Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smart Meter Investigation Please distribute to Ontario contacts

125 Vanevery Way

Stratford, Ontario

N5A 8C1


4 October 2011


Rt. Hon. Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

Legislative Building

Queens Park

Toronto, Ontario

M7A 1A1


Dear Premier McGuinty,


I request that you initiate a criminal investigation and a public inquiry into the Ontario Smart Meter initiative, which your government introduced.  This legislation and the careless way that it was implemented may have been the most harmful and wasteful political decision ever made in Ontario.


Smart Meters have now been installed in virtually every Ontario home.  When transmitting information about energy usage, they emit strong bursts of microwave radiation.  In some homes those bursts may be every few minutes, in others it may be every few seconds, depending on location and distance to the wireless receiving point.  There are thousands of scientific studies that show that electro magnetic radiation, such as is transmitted from Smart Meters, causes a vast array of adverse biological effects, even at low exposure levels.  Many of those studies have been referenced in The Bioinitiative Report, which can be located at www.bioinitiative.org .


Many Smart Meters have been thoughtlessly installed on places where strong bursts of microwave radiation penetrate walls and expose residents to considerable radiation inside their homes.  These installations have been done without consideration for the health and safety of the residents.  I have seen dangerous installations on bedroom walls, living room walls, kitchen walls, and in basements, where residents are subjected to high exposure levels.  On some homes and apartment buildings, several meters have been installed together, causing even higher exposure and more significant danger to those exposed.  On the outside of homes, meters have been installed on porches and decks where residents spend much of their outdoor leisure time.  Many meters are located where children play in their yards, exposing them to strong radiation.


I have taken videos of some of these dangerous installations in my home town of Stratford.  They can be viewed at these links:





You can hear each time there is a wireless burst and see the strength of the radiation on the meter.  When the meter reads "one", it means the radiation is over 2000 microwatts per square meter, which is the upper limit of this good quality meter.


If Smart Meters were really "smart", they would store information and only send the relevant usage information when the information is needed, perhaps only once a month.  They should probably be referred to as "Dangerous Meters", because of the long term harm that they will cause to our health and the environment.  The meters do not help to make the Ontario electrical system "green", as they have added an additional danger caused by the radiation they emit.  Perhaps the last thing that should have been added to the electrical distribution system is more high frequency electrical pollution.


Here are some important video links that help to explain the dangers caused by Smart Meters:






Many people suffer from Electro Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS), a condition/disability that is known and recognized by the World Health Organization and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.  I am in contact with many persons in Ontario and around the world who suffer from this condition.  The Smart Meter initiative has virtually made Ontario into a no-go area for EHS sufferers because of the adverse health effects that it causes and the resultant difficulties it creates in their lives.  Suffering from EHS can be painful, fatiguing, nauseating, and sometimes a life threatening experience, and the Ontario Government and Hydro One and other electricity providers should not be creating this distress.  This Global television documentary about Wi Fi, demonstrates some of the adverse health effects caused by microwave radiation: http://www.youtube.com/safeschool#p/u/3/KN7VetsCR2I .

I suspect that there are many more Ontario citizens whose health has been badly affected, but have not realized that Smart Meters are the real cause.


For safety reasons, many people in Ontario have chosen to eliminate all possible wireless exposure from their property and their lives.  With Smart Meters installed on their homes, they face high radiofrequency exposures in their homes 24 hours a day.  EHS sufferers who attempt to alleviate their symptoms by moving to remote locations to avoid wireless systems and antennas are still subjected to strong pulses of microwave radiation from the provincially mandated Smart Meters.  This radiation significantly affects hearts, brains, and neurological systems, which may cause long term damage to health.  Some of the symptoms known to be caused by relatively low levels of microwave radiation are headache, sleep disruption, restlessness, tremors, cognitive impairments, tinnitus, increased cancer risk and cardiac problems. 


To understand how dangerous it is to subject people and other living things to Smart Meter wireless radiation, please view this video interview with Barrie Trower, a retired electronic weapons scientist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjZZ29TtkJI&NR=1 .  Please watch the other ten parts of the interview as well, which can be accessed from the panel on the right hand side of the screen.


There are many other aspects of the Smart Meter initiative that cause serious concerns, such as:

  • Cost   
  • Negligible electricity savings
  • Privacy issues
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Smart Meters causing fires

While you and your government may have had good intentions when the Smart Meter initiative was envisioned, your lack of public consultation, the false information that was presented about the safety aspects, and the way that this was hurriedly implemented at great expense to Ontario residents, have resulted in a terrible political decision that must be corrected.


It appears that your government may have been provided with false information about the potential benefits and the safety of Smart Meters and, because of that, there is a need for a Criminal Investigation.  If you ask yourself why Hydro One themselves did not provide the safety evaluation report for the smart meters, and why they thought that one was needed, it should raise some serious questions.  The massive electrical wiring system around Ontario is essentially the largest antenna system in the province it interacts with wireless signals and high frequencies.  In order to operate the Hydro One system, it is essential to know about high frequencies, how they affect people and electrical equipment, and how to mitigate the problems they cause.  As a large public corporation employing thousands, there is a duty and responsibility to know how high frequency pollution affects customers, employees, animals, and the environment.  There are many scientific papers that describe the adverse health effects of wireless radiation and high frequency pollution.  Hydro One has access to this research and should be fully aware of health implications.  Hydro One has also received many public complaints about people and animals being harmed by electro magnetic radiation.  Furthermore, an employee of the former Ontario Hydro, Karel Marha, practically "wrote the book" on how electro magnetic energy harms people and animals.  He co-authored a book entitled Electromagnetic Fields and the Life Environment by Marha, Musil and Tuha, Institute of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, Prague, printed by San Francisco Press Inc.


You need to examine the reason why Hydro One did not write the report about the safety of the proposed Ontario Smart Meters and why a small US consulting company, Richard Tell Associates, was used: http://www.hydroone.com/MyHome/MyAccount/MyMeter/Documents/Smart_Meters_Report_on_RFE.pdf .


The Tell website states, "Our surveys are considered by many to be the most informative, detailed and comprehensive in the industry".  But, look at the information and try to find any references to the thousands of scientific documents that indicate adverse biological effects, or cancer from this type of radiation.  The most important information about health is either ignored or greatly downplayed and, instead, the report simply references Safety Code 6, an outdated Health Canada guide that does not adequately protect Canadians from biological effects.  The Tell document is not a detailed and comprehensive report.  Rather, it appears to be a rubber stamp for a dangerous technology.  Part of the Tell report states,"The small transmitters that are used in this system transmit with very low power and transmit very infrequently".  This is simply false, as you can see from the videos above and this report - http://sagereports.com/smart-meter-rf/?p=343 .  The transmissions are quite powerful and frequent, enough to harm and seriously affect many people.  Why was the report updated in 2010 and the original removed from the Hydro One web site?  Surely the purpose of the report was to show system safety before implementation, not make excuses afterwards?


On May 31, 2011, ,the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2B).  At about the same time, a health committee of the Council of Europe examined scientific evidence and recommended significant precautions for exposure to electromagnetic radiation and, in particular, reduction of exposure to children.  The recommendations were ratified by the forty-six member countries.  At a time when important warnings are being given about electromagnetic radiation, Ontario is just finishing final installations, ensuring that Ontario residents will have no-where to go to avoid this great danger.


I suspect that Hydro One knew about the dangers of microwave radiation, but were not willing to write a false report to state that Smart Meters were safe and do not cause biological harm.  If they had written such a report, they would be lying and would be subject to Canadian Criminal Law.  If Hydro One officials were, indeed, not aware of the health effects of electro magnetic radiation, then they should not be trusted to manage a light bulb, let alone the entire electrical distribution system in Ontario.  The fact that Hydro One has failed to warn the Ontario Government about the dangers of microwave radiation from Smart Meters and proceeded with the installation of these devices throughout Ontario indicates that officials should be investigated for the offence of criminal negligence.


The installation of dangerous smart meters throughout the province has been a huge financial cost to the citizens of Ontario, but there may yet be an even bigger cost to health and the health care system as a result of this plan.  An investigation should look carefully at those involved in the Smart Meter initiative to determine who pushed the ideas forward, their motives, who may have profited, and whether "kick backs" were involved.


As for a Public Inquiry, it is needed to:

1.  Discover the best method of making the electrical system as safe as possible

2.  Find out who was responsible for this ill conceived initiative

3.  Make up for the lack of public consultation at the beginning of the process 

4.  Consider whether money can be retrieved from those who have profited


Regardless of the election results on Thursday, there is a need to make Ontario safe again from the danger introduced from Smart Meters.  Your government created this dangerous situation and you have a duty to start the clean-up process.


Will you initiate a criminal investigation and a public inquiry?


Yours sincerely,



Martin Weatherall