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1 November 2011

Updated Smart Meter Report
The RF chart of health studies on the smart meter report page is more current.
Russian Television reports on Electromagnetic Radiation Refugees in USA

20 октября 2011, Четверг, 18:30

In West Virginia, some residents consciously abandoned some of the achievements of civilization

Some Americans do not use cell phones, computers, microwave ovens and. People claim that electromagnetic waves seriously affect their health. This disease - some experts have called hypersensitivity to any radiation. But at the official level, it is still not recognized. Where not all the fruits of civilization are good - been there.

The zone of radio silence, where within a radius of several tens of kilometers there is no mobile telephone and you will not find any establishments with Wi-Fi connection, has been established for the smooth operation of the unique radio telescope. However, over time it began to settle around people who are forced to flee from our world permeated by electromagnetic waves, because otherwise they will not survive.

Six years ago, Diana was a normal family, and no major concerns about health. She became ill a few months after near their home in Iowa has established mobile phone company tower. Started nagging headaches and swelling of the eye. One of her many instruments recording the radiation keeps track of radio disturbances in the old house. Now all around is pure, but is to include a mobile phone on the oscilloscope immediately visible races.

"For me it is very important - to show something that is not visible. I do not use these devices to figure out where to me safely, and where not, because I instantly feel where I can not be found" - said Diane Skou.

Diane's husband continues to work where they lived before, and only visits his wife in a new house in which they will ever encounter a tranquil old age, unless, of course, this does not penetrate stopped by astronomers a radio wave of civilization. But as long as the person you can call only at home or work phone. A drive up to a huge telescope on diesel-powered vehicles, because a spark from the spark plugs also cause interference.

"We had to build a huge antenna with a diameter of 100 meters to catch even the weakest signals from different objects in the universe. And all the radiators, TV stations, mobile phones and even power lines emit radio waves in the millions and millions of times greater than the strength of signals for which we hunt" - says fellow National Radio Astronomy Observatory Felix Lokmen.

Science Lab is located in a special shielded room where the windows several layers of wire mesh and special insulating case for most conventional microwave oven.

In the house of Charlie and Michelle do not have such a long time the stove, they even have a refrigerator works on gas, before entering the room, the hostess with a long stick off a special light, because otherwise starts a sharp pain in my ears. Michelle, like Diana, is almost never recognized by physicians disease - Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic and radio emission. It may not be in range of mobile or near wi-fi transmitter. She had become a recluse, getting used to life without a computer, television and even your favorite player

"For five years I did not go to restaurants, do not drive a car, because it also creates an electromagnetic field, I can not walk in your community with a dog and I had forgotten what a shopping" - says Michelle Bubnis.

Michelle wakes up at dawn and at dusk falls, as did our ancestors lived by candlelight. Their new house near the observatory planned so that all appliances are in a separate wing, which comes only head of the family.

"It's a place where I see cable TV, working at the computer. Often Michelle gives me a job that found on the Internet, and then I print it and attribute it to the result," - says Charles Bubnis.

Charles said that would never have believed in the existence of such a disease, if not in the dense ran into her own. Now he and other victims of the ubiquitous radio struggles for official recognition of the disease, which afflicts his wife, and the creation of special areas in America, people can live without fear, that someday will again have to become refugees.

Cours d'introduction aux maisons saines et écologiques, le samedi 12 novembre à Sainte-Adèle

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De 9h à 17h30 incluant la visite de la maison Fauteux/de Palma

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PM : Enveloppe du bâtiment, chauffage, ventilation et autres systèmes écologiques

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Smart Meters in British Columbia
This video shows that BC Hydro is providing false information to the public.

Danish article in the "Ingenjoren" 


Criticism of the article in the British Medical Journal

BMJ: Use of mobile phones and risk of Brain Tumour: update of Danish cohort study

By Torben R. Simonsen, Friday 28th October 2011 pm. 07:12

In last week concluded Jorgen H. Olsen, head of research in Cancer, the use of mobile phones does not increase the risk of brain cancer.

The conclusion is based on the largest cohort study (observational study in which a study group followed over time) of cancers among mobile users who goes back to the 1990s when the first cell phones came out.

But the study did not include 200,000 mobile users who have had the phone made available through the work.

Instead, people ended up in the category called "non-mobile users."

It meets international criticism.

"The exclusion of the 200,507 business users - mobile users, who presumably must be considered as heavy users - seems remarkable. Especially when users mistakenly shows up in the category of users who have not been exposed to mobile radiation, "says Robert Baan to ing.dk. He is responsible publication in WHO's IARC working group on mobile phone radiation.

Earlier this year established a working group called 2B-risk assessment of mobile phone radiation, because the working group found that among the most active mobile users had a small increased risk of developing brain cancer.

Also in the British Medical Journal's own website where the survey from Cancer Society is published, a number of people with strong criticism of the study.

"The limitations of the study makes meaningful analysis and conclusions virtually impossible," writes the British NGO Power Watch.

Power Watch criticizes, among other things, that the study does not take into account the many people who receive the mobile phone provided on the job, and are likely to be among the most active users, but there is also criticism that you know nothing about how much people actually used the phone.

The reason that the study did not include the 200,000 users with business phone, is that the study is based on early subscription records from mobile operators from the 1990s.

Using social security numbers has been possible to follow the early subscribers over time to see if there was an increased tendency for the later life was affected by brain cancer.

But workers with business phone is not registered with personal and therefore has not been possible to follow their development of this group.

Although they represent 30 percent of the total subscription base, is the 200,000 people in the study ended in the group of 'non-mobile users.



Beauty of pollination

Why would any government or cell phone company risk harming these amazing creatures (and humans etc.), just for the sake of cell phones and WiFi?





Insights into the Installation of Smart Meters by the province of British Columbia



Dangers of British Columbia's installation of Smart Meters






Family forced to move after suffering health problems

A SMART meter health scare has driven residents from their homes amid fears they are being exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. A young family and another resident have fled the Keilor East ...





Frenchwomen flee to cave to escape wi-fi rays



Two women claiming to suffer from electro-hypersensitivity have resorted to living in a cave in the French Alps. They say they have been made ill by wireless internet and mobile phones.

Anne Cautain and Bernadette Touloumond live the life of hermits in the cave near Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne in the Haute-Alpes region. The two women have sought refuge there due to their hyper-sensitive reactions to the electro-magnetic radiation caused by waves from wireless communication.

The two have tried to make their cave comfortable, installing two beds and a small table. Yet their candle-lit sanctuary has no heating or electricity.

"This will be my third winter here," Cautain told the AFP news agency. "Believe me. I would prefer to be in a house, sitting in front of the fireplace."

The 55-year-old has long suffered from terrible headaches, which she says are a result of her sensitivity to the electro-magnetic radiation.

She had previously lived in a farmhouse in the region but then the installation of mobile phone masts made it impossible to stay there, she told Alpes 1 radio. Her daughter, Laure Cautain, appealed for the creation of so-called "white zones," areas free from electro-magnetic pollution.

Robin des Toits, a group that campaigns against mobile phone masts, estimates that only a few dozen people in France suffer from this extreme form of electro-sensitivity also known as EHS, but that around 3 percent of the French population are prone to milder forms of the condition.

EHS is not, however, officially recognized as a medical condition. "There is no proof of a causal link between exposure to radio frequencies and hypersensitivity," the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) concluded in a 2009 report.

Dominique Belpomme, professor of oncology at the Paris-Descartes University, argues, however, that clinical studies have proven that electro-magnetic rays can adversely affect health. He said that Cautain and Touloumond could probably be treated for their condition, for example with antihistamines.

Cautain, however, prefers natural methods. She and Touloumond are growing organic marrows, apples and pears in crates that line the entrance to their cave residence.

Despite their extreme solution to their health problems, the two women refuse to consider themselves drop outs.

"When I arrived in this cave I asked myself what had I done to end up here. I couldn't believe it," said Touloumond, a former flight attendant, now in her 60s. "I've been treated like a crazy woman," she told AFP. "I've lost a lot of friends and my family find it hard to understand."

Siobhán Dowling (news@thelocal.ch)




Stray Voltage / Ground Current


This is so very interesting - and what about human mums breast-feeding their babies in our modern environments sprayed with stray voltage?! Are they too affected??


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