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Freedom of Information Requests / Bees, Mobile phones ARE to blame

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12 May 2011

Hi All
I encourage you to use Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to gather information about the harm caused by electro magnetic radiation and about the people who are allowing that harm to occur.
Legislation will be different in various Provinces, States or Countries, so you will need to find out what your FOI rules are.
On the 4th of February 2011 I submitted a FOI request to the City of Stratford, the letter is attached above.  The replies that I received in response were obstructive and failed to provide the information requested.
Today, I filed my appeal to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, the appeal letter is attached above.
My situation is still to be resolved, but as you can see from my letter, I have strong grounds for appeal.
You may be able to use this type of legislation at various levels of Government, School Boards, Health Authorities etc.  People who are doing wrong will have one less place to hide and you may make important discoveries.
Best wishes
Martin Weatherall
Mobile phones ARE to blame for killing off the world's bee populations,
scientists claim
By Daily Mail Reporter   11th May 2011

Phone signals confuses bees and cause them to begin flying erratically before suddenly dying

For some, the mobile phone is the bane of modern life even as it .

But for bees it could be more than just an irritation.

Scientists claim to have proved that signals from mobile phones are behind
the sudden decline of the world's bee population, which plays a vital role
in both agriculture and horticulture.
Researchers placed mobile phones in bee hives under controlled conditions
and monitored the results. They found the phone signals confused the bees
who begin to fly erratically before dying suddenly

Researchers placed mobile phones in bee hives under controlled conditions
and monitored the results. They found the phone signals confused the bees
who begin to fly erratically before dying suddenly

Lead researcher Daniel Favre from Lausanne, Switzerland, placed phones in a
series of hives under controlled conditions and monitored the results.

The study - published in the beekeepers' magazine Apidologie - found that
the phone signals confused the bees who began to fly erratically before
suddenly dying.

The scientists carried out 83 experiments in hives and recorded the bees'
reactions to mobile phones in off, standby and call-making modes.

The noise produced by the bees increased more than ten-fold whenever a phone
made or received a call - the noise dropped to normal level when the phone
was off or on standby.

Mr Favre explained: 'The bees' noise drastically increases as soon as the
phone rings - the rays from the phone and the noise clearly disturbs the

'This gives the bees the signal to leave the hive. But often they are so
confused they fly to their death.

'Mobile phone technology is fateful for bees. The study definitely proves

The study isn't the first to link mobile phones with the death of bees.

In 2008, a German researcher found that bees refuse to return to their hive
when mobile phones are placed alongside it.

Lost and disoriented, they die. The result is abandoned hives, a possible
honey shortage and, most gravely, a lack of pollinators for our flowers and

In March, a UN report warned that a perfect storm of perils and threats is
behind the disastrous decline in honeybees over the last few years.

Scientists identified more than a dozen factors - from chemical pesticides
to the loss of wild flowers - which are conspiring against one of the
world's best loved, and most useful, insects.

In Britain the number of bees has halved since the mid-1980s, while in
America honey producers have been badly hit by colony collapse disorder - a
mysterious condition in which entire hives vanish.

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