Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Letter to the Premier of BC / Text, Don't Talk / Smart Meter Dangers / Babies Hearing Loss

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10 May 2011

Letter to the Premier of BC

Dear Premier Clark,
I am writing to you hoping that when you say you are concerned about the health of our children you are both sincere and willing to take action to prevent harm to them.
I am speaking specifically about the plans your government has to install smart meters in every home and apartment. There are many reasons for concern, but my prime one is the high level of radiation emitted by the meters. Compounded by the close proximity of several within a short distance in a neighbourhood, and the reflective element within a home actual radiation levels are even higher. To substantiate my statement, I refer you to the link at http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/. Cindy Sage has accumulated scientific data showing that levels radiation will far exceed those allowed under Health Canada's Safety Code 6, already one of the worst standards in the developed world. No testing has been done on these meters, resulting in this extraordinary exposure. In California approximately 15% of people suffer immediate biological effects, ranging from tinnitis, and headaches to seizures.
In addition to radiation, meters cause harmful interference which has been documented, with appliances and medical devices malfunctioning. Even home security systems fail.
Most people are angry because of the significantly and consistently higher electrical bills, some due to hacking. Wait until they find out their homes have been left unprotected or heart monitors do not work properly. I am encouraging them to look at  a youtube by an electrical engineer, called "The Dark Side of Smart Meters." 
Lawsuits are pending in California, as more than 38 cities and counties have imposed moratoriums on future installations.
If you read the link I've attached and fail to fear for the safety of our children, then think about the reaction from the public once these other problems are encountered. Should you stop the smart meter program and call for an independent investigation into the costs, whether financial, health or security, this will make a significant impact on people come the fall elections. This is an issue that will not be soon forgotten, nor forgiven.
Most sincerely,
Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC
Cell Phone Radiation? Text, Don't Talk, advises FCC

Several studies suggest that cell phone users have a "significant risk" of developing brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, and eye cancer. ...
Public Health Physician Warns of Smart Meter Dangers
Short interview with Dr. David Carpenter about the radiation from smart meters.


Babies Hearing Loss
I have never used a cell phone yet cell tower radiation causes me hearing loss.
What is it  doing to infants and the unborn, especially when mothers use cell phones and computers hours on end?
The CPS notes that as many as three in 1,000 babies are born profoundly deaf, and another three in 1,000 have serious hearing loss.

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