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Its official now: Radiation from your cell phone may be killing you / Birds fall from the sky / Powerwatch Science Update / Leukemia....Molly month / Top New Year's resolutions

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3 January 2011

Its official now: Radiation from your cell phone may be killing you

Published: Sunday, Jan 2, 2011, 17:36 IST
By Priya Adhyaru Majithia | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: DNA
Daily News and Analysis 
After many years of debate over the health hazards posed by mobile phones, a recent report finally establishes it.
The exhaustive report has been submitted recently to the Department of Telecom by Prof Girish Kumar of IIT-Bombay's department of electrical engineering.
Kumar, who has done extensive research on cell phone radiation and its effects warns against excessive use of cell phones as they put users, to increased risk of cancer, brain tumour and many other health hazards. More so in case of children.
The major health hazards of radiation from cell phones and cell towers are as given below:
_A 400% increase in the risk of brain cancer among for teenagers using cell phones. Children are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation. The younger the child, the deeper is the penetration of electromagnetic radiation as children's skulls are thinner.
_Excessive use of mobile phones can also cause cancer in anyone. Use of cell phones for more than 30 minutes per day for 10 years increases the risk of brain cancer and acoustic neuroma.
_Cell phone radiation causes irreversible damage to male fertility. Studies have found 30% lower sperm count in intensive users of mobile phones.
_Cell phone frequencies can cause damage to the DNA of the body's cells. Radiation causes 'free radical formation' inside the body's cells; the free radicals are known to be carcinogenic.
_Cell phone frequencies interfere with the functioning of other life-saving gadgets, including implanted pace-makers, and may, therefore, cause sudden death.
_Mobile phone exposure can activate the stress response in human and animal cells which causes production of stress proteins. This is proof enough that the body recognises radiations from cell phones as potentially harmful.
_Electromagnetic fields caused by cell phone and cell tower radiation degrade the immune system and stimulate allergic\inflammatory responses, including rashes, sores, biting sensations and lesions.
_People using cell phones for more than 30 minutes a day for more than four years are at a higher risk of hearing loss. Cell phone radiation can cause tinnitus and damage the auditory hair cells present in the inner ear. Once damaged, these cells can never regenerate.
_Frequent use of mobile phones can also damage the visual system in many ways. Cell phone frequencies (900, 1800 MHz and 2450 MHz) damage epithelial cells and increase the temperature within the eye.
_Cell phone emissions weaken bones and can cause reduction in melatonin (a type of antioxidant which is immune system enhancer) levels.
_An increased risk of salivary gland cancer is linked to the use of mobile phones.
_Exposure to electromagnetic fields can cause sleep disorders and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
_Due to consistent electromagnetic background noise, bees and birds become disoriented and cannot return to their hives and nests. It has adverse effects on animals, plants and the environment
Thousands of birds fall from the sky in Beebe
Thanks go to several contributors who sent me this story.
December 2010 - Science Update
The following is a quick summary of another twenty papers that have come out over the last few months related to effects of electromagnetic radiation. Some of the papers are notable papers that have been published very recently, others are papers that were published a few months ago that have not yet made it to one of the Science Updates
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Subject:    Leukemia....Molly month. dx...12-25-10
To All    -      If anyone needs "motivation" re the need to inform re "preventable health problems in 2011," the tragic story of infant, Molly, and what her entire family must endure for at least one year, is "powerful!"     
While Molly's blog does not, of course, mention likely close electric field exposure(s) as "causal," we do know cancer does not take decades to develop, that major cause of Leukemia is radiation, and that known blood changes re close electric field exposures and ionizing radiation treatments, etc., are "identical" and "pre-Leukemic!"    See my website:    ........
Best wishes for 2011 and take care!      Joanne


Stephanie Rink Molly is 1 month old and was diagnosed with Leukemia on Christmas eve. Please show your support by going to and if you can help the family with a donation, im sure they would be forever greatful.

I have also started a facebook group, for Molly :

I made my profile picture for Molly aswell, to help raise awareness about this precious baby, please save the picture and make it your own profile picture to help Molly and her family. Together we can help Molly be heard.


This is so sad.
Infant leukemia (<12 months) is almost universally believed to be initiated at conception or in-utero. It is likely to have been some sort of damage to the father's sperm, or exposure to Rebekah during pregnancy or probably just one of those perchance genetic errors than can happen everytime we create new life. In my opinion it is almost certainly nothing to do with Molly's environment in the 28 days after birth.
Such cases do raise very difficult ethical issues. They have a devastatingly disruptive effect on the life of the family. Early remission of symptoms is common and things look hopeful but, unlike ALL cases diagnosed later, say at 2 - 5 years old, where the  5-year survival rate is now for cALL is now around 90%, it is still only about an overall 33% 5-year rate for children diagnosed with ALL under 1 year in age, much lower for some variants of leukemia. They often relapse or develop other leukemias or cancers. Many, if they survive, end up infertile or with other long-term problems.
I see the Molly website states: "However, Molly's leukemia has the genetic markers of a much more difficult leukemia to treat." With modern genetic testing techniques it is becoming possible to grade the likelihood of an eventual 5 year plus disease-free survival period. When that is likely to be less than, say, a 10% chance, the question "to treat or not to treat" should be asked.
What is the fairest way forward for Molly, especially for her siblings and, in the long-term, her parents?  Doctors must be very honest with such parents and the parents need to pray to their God and carefully consider the lives of their other children.
I am lucky that I have never been placed in such a position. I raise this difficult issue as with modern healthcare and genetic and other analysis techniques long-term prognoses are becoming far more accurate.  Of course Molly matters - but so do all the members of her family - each just as much as each other.
Blessings to you all
Top New Year's resolutions
Text less -- Texting and cell phone use is becoming an addiction for many young people. According to a study done by Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland of 4,257 secondary school students, almost one in five teens sent more than 120 texts a day.

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