Affairs and Health on the situation of electro-hypersensitive. Indeed, these people suffer from an allergy to the waves and electromagnetic fields. In the most serious cases, they are forced to leave home and go and live in motor homes or huts in the middle of nothing. The development of WiFi and 3G / 4G pose real health problems for some of our citizens, such as headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, or extreme fatigue, the origin of the pain symptoms to be medically recognized. Moreover, many citizens and elected officials are concerned about the effects of electromagnetic wave emissions near schools, nurseries or institutions for the elderly; others are assigned directly to their workplace due to their hyper sensitivity to the waves. Without questioning the policy for the digital coverage of the national territory, awaited in particular in rural areas, it is nevertheless important to consider the protective measures for this allergy. Therefore, he asks her to please tell him if medical research is engaged on this issue and whether the Government is considering lowering the limit values ​​for public exposure to electromagnetic waves in the country
Letter to Senator Donnelly diagnosed with a brain tumor
Dear Senator Donnelly, Family and Staff,

I was so sorry to learn Senator Donnelly was diagnosed with a brain tumor, but heartened to hear surgery went well.  Please know healing thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time.

Ellen Marks, who founded the California Brain Tumor Association, reached out to me when she heard.  

As you may know, this spring the U.S. National Toxicology Program announced partial findings from their largest ever study on cell phones and cancer.  While they went in expecting to find no correlation, they found statistically significant brain and heart cancer and alerted the public, the FCC and the FDA.  Please click here for additional information.

What most folks don't realize, however, is that all of our wireless devices -- cell phones, iPads, Chromebooks, wearables, DECT cordless phones, baby monitors, gaming systems, routers, utility "smart" meters and appliances, access points, hot spots, cell tower antennas, etc. -- all constantly emit two-way microwave radiation that thousands of peer-reviewed, non-industry funded studies from all over the world have proven to be very biologically damaging at the levels our federal government allows.  

Here in the U.S. we are slow to educate our citizens on the potential harm, nor do we provide instruction on how to use technology more safely.  Harvard University's Captured Agency report explains why.  FCC Chair Tom Wheeler's June 20, 2016 speech confirms he is more concerned with being first to market with 5G than ensuring public safety. This one-minute clip from a recent press conference doesn't instill much confidence that the public will be offered education any time soon. The fallout on our citizens, as you are experiencing, is heartbreaking.

There are solutions though.  Ashland Public Schools has become the first in the nation to begin putting precautions in place to protect our students and staff, and Senator Karen Spilka introduced on my behalf Senate Bill 1222 to bring bright minds together to form a commission and examine this issue, and hopefully put right-to-know legislation in place. The City of Berkely, CA has recently done so, and is encouraging other municipalities to follow suit.  The ruling has twice been upheld against CTIA- The Wireless Association's injunction attempts, and Harvard's Lawrence Lessig has offered to defend it pro bono to the Supreme Court for Berkeley and any other municipality that adopts it.  With deep gratitude to the MA Joint Committee on Public Health for reporting S. 1222 out favorably this past session, we are hopeful by educating more of our legislators next session the bill will pass and we can begin taking similar measures to give Massachusetts residents a right to know about safer technology practices.

For those new to the conversation, this 33-minute video of a recent briefing with the Ashland Board of Health will help to bring you up-to-speed.  Links to each of the documents referenced are given in the Comments section under the video:

Senator Donnelly, Ms. Marks' husband developed a brain tumor too after being a heavy cell phone user, as did likely Senator Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden's son and a growing list of prominent figures -- and a rising number of children.  If you, your family, or any others included in this communique, would like to reach out to Ms. Marks for support or additional information from someone who's been there, she would be honored to speak with you:

Please, let's band together in support of Senator Donnelly, and all of us susceptible to wireless radiation's harm, so we may become educated to hard-wire what we can and put simple precautions in place when we must use wireless technology. As Microsoft Canada's former president Frank Clegg indicated when he spoke to the Massachusetts legislature about this, the message is not "no technology" but "safe technology."

Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Senator Donnelly, and to all of us the courage to fix this together.  Please let me know how I can help.


Cece Doucette
Ashland, MA
Holby City EHS UK hospital drama
Notice the negative comments of the first doctor , not an unusual situation for EHS victims.  At last the subject is getting out to the public.

'My electro-sensitivity hell'

"God only knows what effect it has on children at such a crucial stage in their physical development."

Cell Tower Dangers are Deliberately Hidden - not Overblown!

Dear Editor,

This is in reply to Nicole Parton's misguided letter to the PBQ News of
Thursday, August 4, 2016. Thank you. Jerry Flynn (contact details below)

Cell Tower Dangers are Deliberately Hidden - not Overblown!

Nicole Parton's strong pro-Telus stance with respect to cell towers and her
clear dependence on her cell phone reveals that she too has been victimized
by mainstream media's sinful 40-year silence on the dangers of all wireless
technology! She, like all Canadians, has a right to know that:
.         Many studies from around the world produce similar findings:
living within 400 m of a cell tower for 10 years increases one's risk of
getting cancer 3 times, rising to about 10 times the risk for female
cancers! [1] [2]
.         In 2016, the highly respected US National Toxicology Program (NTP)
released the initial results of its 10-year $25-million study which showed
that cell phone radiation boosts cancer rates (brain tumors)! [3]
.         Since 2015, 220 of the world's leading EMF scientists from 41
counties have signed the "International EMF Scientists Appeal" addressed to
the Secretary General of the United Nations, to all UN-member countries, and
to the Director General of the World Health Organization. The Appeal urged
all addressees to "Protect mankind and wildlife from the dangers of EMF and
wireless technology"! [4]
.         In 2015, France established its own national radiation regulatory
agency and immediately banned Wi-Fi in all nursery schools across the
country, stating, in part, that for children up to 11 years of age, schools
must turn off Wi-Fi when not in use! [5]
.         In 2014, 55 Canadian doctors openly criticized Health Canada and
called on them to: "Protect Canadians from EMFs!" [6]
.         In 2014, 53 scientists from 18 countries openly criticized Safety
Code 6 and urged Health Canada to intervene in order to: "Prevent an
emerging health crisis"! [7]

James G. ("Jerry") Flynn, Captain (Retired)
5181 Gainsberg Rd
Bowser, BC, V0R 1G0


Two videos that are definitely worth watching and sharing

Worth watching … but be prepared .. this video is disturbing about the roll out of 5G.


This one is also excellent … interview with Dr. Klinghardt … explains what is happening with chronic illness.


Ground Current: Demonstration
A new video (4:31) is out on ground current.  It's called:  Ground Current: Demonstration of Ground Current with Earth Table and high frequencies and is available here:

When the Los Angeles Times reporter contacted me for the story below, I did a quick search and found several recently published articles examining biological effects of millimeter waves (see references below). This form of microwave radiation is most likely to affect our skin and neuronal cells in the upper dermis.

Moreover, widespread adoption of 5G cellular technology in the U.S. may have profound effects on our ecosystem by altering bacteria, possibly creating harmful bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.
Radiofrequency radiation at Stockholm Central Railway Station in Sweden and some medical aspects on public exposure to RF fields
See attached paper.
Provocation study clearly supporting the claims of EHS persons around the world
Please, find enclosed a YouTube link to a recent Danish public service TV programme, called 

"Mellem himmel og jord 1/6",

It contains a very interesting provocation study clearly supporting the claims of EHS persons around the world.
Exacerbation of demyelinating syndrome after exposure to wireless modem with public hotspot
Johansson O, Redmayne M, "Exacerbation of demyelinating syndrome after exposure to wireless modem with public hotspot", Electromagn Biol Med 2016, 29:1-5  
See the attached pdf

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Saturday, July 30, 2016

WEEP News / Moms Who Care Campaign / Accommodation Ideas for EHS / Comments on base stations / Marginalization of ES / No Where To Go To School / Generation Zapped - trailer / etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

28 July 2016

Moms Who Care Campaign
The main target audience is Moms in Canada and the action is to have concerned Moms (and any other Canadian, including children) send an email to their local MP and to Minister of Health Jane Philpott.

The Moms Who Care campaign is focusing on three main items by asking Minister Philpott to: 

1.       Provide a comprehensive response to the 2015 HESA REPORT 

2.       Implement all the 2015 HESA recommendations from the report "RADIOFREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION AND THE HEALTH OF CANADIANS"

3.       Call for an updated review of Safety Code 6, Health Canada's guidelines regarding wireless radiation exposure, based on the significant evidence-based science that has been made public in the last 12 months. 

Canadians - please take a few minutes to fill in your information with the tools available at the Moms Who Care website.
Here are the comments I submitted:
Although I am not a 'mom', I am deeply concerned about Canadian children being harmed by wireless radiation.
I have viewed hundreds of scientific reports which show that wireless microwave radiation causes significant adverse biological effects including large increases in various cancers, damage to DNA and cell structure, immune system suppression, depression and many other harmful effects. 
Health problems are becoming more apparent as more people become ill from wireless exposure.  Sometime in the future there is likely to be a Government  inquiry into those who allowed the entire Canadian population to be harmed by wireless.  At that time criminal liability may be assessed on the government officials who failed to act as part of their duties. 
I wish to remind Minister Philpott that she is not 'Minister of Making Children and adults Sick', (because you allow poor Canadian Wireless Safety Standards). 
The Scientific evidence that wireless radiation is harmful is massive and much of that evidence was available prior to Wi Fi, cordless telephones, cell phones and other wireless consumer devices being invented.  Recent research is confirming those much earlier studies and greatly increasing our knowledge about the harmful effects of wireless radiation.
Our children are now being often being exposed to dangerous microwave radiation twenty four hours a day from Wi Fi, cordless telephones, 'smart' phones, tablets, wireless devices and antennas.  This exposure may curtail their lifespan by many years and sentence them to a life of ill health and disease. 
Overuse and overexposure of wireless radiation may make this technology virtually unusable in the future due to increased illness and the massive cost of health care.
All Members of Parliament have a duty to protect their constituents by ensuring wireless safety standards are adequate and that Canadians are warned of the known dangers of wireless radiation exposure. 
Ministers, Members of Parliament, and Government Bureauctrat's  cannot continue to simply ignore all the scientific evidence that is widely available, and continue to place Canadians in danger.  Negligence causing harm or death is a very serious criminal offence.

Accommodation Ideas for Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Here are U.S. Department of Labor workplace guidelines on ways to accommodate persons who are electrically hypersensitive.   

The Job Accommodation Network, a service agency for the Dept. of Labor, publishes guidance on accommodations for electromagnetic sensitivity:

Elizabeth Kelley

Comments on environmental impact of radiofrequency fields from mobile phone base stations

This article is an answer to the review paper from Verschaeve (2014). This review paper attempted to dismiss every study that shows negative effects of microwave radiation on living organisms. His conclusions are not supported by scientific data and are mostly based on his claims for "inaccurate" dosimetry. This issue is not the case, especially in studies employing real and not simulated exposures by mobile telephony (and related technologies) antennas, since this type of radiation is of highly varying nature, and its levels – regardless of any dosimetry – are simply the same with those exposing daily billions of users.
The hidden marginalization of persons with environmental sensitivies
This paper is a must read, even if you only go as far as the abstract.

Rob Hutchins  Esnztrust

Gibson, P. R. (2016). "The hidden marginalization of persons with environmental sensitivies." Ecopsychology 8(2): 131-136.
        This paper constructs persons with environmental sensitivities as
comprising a hidden, marginalized group in technological culture
that is paying a large price for our industrialized lifestyle. Due to the
polluted nature of most public venues, this population is robbed of a
sense of ''place'' necessary to maintain personal relationships. This
population is marginalized by health-care providers and shunted
into mental health categories, as our current health paradigms are
not adequate to frame and categorize health problems caused by our
toxic industrial lifestyle. The problem is discussed within the context
of the pressures of capitalism, and examples are given of persons
with environmental illness receiving mental health diagnoses (an
attempted colonization) when they attempt to access mainstream
health-care providers who lack knowledge or expertise regarding
toxic-induced illness.


Mandatory Exposure to Microwave Radiation In Our Schools Has Left 11 Year Old With No Where To Go To School

These headaches are debilitating, excruciatingly painful and the longer he is exposed the more severe his headache, nausea, extreme fatigue and insomnia will be.  Unfortunately with electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) avoidance is the only answer.


Generation Zapped - trailer

Short but very effective.  don't know when it is coming out.


I want to invite you to next week's free online Alzheimer's & Dementia Summit. This issue affects SO many people, and there is a lot we can do to support our loved ones and ourselves.

In addition to an exclusive interview with Dr. Olle Johannson entitled "Wireless Technology - The threat to brain function", my friend and host Jonathan Landsman enthusiastically told me that EMF pollution and wireless devices will be discussed within many of the 30+ other expert interviews.

This online event will get much-needed truth and natural remedies out to hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions.

Register for FREE now at the following link:

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:

Here are some important facts:

  • A 2007 meta-study showed that being exposed to EMFs on the job doubled the risk of developing Alzheimer's
  • EMF exposure increases intracellular calcium ion concentrations, and USC researchers have described how this change could increase production of a protein that plays a significant role in the development of Alzheimer's
  • Every 3 seconds someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia
  • Alzheimer's disease is the 6th leading cause of death
  • The average burden on families dealing with late-stage dementia is $300,000
  • The "silent epidemic" of early-onset dementia is on the rise
  • There ARE natural remedies and solutions for us, and for our family

The 2016 Alzheimer's & Dementia Summit is online and free from July 25 – August 1, 2016. There will be tons of information about out what you can, and should, do before memory loss is irreversible – because taking action now is the key to protecting your brain health and overall wellbeing.

Register for FREE now at the following link:

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:

Josh del Sol


EMR Aware Newsletter - July-August 2016

Welcome to the July-August 2016 edition of our free EMR Aware newsletter. In it you will find a selection of the latest science and media reports on the biological, social, and environmental impacts of electro-technologies.
To view, please click on the image or link below. While at our website, why not also explore our previous newsletters? As a whole, they form a comprehensive overview of current issues relating to EMR.

Recent Newsweek articles



Green Bank, prohibido para las ondas

Spanish magazine article on Greenbank WV.
Educator Maree Crabbe said she was surprised at how many teenagers she interviewed for a documentary on the impact of pornography spoke about watching it for the first time at school. "It was ­spoken about as quite common," she said.

Facebook's solar-powered drone set to beam free internet for billions

Oceans' Changing Electromagnetic Environment a Killing Field for Mammals

Baltimore Driver Playing 'Pokemon Go' Crashes Into Police Car
Another new wireless danger.
Historic Information
Hocking EHS Presentation to WHO Conference 2004
France's National Health Agency Calls For Reducing Children's Wireless Exposures
Coming on the heels of the U.S. government study showing increased risks of rare tumors of the brain and heart tied with wireless radiation in rats, this new French government report provides a welcome reminder of the importance of protecting young brains and bodies
Ground Current Pollution
I just released Video 2 in a series of videos on Ground Current Pollution.  This video features Dr. Don Hillman (Michigan) and demonstrates the effects ground current has on dairy cow behaviour.

The reason I'm producing these videos is to increase public awareness and understanding about the growing issue of ground current pollution.  People have no idea how much farmers and their animals are suffering when they are exposed to ground current.  Ground current also affects human health as we are not immune simply because we wear shoes or boots.  And, increasingly ground current is becoming a serious issue in urban centres.  Our electrical infra structure has deteriorated to such an extend in some places that it is no longer able to do its job.  I'll explain this in future videos.  

In the meantime, please feel free to share these video links with those who might be interested in this issue.  Feedback on the videos would be appreciated.  Simply provide a comment after you view the video.

So far these are the videos available:

Video 1:  Ground Current Introduction: with Dave Stetzer, 

Video 2:  Ground Current affects Dairy Cow Behaviour:  with Don Hillman, 

Video 3:  Laboratory Demonstration of Ground Current:  with Ralph Frederick, 

Also, feel free to visit my youtube channel ( ) and watch some of the other videos I produced.

Information is also available on my website:
(Dr. Magda Havas)

Power cut while police negotiators talk distraught man down


Landmark Human Rights Complaint Lodged Against World's Worst Polluters

Human Rights - a possible solution to wireless pollution?

The FCC has finally opened a docket to look at "dirty" electricity and sources of radiated RF from electronics.  The FCC standards related to "dirty" electricity, conducted RF, and inadvertently radiated RF have been developed primarily to prevent electronics and transmitters from interfering with each other.  

Please write in  by August 11, 2016 with a brief synopsis of how "dirty" electricity has affected your health and request that the new standards be set to prevent health effects.  The Stetzerizer "dirty" electricity meter was evaluated in Kazakhstan and health standards were set such that no more than 50 G/S units of dirty electricity should be allowed on building wiring to protect health (  The FCC should adopt this standard and require device and light manufacturers to engineer their devices to put out substantially less than that.  Frequencies above the range of the Stetzerizer meter should also have much tighter standards.  Their effect is related to capacitive coupling and energy.  A signal from the transmitter on a smart meter was found to be in violation of existing limits for conducted RF if the limits went that high (see for more information).  Obviously this shows that new standards that extend the full range of existing and future transmitter technology are necessary to protect human health.  

Tightening of standards should extend to sources of conducted and radiated RF in cars.  Many with RF sickness have trouble with cars due to conducted and radiated RF from components not designed to minimize RF emissions sufficient to protect human health.  Sources include, but are not limited to, the alternator, spark plugs and distributor, fuel pump, air conditioning compressor controls, ignition switch, radio systems, and electronic displays.  Proper filtering and design could minimize much of this.  If this is a problem for you, be sure to mention it and ask that they revise these standards as well to protect human health.  Availability of stripped down properly designed models should allow most people with RF sickness to use a car again.

The docket does not explicitly deal with health, but comments should be put in anyway so they know that they have to address the health problems the inadequate standards are causing.  Health should certainly fall under point 1b  and 4a.  Feel free to address other points in the docket as well (attached), especially those with technical expertise.

Please take a moment to submit your comment.  This office is not the same as the office responsible for broadband.  I know they have had complaints from people about RF on wiring.  This is an opportunity to ask the people who can take action to do so.  Opening this docket is an indication that they are at least looking seriously at taking action.  Let's give them good reason to do so.



Federal Communications Commission

445 12th St., S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20554


Cell Phone Radiation

Letter to Parksville News

I used to love my cell phone, until it almost killed me.

Did this Smart Meter Cause a Stroke?
Hello, I had a diagnosed stroke in June 2012.  I woke up with seeing an orange colored perfectly straight line between my eyes and very fatigued. The day before I was in the back yard with family members and we were removing a snake from next to the house. I was standing on top of a cinder block while my son directed the snake towards me. The smart meter was about 8 inches from my head so it made me look up directly at it for a second or 2. I believe it was that moment when the signal entered my left eye. The image the neurologist showed from the MRI was enlarged and put on the large screen. The damaged appeared to be perfectly straight. I now believe that the magnetic inserts in my boots is why the signal entered my eye. I think this warrants more study as the magnetic pulse and the strength of the signal does give merit to my theory. If you know of a trustworthy neurologist I can send the MRI CD to for an independent study of my theory I would like to pursue it. Please respond with feedback as this should not be over looked. Thank you kindly in advance!

A.N.S.E.S. launches public consultation on hypersensitivity
France - Sensitivity to electromagnetic waves is a subject that comes up on the craft ANSES experts who had given first report "Radiofrequency and Health" in October 2013, followed by another, more recent, highlighting a possible effect radio frequency on cognition of children.
One case that illustrates such big investments is the installation of what is known as a "smart meter," a device that measures the amount of electricity ...

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Calling for More High-Speed Internet Access in Rural and Remote Areas


Report from the BioEM2016

This report has been prepared for the Pandora Foundation, Germany, and Competence Initiative, Germany, which supported travel and participation of the author in BioEM2016. Parts of this report were published during the course of the BioEM2016 as blogs on "BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place" site.
EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses
Lots of helpful electrosensitivity information at this site!
The FCC and 5G story
Today we're delivering a new YouTube video, "Gestapo In The USA," which blows the doors off the FCC and 5G story.

This is the most important piece I've released since Take Back Your Power.

Five absolutely remarkable events unfolded at FCC's July 14 public meeting in DC, where 5G was rubber-stamped. There was shocking intimidation of press and suppression of truth.

But guess what: a Bloomberg reporter openly blasted FCC Chairman Wheeler, and former Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus spoke up powerfully, injecting 20 seconds of truth into the public record.

It was all caught on tape, and we've got it queued up — along with an immediate action after watching.

Watch the video here:

We are doing this thing together. They will simply not be able to stop the truth.

Josh del Sol


Circus World Recalls Wireless Video Baby Monitors Due to Overheating Hazard

Circus World Displays has received two reports of the camera portion of the monitors overheating and smoking. No injuries have been reported.
To report a dangerous product or a product-related injury go online to 
If all the people who have been harmed or injured by smart meter radiation were to report their injuries to this US Government organization, perhaps they will issue a recall notice for dangerous 'smart meters'.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution