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Microwave Silence Continues / The hardest choice / etc

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28 June 2011


Microwave Silence Continues

Good investigative reporting on the danger from Antigua cell phone masts!
New Zealand Mast Harm
2 degrees has reduced the power from one of their cellphone transmitters in Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand, in response to a doctor being made shockingly ill shortly after a microwave radiation transmitter was installed in the street.
2 degrees told the family the power didn't need to be so high as it couldn't get around the mountain anyway.  So why was its output so high in the first place?
Bad behaviour based on bad regulations?  The doctor is still very electrosensitive.
TAIWAN will consider banning mobile phones from schools.
Providence Journal
Then on May 31, the World Health Organization officially labeled electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, WiFi, cordless phones, smart meters, and other wireless consumer devices and infrastructure to be a Class 2B carcinogen, in the same category ...

By MONICA GRAHAM A cellphone tower that would expand mobile telephone service on Nova Scotia's north shore may also cause health problems, says a neighbour of the proposed site. "When I first heard about it, I thought it was great because we have such ...

D., TELLS HOW HE'S BEEN PUNISHED FOR EXPOSING THE HEALTH RISKS OF MAN-MADE ... for Electromagnetic Radiation—Pointing to Biological Hazards and Risks to the ...

Human Sixth Sense for EMFs

The People's Voice
By the time it becomes painfully obvious that the current exposure levels on your cell phone and router and the towers dotting our landscape cause a myriad of diseases, including Cancer, you, your family and friends will have accumulated that many more ...
An (Industry) Investigation of RF Fields Associated with the Itron Smart Meter

Note - This is a very sad story about a little girl with cancer. 
When you are reading it, think about the scientific links between leukemia and other cancers and electro magnetic fields and microwave radiation.
Could the illnesses have been prevented if the family knew about the dangers? 
Did any doctor or health care worker warn the family to avoid EMFs and wireless radiation? 
Did any public medical authority attend at the home, to check for high EMFs and wireless radiation?
Are the medical authorities even aware of EMF effects and the links to cancer?
Become involved as an EMF activist, in the effort to stop this type of harm!
Martin Weatherall
The tumor is a new cancer, T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. ... Sophie's brain tumor was chance. Now, because of the damage, she will keep getting cancer. ...

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