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7 January 2011

Video Footage from The Commonwealth Club
Dear All,

Please, note that the video footage from The Commonwealth Club
of California EMF Program, November 18, 2010, "The Health Effects
of Electromagnetic Fields", is posted on
All the presentations are of top class, and you can view them here:​298yzdg.

For my own presentations only, please, view these two parts:

I would like to thank Camilla Rees, founder of,
for organizing this very important event. It is not to exaggerate to say
that this was one of the most impressive meetings during 2010!

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

SmartMeter Thought For Today
There is another dimension to the SmartMeter war that needs to be discussed, and acted upon:  It is called "psychological warfare."  The folks at PG&E have decided they can break the will of those people that do not want a SmartMeter by convincing them they are on the losing end of the controversy, and will end up with a SmartMeter whether they want one or not.  When the County of Marin declared a moratorium on SmartMeter installations in the unincorporated areas of the County, PG&E responded by stating "we will install them anyway."  This is a form of mind control by those folks that keep reminding us they will listen to our concerns because they care.  That is nonsense.
I am hearing from many people from all walks of life telling me that they are really frightened by this whole thing, and feel helpless.  The most frequently asked question is:  "what can we do to protect ourselves?"  Do not lose hope.  There are a growing number of people like me that are willing to stand up to the folks at PG&E, and fight for what we feel has turned into a matter of conscience and freedom. 
Here is something else to think about:  Under California law, the folks at PG&E can shut off your power if you put any pollution on their grid.  This could be from almost anything:  a computer, router, Wi-Fi, battery charger, and a long list of offending devices PG&E has identified as polluters.  I find this very interesting, almost funny if it was not so sad, because PG&E can put pollution on the electrical wiring in your house, and you cannot do anything about it.  Well, that appears to be the case, but maybe not.
This problem is not confined to California.  We are hearing from people in different states that are also looking for options.    
As you might expect, it is expensive to fight these issues both on the state and federal level.  PG&E has deep pockets, but we do not.  Please consider sending us a contribution so that we can continue to pursue this important public interest issue: (User ID or send a check to:
Wilner & Associates
P.O. Box 2340
Novato, CA   94948-2340 
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

David L. Wilner
Wilner & Associates
866-833-3200 (toll-free)
P. S.  Our application for modification of the SmartMeter decisions was officially accepted by the California Public Utilities Commission yesterday.  Application No. 11-01-002. 
Copyright: The Tribune December 31, 2010

Tech & media

NINTENDO GAME CONSOLE 3DS Not recommended for children under 6 YEARS
Nintendo warns parents against the intensive use of its forthcoming handheld 3DS which will be marketed in Japan in February. They do not recommend its use to children under 6 years. The view stereoscopic images "could negatively affect the development of their eyes. "

Wimax, wireless internet technology to broadband, is in the sights of Robin roofs, an association already denouncing the dangers of mobile phone waves. A collective complaint against X was filed to the prosecutor in Dijon, said Robin roofs AFP. The plaintiffs complain, since the introduction of WiMAX, "the attacks on our health. " The organization Robin Roof encourages on its website to lodge similar complaints in other regions of France.

Tous droits réservés : La Tribune  31 Décembre 2010

Technos & médias

Nintendo met en garde les parents contre l'usage intensif de sa future console portable 3DS qui sera commercialisée en février au Japon. Il déconseille son utilisation aux enfants de moins de 6 ans. La vue d'images en relief « pourrait affecter négativement le développement de leurs yeux ».

Le Wimax, technologie d'internet sans fil à haut débit, est dans le collimateur de Robin des toits, association qui dénonce déjà les dangers des ondes de téléphonie mobile. Une plainte collective contre X a été déposée auprès du procureur de la République de Dijon, a indiqué Robin des toits à l'AFP. Les plaignants dénoncent, depuis la mise en service du Wimax, « les attaques de notre santé ». Robin des toits incite sur son site Internet à déposer des plaintes similaires dans d'autres régions.

Cindy Sage on Radio
I just wanted everyone to know that Cindy is going to be interviewed tonight at 6:05 on my radio show. You can listen live on-line at We will also welcome phone calls -- 1.800.549.5832 is good anywhere in the lower 48. 

I am far from an expert on this issue, but I recognize its importance and want Cindy to be heard. Join us if you can.


Dave Congalton

Dave Congalton

KVEC News/Talk 920AM

El Dorado Broadcasters

San Luis Obispo, CA


First A&T cell tower: approved

Rappahannock News

... Maxwell stressed the safety risks associated with cell phone usage
Rappahannock is the one safe place we can come home to. I don't think the board would vote to increase drunk driving deaths by 20 to 30 percent."
Vancouver Sun
The millimetre wave machine is safe, creating an image of the body by using electromagnetic waves. The other, "backscatter" devices, use low-energy X-rays ...

The risks to children's health from WIFI and mobile phones

Many of you will have heard that mobile phones may carry health risks. You probably also know that children are at an even greater risk than adults. You may wonder why, if that is the case, they do not come with a health warning, like cigarettes?