Saturday, May 21, 2011

An important investigative article about IARC etc.

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21 May 2011

An important investigative article about IARC
Young ordered a research study through Parliament last year to find out the potential effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health. "The power of the electromagnetic field is adversely proportional to its distance. If you're concerned about the ...

New  Videos about Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

Dr. Guptay nails it in first spectacular segment! Standing outside FCC and they refused to speak with him- that says it all!

Full program with Alan, Dr. Black, and Dr. Devra Davis airs tomorrow and Sunday morning at 7:30 am est.

By the way Alan has already received emails TODAY (after they saw him and his company name on CNN this morning) from brain tumor patients whose neurosurgeons told them it was their cell phone- they are in their 30's. Thank you all for your continued support on this critical issue.

Ellie Marks

Article in today's National Post about IARC meeting
Of special note is who Canada's representatives are, both of whom are industry-related.
One quote is one we should use widely. It demonstrates what Health Canada says is "risk assessment":
"It gets a little bit to the question of the so-called precautionary principle: if you don't know, you're better to avoid or reduce," said Prof. Siemiatycki. "It's an interesting principle, but if we had applied it 2,000 years ago, we'd still be in caves, making fires by rubbing sticks together. At what point does the precautionary principle paralyze any technological development?"
There is a quote in the above article, attributed to WEEP, which is not accurate.  WEEP will be sending a correction.
It is hard to believe that the bolded statement above was made by a Professor representing Canada in important discussions that may affect the health of the world population. 
It seems to be a thoughtless statement that I would normally expect from an uneducated cartoon character!
Martin Weatherall
Victory signal for residents in phone mast campaigns
Local bee colonies collapse

Mobile Phones and Brain Cancer - IARC's integrity in question?

Powerwatch joins with IEMFA and concerned scientists around the world to call for a postponement of the coming decision on carcinogenicity of radiofrequency (RF) and microwaves (MW) by WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer. Read the reasons why this is not the way to decide public health policy.

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