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22 October 2011


Misleading Danish Mobile Phones and Brain Tumour Study in BMJ

This misleading study has many flaws and serious confounders and should not give anyone reassurance that mobile phone use is not associated with an increase in brain tumours. In our opinion the paper should not have been published in this form - it should have failed peer-review.

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Scientists and campaigners condemn new mobile phone study as misleading and irresponsible



British Medical Journal's Upcoming Cell Phone Study Deeply Flawed, Say Experts

Environmental Health Trust and Other Experts Expose Major Flaws in New Danish Study
Claiming No Significant Cancer Risks from Cell Phone Use



Installation of Smart Meters an infringement of Canadian Rights



The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Pollution

Patrick Timpone's One Radio Network, Live radio focusing on health, wealth
and wellbeing.

Here is a one-hour interview with Dr. Magda Havas discussing the biological
effects of electromagnetic pollution-Oct 20, 2011.

Information on Wi-Fi in schools, cell towers, Zory Glaser references, smart
meters and much more including pulsed magnetic fields that are used to
promote the natural healing of the body.


Adirondack cell tower boom slows

Over the last four years, the APA has approved 81 cell tower and antenna co-location

(How to harm some of the nicest areas of the north east United States)




Effects of wi-fi signals

 on the p300 component of event-related potentials during an auditory hayling task.



Lawyers Warn about Cell Phones

Bernstein Liebhard LLP Reports On Study Faulting Cell Phone Radiation Testing

On October 17, 2011, the Environmental Health Trust published a study in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine



WJR Radio 760 in Detroit

"Just talked to Dr. Havas. I have her booked for a phone interview on Tuesday (October 25, 2011) at 10:10am.

Thanks so much again….really appreciate your help with this.     Terri Leib, Executive Producer/ Frank Beckmann Show, News/Talk 760 AM WJR Detroit"


Condos cash in on cell antennas

Residents of a Markham condo have struck a $1.1-million deal with two telecommunications companies to erect cellphone antennas on top of their building.

( Short sighted gain for lots of pain.  If these condo owners think $1.1-million is a lot of money, wait till they have to fight lawsuits, and pay damages for injured health!)



Martin Weatherall
125 Vanevery Way
Ontario N5A 8C1
Perth East Council
Att'n Chief Building Official
Grant Schwartzentruber
Re: Proposed Telecommunications Tower
20 October 2011
Dear Members of Perth East Council
I am writing on behalf of the home owners, residents, workers, churchgoers and persons using the leisure activities near to the location of the proposed telecommunications tower at 4128 Line 36, RR5, Stratford.
There is considerable scientific evidence to show that exposure to microwave radiation such as from the proposed telecommunications tower causes various cancers, many serious illnesses and several significant biological effects to people.  There is also evidence that properties located near to cell phone antennas suffer from a large devaluation in property value.
If Perth East Council allows construction of this tower without vigorously defending the health, safety and property rights of the residents and others who will be affected, you may cause very significant liabilities to yourselves and all residents of Perth East.
If the tower is eventually forced upon you by Industry Canada, you should demand that the company involved, provides a very large bond of many millions of dollars, to pay for possible future liabilities including, legal expenses, medical expenses for persons harmed by radiation from the antennas and for property devaluation.  That property devaluation may include the large residential development area to the south and west of the proposed tower, as new house buyers are less likely to purchase near to a communications tower.
I have attached several documents to show the dangers of microwave radiation from telecommunications masts.  I will send you some more documents in further messages.  You will find more scientific information at these web sites: and .  I will gladly provide further information if you request it.
Martin Weatherall
I suspect brain tumors will be a big issue for the cellphone generation given what I have read even. Hope the best for Jerome and Ryan. My mother in-law has been battling one for a few months now and isn't expected to make it to Thanksgiving. Sad. ...
American Cancer Society
Very strange that the ACS would print this story (the faulty Danish study) when there is so much evidence the the science is badly flawed!
Response:  Candy Pfau (@sparroweye63) says:

Not buying that. I got tonsil cancer on the same side as my heavy cell phone use. I did not fit the profile. Never smoked, or drank alcohol. I gave up my cell phone, microwave, and all dental xrays. Also there is an increase in tonsil cancer among children. ENT's are studying this.



Government simulates performance of £11bn smart metering infrastructure

A government-funded project has developed a performance simulation system for the £11 billion smart metering infrastructure that is being created for the UK. ...
(Forget the recession, theres 11 billion pounds to spend)



Critics put Wentworth supporters on the hot seat

"All over the world, they are pulling WiFi out of schools," Foley-Ferguson said. "We're talking about getting asbestos and mold out of the school, but getting ready to install WiFi."



Original Paper

Here is the original paper "Exposure Limits: The underestimation of absorbed cell phone radiation, especially in children"  published by informa.

The significance of the article is that it is one of the first general circulation pieces to recognise what science has been saying for years.

Kind regards,

John Weigel


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Money for masts

Phone mast plan fury residents in blockade

Parents worried at new mast scheme

B.C. Hydro program sparks up a storm of controversy

CTIA again tries to block San Francisco cell phone radiation ordinance

People power halts roof mobile phone mast, in Sutherland Grove, Teddington

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