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IARC evaluation of the carcinogenicity of mobile phone radiation - Anders Ahlbom conflicts of interest

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24 May 2011


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Leading expert Anders Ahlbom linked to the Telecom Industry.



Professor Ahlbom, who is supposed to chair the expert group on epidemiology at the upcoming IARC evaluation of the carcinogenicity of mobile phone radiation, is the co-founder of "Gunnar Ahlbom AB" a Brussels-based lobby firm aiming to assist the telecom industry on EU regulations, public affairs and corporate communications.


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The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has removed
Anders Ahlbom of the Karolinska Institute from its panel of experts
which is set to evaluate the cancer risks posed by mobile phones.
The committee will meet in Lyon, France, for a week beginning this
coming Tuesday, May 24. In an e-mail sent out earlier today, Ahlbom
wrote, "IARC has excluded me from the RF Working Group because
of 'possible perception of conflict of interest'."

IARC moved quickly after learning that Ahlbom is a director of his
brother's consulting firm, Gunnar Ahlbom AB. The company, which
is based in Brussels, was established to help clients on telecom issues,
with an emphasis on environmental and energy regulations.

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Stunning news: MRI shows tumors on Gary Carter's brain

Dear Minister Aglukkaq ;
Over the last several years I have written to your office, both to you and your predecessors, with evidence that Health Canada is ignoring evidence that Safety Code 6, the guideline which is supposed to protect the public from radiation from wireless transmitters, is inadequate. In 2008 my husband and I wrote a comprehensive petition (#255) to the Auditor General with evidence of conflict of interest and bias both within Health Canada and its Royal Panel plus within WHO and ICNIRP whose guidelines Health Canada accepts. We showed that many people who decide the standards for exposure are affiliated with the very industry they are supposed to be monitoring.
In 2010 a group of us organized presentations by several world renowned, expert witnesses to the Parliamentary sub-committee on health (HESA). They testified that biological effects occur at exposure levels which are mere fractions of that allowed by Health Canada and that Safety Code 6 is totally inadequate. Canada's guideline is among the worst in the world.
All of this evidence has been consistently ignored by your office and Health Canada. You and Beth Pieterson continue to tell the public there is no evidence of harm, often referring to the WHO and ICNIRP as the source for your statements. Among other things, both of you have said that Safety Code 6 is safe and is among the best in the world. You and Health Canada consistently mislead the public.
Attached is only the latest report on the conflict of interest which is so pervasive in these agencies. 
Ms. Aglukkaq, this is one more opportunity for you to do the right thing, what you are expected to do as Minister of Health. Demand that independent researchers, with absolutely no tie to industry, establish new biologically based exposure guidelines. Demand that Health Canada be cleansed of all those working there directly or indirectly, e.g. the Royal Panel, be devoid of any industry influence.
The public demands this and deserves no less.
Yours truly,
Sharon Noble
Chair, Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions
Co-Founder Wireless Radiation Safety Council
Victoria, British Columbia

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