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17 November 2011

EU bans full-body X-ray scanners due to health concerns

Full-body scanners that use X-ray technology for security screening purposes will be banned at Europe's airports because of radiation risks and concerns, said the European Union (EU) on Monday.
The X-ray scanners will be replaced by another very dangerous full body scanner.

The International EMF Alliance
sent a protest letter to the organizing committee of the coming EMF&H conference in Brussels.
Call for Transparent, Impartial and Pluralist Expert Assessment

It is now undersigned by 315 NGOs from Europe, North & South America, Australia, S. Africa and Japan
- IEMFA (representing 67 NGOs)
- HEAL (representing 70 NGOs)
- WECF (representing 100 NGOs)
- PAN-EUROPE (representing 31 NGOs)
- RES, France (representing 21 NGOs)
- 26 other NGOs, including BUND, Germany with 480 000 members.

MEPs from 10 countries representing 4 political groups
52 Scientists and Medical Doctors from Europe, North and South America, Russia, Turkey, Israel and Malaysia.

Read the letter to
Commissioner John DALLI, Health and Consumer Policy

Kind regards,

International EMF Alliance
Alex Swinkels, Netherlands
Board Member

Diabetes Increasing, EMR Increasing
552 million people could have diabetes in two decades' time.

Burgerwelle  Newsletter

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Cell Phone Radiation Science Review


Risks of mobile phones to children are being 'downplayed'

The Health Risks of RF Microwave Radiation
Looking for a specific topic or a past article? Search for it below: « Return to News and Developments. Nov 13 2011. Wi-Fi in Schools Part 2: The Health Risks of ...
Building Design for EHS

I have for years served as Ph.D. supervisor for Eva-Rut Lindberg, The Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, who now intends to defend her thesis entitled "Building Design for Persons with the Functional Impairment Electrohypersensitivity: a Project in the Voltage Field between Belief and Knowledge".

Address: Alfred Nobels Allé 10 in Flemingsberg (The STH School)

Venue: Room 3-221 of the house ANA10.

Time: Friday December 2, at 13:00-17:00.

The thesis can be downloaded from:



Electrohypersensitivity in Sweden is an official functional impairment. According to The National Board of Health and Welfare's questionnaire from 2009, 3.2 percent of the population aged between 18 and 80 answered that they are sensitive / hypersensitive or allergic to electric and magnetic fields, which represents just over 200 000 people. 0.4 percent said they have severe problems. This corresponds to nearly 30 000 persons who receives severe sickness-like symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, problems with sleeping and skin disorders when they are visiting electricity-intensive environments that are not bothering most of the population.

The thesis consists of theoretical studies of radio-frequency emissions and how these can be shielded as well as a survey to investigate how the country's municipalities, social insurance offices and three county councils are receiving these persons.

By the architect-oriented research methodology "research by design" a proposal for a type-building free from electricity, which also can shield the higher frequencies from the radio-frequency radiation, is designed but not yet built.

The questionnaire survey indicates that persons with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity very rarely receive the dwelling accessibility adaptation assistance they, according to Swedish law, are entitled to. The thesis shows what can be done by building construction to improve the living for persons with the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity.

 With my very best regards


Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm




EHS (Microwave Hearing) Sleep Relief

I had an inexpensive idea yesterday and it worked brilliantly so I am passing on the info to others in case they are experiencing a similar thing or know of someone who is. I have been experiencing this seemingly high frequency electrosmog noise throughout the house for months now, even though I have extremely low readings on all my meters - worse in the upstairs bedrooms than downstairs so I've been hopping around the different bedrooms trying to get a good night's sleep to little avail. I have been talking with others who are hearing this same thing. Apparently all of Windsor (Ont) is hearing a noise throughout the city and have even hired experts to figure it out.
I decided to buy a white noise machine. I found one made by Obusforme called the Sound Therapy Relaxation System - . It can also run on batteries so one does not need to turn on any electricity. It has several choices of sound and I chose the 'heartbeat' sound as I was thinking that it would be the perfect one to remind my cells of the perfect environment we were in when in the womb. As I am trying to work to change my 'cell memory' (this is a whole other story but one that is exciting with huge potential to change one's reaction to the environment - Veronica Ciandre does this work and has been very successful with it), I thought this would be soothing. It was! And I was able to sleep in my own bedroom upstairs for the first time in months without going bonkers from the smog noise. I slept almost 9 hours and only woke up once but got back to sleep quickly! It was heaven. I still hear this noise throughout the day but it's easier to ignore it when one has things to do and take your mind off of it. It is only when I try to rest that it becomes all invasive. It's not something that we've been able to measure yet but I do know that many people are experiencing this. The machine costs under $40.
I hope this helps some people who may have not thought of this previously.
Update - I had tried it for a few weeks now and it does help a lot. 
I use the battery mode so I don't need to plug it in.
I am sleeping much more and throughout the night.
I get up maybe once and go right back to sleep.
I am sleeping 7 1/2 hrs. Previously, I was sleeping 6 hrs and getting up 3 - 4 times.
Warm regards,
Lucy Sanford

Further info -
Microwave Hearing
Wolfgang Scherer, Physicist - link to some of his work.
He proves why safety code 6 is not safe.

...... A special role is played by the electrophonic effect of microwave hearing. Humans can perceive a buzzing or clicking sound in the back of their heads at exposure to power densities as low as 0.1 mW/cm² of pulsed microwave radiation (200-3000 MHz) , depending on the pulse repetition frequency and the peak power density (around 300 mW/cm²). The absorbed energy produces a thermoelastic expansion of the brain tissue causing an acoustic pressure wave which is detected in the cochlea by the hair cells of the organ of Corti. The energy needed to produce this effect is so small that it does not actually increase the mean temperature of the brain, yet the acoustic sensation is strong enough to be clearly perceived in an ambient noise level of circa 65 dB. Due to this fact microwave hearing does not cause an apparent physical reaction within the head, but it is well known that humans suffer general stress reactions when they are exposed to higher levels of sound. Noise cannot only be an annoyance, but when it consists of pulsed sounds it affects heart beat and metabolic rates. [8] The subliminal aspects of noise levels are here not even considered despite the recognized physiological effects of acoustic noise. It would be a very interesting field for research to probe the subliminal acoustic effects of such exposure to low radio frequency radiation. A possible link between such radiation and noise related reactions , effects, or damages would be an aspect worth of further investigation......


In Norway, brain tumor incidence rose in men and women about 1.7 and 2.8 percent each year for the past decade, with women who use cell phones more having higher rates than men




Process of removing mobile towers in SoBo begins finally

... independent audit of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) in her 9-storey building. ... where we as citizens have the right to know what is healthy for us. ...




A human and environmental disaster in the waiting?

Breast cancer topped the list, but cancers of the prostate, pancreas, bowel, skin melanoma, lung and blood cancer were all increased. Another study from Israel found 8 cancers in 622 residents who lived within 350 meters of a cell phone tower as ...




Gov't accused of dragging feet on radiation recommendations

OTTAWA - Microwave radiation advocacy groups are crying foul, saying the government hasn't acted on recommendations made by a parliamentary committee before the last election.




European Electrosmog Protest




Leixlip Post Office, DECT Phone

As the centre of government in Ireland, Leinster House, in particular, is a focus for wireless radiation. Thus, while you may not feel it, every molecule of your body is being affected.

 As an example, during a visit to our local post office, the man behind the counter explained that there appeared to be interference between a newly installed security system and the queueing area television. The television emitted a loud static-like sound every few moments. The post office employee explained that his health was being affected with strange headaches among other symptoms. Following a reading with a simple smog detector, it was found that the offending equipment appeared to be a DECT telephone. The electromagnetic sensitivity experienced by the man behind the counter is not reversible.

 This situation is happening on a daily basis around the country and, as in the case at the Leixlip Post Office, where one piece of equipment seemed to tip the balance of awareness, there is no legislation governing cumulative levels of electromagnetic radiation and the technology continues to permeate society without any attempt to regulate it.

John Weigel
Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection

Residents appeal to City in cell tower fight

Health concerns form main focus of smart meter meeting

The three visit Kamloops schools and hand out literature warning of the health effects of WiFi in the classroom. Speakers touched on the financial, political, and privacy implications of BC Hydro's installation of wireless smart meters, but health ...

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The human body as a walking RF antenna

Tumour fear cuts chatter as woman switch off their mobile phones

Why Our Urban Trees are Dying

Barrie Trower predicts economic and ecological systems collapse

Scientists manipulated research played down brain tumour risks in children

Cancer Industry: Profits Before Lives

Killer Cell Phones: Why Honeybees Are Dying Worldwide

The Latest Danger: 'Smart Meters'

SmartMeters and Electropollution

Smart Meters: not so smart an idea

Cellphones ring in alarm bells

Wi-Fi making kids, teachers sick?

Brennan Park phone tower fight looms

Money for masts

Phone mast plan fury residents in blockade

Parents worried at new mast scheme

B.C. Hydro program sparks up a storm of controversy

CTIA again tries to block San Francisco cell phone radiation ordinance

People power halts roof mobile phone mast, in Sutherland Grove, Teddington

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