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12 June 2011

Higher food prices on the horizon

International Business Times

Just last week the public was informed by the World Health Organization that cell phones could be a possible carcinogen.

However, brain tumors may not be the immediate problem that needs to be addressed in relation to the dangers of cellular technology ...


WEEP Initiative EHS Support



webmaster and ''bad EMF science'' critic Lorne Trottier, who calls Magda Havas and Sam Milham ''alarmists'', owns computer company Matrox.

He donated 12 million $ to McGill's faculties of Engineering and Science in 2006 and 10 million $ in 2000 to its Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and School of Computer Science




Control systems, smart meters could be vulnerable to smart grid attack

Infosecurity Magazine (US)

Power plant control systems and smart meters are two components of the smart grid that could be particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, says Ulf Lindqvist, program director at SRI International's Computer Science Laboratory. ...


Face to Face with Dr. Magda Havas

Trent University toxicologist Dr. Magda Havas is our special guest in this episode. Dr. Havas is a leading researcher who has been studying the health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy at the extremely low frequency range (60 Hertz) and at the radio frequency range commonly associated with wireless telecommunication. In this interview, she discusses aspects of wireless technology that the mainstream media, the telecommunications industry and Industry and Health Canada don't want you to know about. Some of what she says is truly shocking ... and a total condemnation of our corrupt governments and media, and the corporations behind them both.
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Saturday June 11 at 11AM and 11:30 PM

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VIDEO: Smart Meters Spark Debate in Shelby Twp.

Conversation heated up Tuesday at the Shelby Township Board of Trustees meeting when DTE representatives came to speak about smart meters. By Marina Cracchiolo | Email the author | 4:08pm For more information about smart meters in Shelby Township, ...


The Great Cancer Hoax:

The Brilliant Cure the FDA Tried Their Best to Shut Down...

Posted By Dr. Mercola


EMF-Omega News

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Clinical and biological description of the electromagnetic field intolerance syndrome (EMFIS)
Strong association between the increase in certain cancers and exposure to electromagnetic fields
Risk of brain tumours in relation to estimated RF dose from mobile phones
Cell phones are not good for protozoa
Death by Cell Phone?
The actual death rates from wireless technology have increased dramatically
Would You Sleep In Your Microwave Oven?
Who Will Switch The Microwave Off
Wireless Technology in Early Childhood Education
Young children should avoid using cell phones
Concern over possibility of cancer link to phone mast
Rutherglen brain tumour sufferer fury over phone mast plans
ACRBR is now history
Mobile Radiation expert Anders Ahlbom leaving SSMs scientific advisory board
A letter to industry experts
Egypt: Giza residents block railroad to protest cell phone tower
Fear over phone mast green light
Petition bid to stop mast being built near nursery
Objectors call mobile phone mast 'eyesore'
Fury over 'eyesore' village mast plans
Signals indicate that protest is pointless
Phone mast protesters mobilising
Smart Meter Blackmail?
Phones really could cause planes to crash
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