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Electrosmog, what does science say in Italy ? / etc

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17 June 2011


Elettrosmog, cosa dice la scienza in Italia

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Electrosmog, what does science say in Italy

What correlation exists between radiation and biological dysfunctions? What is the state of scientific research? What legislative instruments? It was discussed at a meeting organized by Friends

Rome - was held at the Conference Hall of the Palazzo Marini in Rome a conference titled "Cellular, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max: a health hazard?", Organized by the illnesses from chronic intoxication and / or environmental (AMICA). A day of confrontation between scientists, lawyers, volunteers, environmentalists and representatives of the institutions to take stock of the health risks associated with mobile devices and RF. A succession of scientific and legal interventions in thickness from which led to two basic conclusions: the need to continue and enhance the independent studies, the urgency that the political parties seriously and effectively address the problem.

The first session of interventions aimed to probe the scientific evidence on the risk associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields of wireless communications, has made room for the presentation of experimental and epidemiological research carried out by Italian and international scientists.

Fiorenzo Marinelli, a researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics at the CNR of Bologna, presented the results of in vitro studies in environment and to highlight the interaction between WiFi, radar and mobile phones with cell viability. The experiments relating to the wireless network have shown that irradiation of the cellular system has resulted in the reduction in viable cells and the increase of cancer cells from one hour of exposure. The documented biological effects related to RF and microwave have reported damage to DNA, chromosomes, free radical production, alteration of neurotransmitters, premature aging, memory loss and the appearance of any allergies. The epidemiological survey conducted in the town of Potenza Apicena (originated by the presence of an epidemiology misunderstood that affect people exposed to electromagnetic waves) has shown, Marinelli shows that exposure to radar produces the root canal cell after 24-48 hours. The researcher, however, also expressed the need to perform more detailed studies in order to observe the causal link between exposure and disease detected (cancer of the breast, thyroid, autism, leukemia, etc.). According to Marinelli, in addition, the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR, namely the measurement system used to calculate the percentage of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body under conditions of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields, is of "extreme approximation ".

For its part Septimius Grimaldi, CNR of Rome, has undertaken to demonstrate and explain the theoretical and biological damage from exposure to electromagnetic fields. According to the biophysical effects caused by them are of biological as well as heat, in particular, make significant damaging effects on the central nervous system, resulting in the proteins, made faulty, are linked to the onset of diseases such as dementia and schizophrenia.

Dr. Valeria Pacific Institute Dermopatico dell'Immacolata, has instead analyzed oxidative stress in relation to non-oxidizing radiation. By monitoring a sample of 541 patients EHS, has been shown that, to date, have not yet been identified markers can help to define the diagnostic criteria, then the therapeutic guidelines for the care of malfunctions. At the moment it is only assumed that the proximity and use of computer screens, cell phones, cordless phones and other electromagnetic devices are the cause of a chemical and metabolic disorders detected. The patient, therefore, has no choice but to eliminate what it considers to be the trigger of their illness, with a clear deterioration in the quality of life.

One of the most interesting and pressing calls of the day came from Dr. Ernesto Burgio, President of the International Physicians for the Environment (ISDE), which has loudly expressed the need to develop biological models, genetic and epigenetic rather than physical for the study of electrosensitivity, as the linear model developed by physicists has no connection with any epidemiological studies. In this way, says Burgio, from Hiroshima to Chernobyl would be critically reassessed the numbers of contaminated, calculated according to Burgio, so "abstract" and "misleading." Speaking of the present study, it was shown how the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation does not show immediately in the exposed individual, but even in those second and third generation, this is an indication, according to Burgio, the need to change the lines of study through from the physical to the epigenetic paradigm.

In this vein also lies the harsh criticism of the mega Interphone study, considered by some Italian scientists mislead the choice of risk factors. An appreciation, however, for the last action of the IARC which included the electromagnetic fields in that category 2B "possibly carcinogenic to people," with the wish expressed by the doctors present, who will soon be considered also the group 2A.

The plausibility of the exposure to electromagnetic radiation and the alteration of the genome was investigated by Morando Soffritti, scientific director of the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, who presented the first results of a large experimental project involving over 18 thousand rats and which shows that exposure to low doses of gamma radiation confers a significant increase in the incidence of female breast cancer in mice. It also supports Soffritti, the limits for exposure to the magnetic field of electric current in the working set by ICNIRP should be reviewed.

The panel of the morning as he hosted last speech Professor Olle Johansson (Unit of Experimental Dermatology Karolinksa Institute in Sweden, and member of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), considered one of the champions of the fight all'elettrosensibilità. Johansson has retraced the steps doctors and politicians traveled to the adoption of the precautionary principle enshrined in the European Community and by which it seeks, inter alia, to adopt a framework of guidelines to limit the use of cellular and cordless phones by children and vulnerable groups. Johansson has also argue with the criteria for selection of experts in international bodies like WHO utmost importance, which, says Swedish physician, often rely on consultants collude with the telco.

The afternoon session hosted the confrontation between lawyers and representatives of institutions on the regulatory aspects of the protection from electromagnetic fields. The picture painted was not at all comforting to the substantial shortage and inadequacy of existing legislation also adds a sort of crisis in the criminal law in its entirety, grappling with the intricate problem of ascertaining the cause of the damage and, consequently, with the 'issue of the trial of guilt.

A Lomabrdi Lorenzo, Head of the Section of Electromagnetic Noise Pollution and Environment Ministry, has fallen the task of explaining the content of the law 26 of 2001 for the protection of the effects of exposure to radio installations and mobile phones. While also providing the quality objectives, it is a framework law "incomplete", at least according to the lawyer Matteo Ceruti, who has not hesitated to describe as "alarming" the state of things. The framework law, proves to be a measure not applied according to the administrative cases in its basic steps to the clamorous absence of implementing decrees. In addition to not being able to impose sanctions in the absence of an authority in charge of the claim, the law has failed for four basic reasons: failure to implement many of its parts, the problems inherent in it, note that the weakening, sometimes reversal of principles and, finally, the application of case law largely insufficient. In addition to this, according to Cerulli, lack scientific update provided by the same law.

Citing the case of Radio Vatican, Maria Cristina Tabano (Codacons lawyer) before and Nicola Bramante (criminal) after they put in clear light a fundamental point that relates to the causal link between harm and guilt. Given the significant lack of scientific certainty on the matter, the two lawyers have cited several rulings of the Supreme Court that, because it may have been caused harm and culpability have sufficient statistical laws, even with low average coefficient, provided they are able to explain the specific event.

This interpretation involves a significant problem: it can be established beyond reasonable doubt, that certain harmful events (even manslaughter) are explicable electrosmog? As highlighted by the actions of members of the world of medicine, an exact correlation can never be verified. In this sense, therefore, the highest level of Italian justice does not require absolute certainty, but a probabilistic knowledge that, together with the circumstances of the case, can prove the event.

Cristina Sciannamblo


 "Cell Phone use should be banned in children under 12 years of age"
Interview with Prof. D. Belpomme -  L'EXPRESS France – 1 June 2011

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that the use of cell phones is "possibly carcinogenic".  A precaution that is insufficient for Dominique Belpomme, President of the Association for Research and Treatment Against Cancer (ARTAC).  Cancer specialists at WHO consider that cell phones should be included in the list of products designated as "possibly carcinognenic".  What do you think of this classification?

It is a decision which goes in the right direction, but not far enough.  For now, the risk is "possible" according to WHO.  The electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones are classified in the 2b category when they merit a 2a classification (probably carcinogenic), after this, very rapidly, a 1 (carcinognenic), equivalent to a "true" risk.

In addition, specialists from WHO did not talk to patients :  they compiled the results of previous studies.  But now, we are realizing that cancer is only the tip of the iceberg concerning risks related to use of cell phones.

Exposure to mobile devices and their waves is clearly responsible for other diseases, including Alzheimer's – as ARTAC affirms from diverse studies.  For 18 months, our association has been working to demonstrate the relationship between cause and effect of cell phone waves and Alzheimer's.  Not recognizing this shows lack of respect for patients who are suffering and looking for answers.

In order to limit risks, WHO has issued recommendations (use of headsets, sending SMS …)  What do you think about these ?

Headsets are not inoffensive :  they can in fact play the role of an antenna and thus serve as a receptor for electromagnetic fields.  The WHO recommendation is like a cigarette filter:  it holds back a bit of smoke but does not prevent cancer.

What do you recommend ?

We must apply the principle of precaution because we are facing an irreversible risk.  Glioma-type cancers (brain cancer) are very dangerous and difficult to treat.

Another recommendation:  strictly regulate cell phones.  Their use should be banned in children under 12 years of age, who are most exposed to the risk of developing cancers, as well as for pregnant women.

Concerning other categories of users, one should limit use of cell phones to 20 minutes per day, with individual calls lasting 6 minutes maximum.  This advice is moreover written in the instruction notices of certain operators.  The best recommendation remains use of wired (fixed) phones.

The warning by WHO goes even further than preceding studies published about this issue …

That's true.  For the first time, a group of French experts is opposing the decisions and announcements of government health safety agencies.  AFSSET (Agence national de sécurité sanitaire), for example, has always refused to recognize the consequences of electromagnetic fields on the function of the human body.  This could change, thanks to this advance by WHO.

(Article translated into English by Meris Michaels)

Original article in French :  Téléphones portables et cancer: "Ils doivent être interdits aux ...





A Different WiFi hazard






Victoria Board decides to expose all School Children to a possible 2b Carcinogen


On June 13, trustees decided to follow the recommendations of provincial health officer Perry Kendall. (Health Officer ???)




Eugene Residents Employ Law Firm to Oppose 75-ft Cell Tower in Neighborhood

EUGENE, Oregon (June 15, 2011) - Oakway Neighbors, a group of families living in the vicinity of Oakway Road and Cal Young Road, have engaged the Law Office of Bill Kloos, PC, to prevent AT&T from installing a 75-foot cell tower within their neighborhood. The tower would be located less than 200 feet away from some homes and would be the first such installation allowed inside an R1 residential zone in Eugene.

The proposed site of the tower can be seen at

A public hearing was held today to allow citizens to present information and arguments to the official who will make the decision. The week before the hearing the official had already received the City Land Use department's report recommending that installation proceed. The report is available for public review at

During the hearing, lawyers for Oakway Neighbors and G Group, a real estate company owning apartments adjacent to the proposed tower site, presented cases against the installation. Acoustics engineer Arthur Noxon and the Cal Young Neighborhood Association also provided testimony against installing the tower. Approximately 50 people from the Oakway neighborhood also attended and spoke out against the tower. Many also submitted written opposition. A statement of concern regarding the health risks posed by cell towers was also read and placed into the record (see attachment, "Statement of Concern re RFR Health Risks.pdf").

The hearing record remains open until Wednesday, June 22, 2011, to allow submission of additional materials and rebuttals. The decision to approve or deny the installation is expected by Thursday, July, 21, 2011.

The situation for the Oakway Neighbors community began in June 2010 at a quietly publicized meeting held at the proposed site of the cell tower, the Oakway Golf Course owned by John P. Hammer. According to AT&T, Mr. Hammer was the only landowner within the community who would agree to allow a tower and had property meeting their installation's large physical requirements.

Many of the attendees only heard of the proposal and meeting by word-of-mouth. Also, a number people in the nearby neighborhood said they had not been notified of AT&T's plans to erect a tower next to their homes.

During the meeting questions and suggestions were raised about possible alternatives to AT&T's proposal. AT&T's claimed to be unable to engineer another solution to the company's transmission problems. Many meeting participants were unconvinced, noting other wireless providers were able to deliver service to the neighborhood without such an intrusive installation. AT&T's response was that it didn't use technology the other providers had.

Several objections were also raised, ranging from the disruption of the community's environment by a 7-story structure and its adjunct equipment to the rising evidence of adverse health effects related to exposure to cell tower radiation.

After this initial meeting, AT&T reported general community support for the tower in its filed application to the City of Eugene, ignoring the fact was that only a small fraction of people from the neighborhood had attended and that strong opposition to the placement of the tower was voiced by various community members during the meeting.

According to officials, the city will render its decision based solely on current local land use and federal telecommunications laws. This still excludes any consideration of the mounting body of evidence — experimental, epidemiological, and directly reported — showing adverse health effects associated with cell tower emissions.

This exclusion of health effects from consideration is due to the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996, in which Congress, heavily lobbied by the telecommunications industry, banned such consideration. The recent landmark decision by IARC classifying radiofrequency radiation as a group 2B carcinogen has yet not prompted the much needed overturning of this legislation.

Oakway Neighbors hopes that their testimony will be given the respectful and responsible consideration it deserves so that a cell tower will not be sited so close to their homes, thereby keeping their families safe and the neighborhood landscape unmarred. They also note it is the responsibility of their elected representatives and government to place the citizenry's interest first, not mechanically apply laws or overlook established neighborhood standards for the sake of business interests or civil process convenience over that of public safety, especially in matters as important as children's and families' health.

Those who wish to support Oakway Neighbors in their efforts are encouraged to contact them at <>.

Local TV Coverage of Eugene Cell Tower Opposition







Parents debate Wi-Fi in Calgary schools

Posted: Jun 16, 2011


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