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27 October 2011

Parents Raise Concerns about Wireless Technology in Schools

At last night's meeting an elderly gentleman shared that his daughter in Arizona met a woman whose 18 year old daughter had brain tumor growth attributed to her being under a WiFi beacon at school – the tumours were located beneath the metal hair clips she wore.

France - Towns cannot oppose phone masts

LEMONDE.FR with AFP and Reuters | 10.26.11

French mayors do not have the right to limit the installation of cell phone masts on their territory on behalf of the precautionary principle, the Council of State ruled on Wednesday, October 26. "A mayor shall not be able to, by Order, regulate the installation of phone masts within its town's territory based on its general police prerogatives", it adds.

The highest administrative jurisdiction has decided that this concerns solely a prerogative of the State and has therefore censored the limitation in the Orders concerning three towns: Bordeaux, Pennes-Mirabeau in the Bouches-du-Rhône Department,  and Saint-Denis in the Seine-Saint-Denis Department.

The Council of State raises a technical point with regard to the fact that the sole competence on these matters should be up to the regulatory authority of Electronic and Postal Telecommunications (Arcep) and the French National Radio Frequency (ANFR),  two bodies also supposed to be taking public health issues into account.


Furthermore, the jurisdiction has limited the use of the precautionary principle, which is part of the environmental charter and the Constitution. "There can be no purpose or effect in allowing a public authority to venture outside its realm of competence and take action outside its realms of jurisdiction, it says. It is however stipulated in the decision that the mayors shall continue to have some leeway in case of an emergency and be able to, "given the local circumstances of an exceptional nature,"  take action in this area.

This decision has come about at a time when a strong conflict opposes the City of Paris to telecom operators. The municipality decided on Monday, October 17 to "immediately" suspend all new phone mast installations on buildings
following the "breach" of the Parisian Charter of cell telephones, it claims as a result of the "unacceptable demands'' of operators. The Minister of Energy,
Eric Besson, "had deplored the unilateral decision of the Mayor of Paris",
judging it "contrary to the spirit" of the Charter signed in 2003, thus inciting the community to "resume discussions with operators".



Residents win battle

RESIDENTS have won their fight to block three applications for mobile phone masts to be put up in Nuneaton.


No Escape from Screen for US Children

US report finds increasing exposure to TV, computers and mobile devices, despite warning from pediatrics academy.

Smart phones double as high-tech pacifiers for techie toddlers
Irresponsible Schools
Endangering the health and safety of a whole generation using dangerous technology.
Smart Meter Refusal Letter
Example for you to send to your electrical provider.

NV Energy's smart meters to be investigated

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011
After hearing several complaints about possible health hazards and invasion of privacy, the state Public Utilities Commission has opened an investigation into smart meters installed in more than 500,000 homes in Las Vegas.
Commissioner Rebecca Wagner said there was misinformation or a lack of information when the commission approved NV Energy's application to begin the project.
She said she wants to look into allowing customers to refuse the installation of the meters and the implications. And she says the investigation should address the health issues and the privacy and security fears.
This should be started now, she said, before "it unravels further."
Although the vote was unanimous, Commissioner David Noble said many of the concerns were addressed in a prior hearing and he did not want to duplicate what had been covered. He said he did not "want to open up a free-for-all" on this case.
Angel De Fazio, founder of NV Energy Stop Smart Meters, said the units transmit electromagnetic radiation and are harmful to people with physical impairments.
De Fazio told the PUC it had a duty "to protect the disabled." This is not a federal mandate, she said and homeowners should have the right to "opt out" in having a meter.
She also said the meters are a health hazard to dogs.
Mike Hazard told the commission a lot of people don't like the smart meters. A federal grant of $138 million helped finance the installation of the meters and he suggested that money could have been used to build a new power plant in Southern Nevada.
NV Energy and its sister Sierra Pacific Power Company hope to have all the customers hooked up by December 2012. Installation should start in December in Northern Nevada.
The units will allow the customer to view next-day energy use information and the time of day the power is used. NV Energy maintains studies show the smart meters are safe.
The radio frequency exposure signal goes out 48 times a day and is within the guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission. "By comparison, cellphones transmit constantly and at very close range," the utility said.
The only one at the Tuesday hearing who spoke in favor of the unit was a man named Todd who said, "I love it." He said he has been able to lower his power use during the day hours. "My problem is with (NV Energy) bringing truckloads of armed guards to read the meter," said the individual who did not sign in at the meeting in Las Vegas.
But several speakers opposed the meters and some said they would be willing to pay more if they could return to the prior system.
Anne Haley complained this should be a "freedom of choice" and NV Energy has been able to keep complaints from being publicized.

Wireless Radiation Alert Network Email List Information,  Angela

"Many people with electrosensitivity are living a drama"
the affected advocates
to prevent
"we do not know if these exposures are going hurt us"

Palomar Minerva (Madrid, 1969) is the first Spanish person wit a judicial recognition that achieves permanent disability electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Yesterday presented the documentary   "Full signal" (Full coverage).

REGUEIRO SUSANA - The municipality of Pontevedra Pontevedra work 120 mobile phone base antennas to over Wi-Fi antennas in various public places, the Ponte Sampaio electrical substation, power lines ... This makes life very difficult for people like Minerva Palomar, despite her veil, jackets and pants that protect special radio frequency. His case served as a starting point last night the APDR environmental association to discuss the risks of electromagnetic pollution and stricter limits apply.

- What is electrosensitivity?

-A series of symptoms that are associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields, high or low frequency.

- How it was discovered that Electro?

-Sick, I felt very sick when I had the first episode I knew nothing of what was happening, I was just really bad, he carried me to the doctor because I could not stand, nor sit in a chair while they are all the symptoms you suffer when I'm exposed: headache, strong fatigue, mental confusion, malaise, nausea, memory loss. But there are many degrees, there are people who only suffer pain or fatigue, or mental nebula ... For me it was a miracle find it was electro and power to think clearly again, restore the brain.

- When did the symptoms?

-In 1996, after a summer, suddenly I could not get out of bed, even at the beginning I could not describe the symptoms, which also appeared from zero to one hundred, I was just very scared and did not know what was happening.

- Had been particularly exposed to RF?

Eventually, I discovered, years later, he had seasons that were good or very bad, and when I was diagnosed I realized that if I had to do with houses where I lived, were houses radiating near antennas, then I suspect that connected in the first house at the time an antenna is still there.

- Are doctors familiar with these conditions?

-No, unfortunately not fall in Spain on this issue, you are treated, with medications and you try to worse ....

'It was the first person to win a sentence for failure ...

-Basically since I started the health problems I could not adequately fulfill my work, I have been fortunate to have a place in the administration and because of that I'm not in the street under a bridge because many people with my problems health living a drama, dramatic situations in the private sector would simply cast me and more if conventional medicine does not give answers, they lost. My battle was because in the end were very bad years, it started the mass deployment of Wi-fis indoor cordless phones ... And even knowing the problem and trying to avoid it could not spend 8 hours in an irradiated site, so you start the battle for recognition of my health problem.

Neither will be easy, everyday life in general ...

-No, now I have to go to my house while my neighbors make an effort not to connect things but you can always connect to something, as a device for babies actually need, and I understand it, but has a level of radiation with the I can not live. Unless you find an alternative, devices that reduce radiation by 90%, if I can find for there is none in Spain, but every day I put a hard limit and no longer where I can live.

- What kind of fabrics you see?

-Protective fabrics are made safe RF initially for the military, ever getting the radio waves and I am very margin, since that I have more ability to be in a more protected, but is relative: if increases both radio frequency at all sites at the end there is no easy protection.

- What preventative measures can take a person without their levels of sensitivity?

-The normal people can take preventive measures, we can not put the body exposures that do not know if we are to take their toll, I would recommend not having cordless phones (which are radiating 24 hours), preferably corded telephone or non-organic. Is the wi fi? Preferably cable or PLC system that delivers coverage of the electric current ADSL or cable network lifetime. If someone lives in front of a base station and have symptoms that might be associated with exposure must personally see the possibility of isolated: I've known people who had health problems, have isolated themselves (that if, knowing very well where is coming from a study) and shielded the area, thereby reducing, but a priori there is no single solution has to be seen on the fly.

NAPERVILLE, Ill., Oct 24, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- On October 4, 2011, hundreds of Naperville residents attended a city council meeting in strong opposition of the impending installation of 57000 wireless smart meters in their community. ...

Fight heats up against smart meters


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