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29 January 2011

Cell Phone Antenna Harm
Hello everyone,

A friend living in Toronto just emailed me the following link:

The story was aired this morning and there will apparently be more this Sunday on The Sunday Edition, CBC Toronto Radio One
at 9 am. I imagine we'll be able to listen to the podcast later. It's about a group of tenants living in a pent-house who
developed adverse health symptoms after cell phone antennas were installed on the roof.


Sundays at 9 a.m.  CBC Radio One
99.1 FM in Toronto
The Sunday Edition is a lively three-hour program of conversation, documentaries and music. Michael Enright, an accomplished journalist and broadcaster, is the host and tackles everything from politics to pop culture, in Canada and around the world. The program's interests are as varied as the average listener's. Michael thrives on debate and ideas and each program begins with his own thoughts on anything from torture in Iraq to escalator safety here at home.


Longueuil council tightens cellular tower rules

Oversight will now go to executive committee

MONTREAL - Longueuil city council has adopted a bylaw giving the executive committee new responsibilities for dealing more actively with telecommunications companies on questions of where to put cellular towers.

The bylaw, adopted Tuesday night, means all new requests from telecommunications firms will have to go through the executive committee -as opposed to three different planning committees of the city's three boroughs: Old Longueuil, Greenfield Park and St. Hubert.

Uploading oversight to the executive committee will give Longueuil a more coordinated approach to cellular-tower placement on city territory, says Monique Bastien, vice-president of the executive committee.

The issue is causing growing controversy in the greater Montreal region -Chateauguay and Pointe Claire, most notably -and in other cities across Canada. Although Health Canada says radiation from the towers is not dangerous to human health, new research is beginning to raise questions about the weight of the medical evidence and about whether Canadian norms are strict enough.

Many industrialized nations have norms much stricter than Canada's.

Catherine Berube, a spokesperson for the executive committee, said the new bylaw focuses on requirements under federal law for telecommunications companies to conduct public consultations in neighbourhoods where they are proposing to put towers.

Often these consultations consist mainly of companies sending notices to residents who live very close to proposed sites. In a recent case involving the Seigniory Park neighbourhood of Chateauguay, Industry Canada chastised Rogers Communications for sending notices that looked like promotional material addressed To The Occupant. Industry Canada forced Rogers to re-send notices addressed to specific individuals.

Before this week's bylaw was passed, firms would approach borough administrations in Longueuil with proposals. If the proposals required a zoning change, they automatically went to the borough's urban-planning committee, and the committee made recommendations to the borough council.

Parti Municipal de Longueuil opposition councillor Johane Fontaine Deshaies says she is not happy with the abolition of the old process, which she says was more transparent than the new provision for uploading oversight to the executive committee, which meets in private.



Smart Grid Held Up by Wireless Concerns in California

Earth & Industry
Cell phones are increasingly being linked to brain tumors and other health problems. According to critics, wireless pulses from smart meters radiate 2-15


FAMILIES' CAMPAIGN: Children's safety and ElectroMagnetic ...

Welcome to Families page on the dangers of ElectroMagnetic Radiation ... The risks to children's health from WIFI and mobile phones ...
Journalist Mona Nilsson about the BIGGEST HEALTH SCANDAL
Journalist Mona Nilsson

Part 1 of 7 about Media, Manufacturing Doubt and Wake Up to Reality!

The Effects Of Radiation In The Cause Of Cancer

Cancer is, unfortunately, spreading in the modern society. Nearly all cancer forms are increasing when it comes to incidence, i.e. new cases/year (cf. Hallberg & Johansson 2002a).

It could recently be read in the BBC News that skin cancer is rising in young adults, and Sara Hiom, head of the health information at Cancer Research UK said, when interviewed, that "Non-melanoma cancers are rising at an alarming rate".

Non-melanoma cancers are rising at an alarming rate

More and more research efforts goes into understanding the molecular mechanisms behind these various progressive cancer forms, and much more money is spent on finding new drugs to treat patients. However, oddly enough, very little is spent on understanding the actual causes for cancer.

Among such possible causative agents, more and more focus is nowadays put on modern gadgets, such as mobile telephones and computers, and their chemical and physical emissions, including flame retardants and electromagnetic non-ionising radiation.

Childhood leukemia was early connected to power-frequent magnetic fields already in the pioneering work by Wertheimer and Leeper (1979), and more recently Scandinavian scientists have identified an increased risk for acoustic neuroma (i.e., a benign tumor of the eighth cranial nerve) in cell phone users, as well as a slightly increased risk of malignant brain tumors such as astrocytoma and meningioma on the same side of the brain as the cell phone was habitually held (Hardell et al. 1999, 2004, 2005; Lonn et al. 2004).

In addition, a clear association between adult cancers and FM radio broadcasting radiation has been noticed, both in time and location (Hallberg & Johansson 2002b, 2004, 2005a). Initial studies on facial nevi indicates that nowadays also young children can have a substantial amount of these.

If it can be shown that radiofrequent radiation is not correlated with child cancers the current focus on low-frequency electromagnetic fields can continue. If there is also a radiofrequent and/or microwave correlation then this must be considered in future research as well as in today's preventive work.

Most recently, Dr. Djemal Beniashvili and other scientists at the Edith Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel, have demonstrated a possible link between exposure to power-frequent electromagnetic fields and breast cancer in elderly women (Beniashvili et al. 2005).

They compared the breast cancer rates in elderly women from an earlier period (1978-1990) to a more recent period (1991-2003), which has been characterized by a much more extensive use of personal computers (more than 3 hours a day), mobile telephones, TV sets, and other household electrical appliances. They used available medical records extending over a period of 26 years, involving the analysis of more than 200,000 samples.

Most recently a possible link has been demonstrated between exposure to power-frequent electromagnetic fields and breast cancer in elderly women

Among the elderly women who developed breast cancer in the first time frame, 20 percent were regularly exposed to power-frequent fields.

But in the more modern period 51 percent were so exposed, mainly through the use of personal computers. The authors concluded: "There was a statistically significant influence of electromagnetic fields on the formation of all observed epithelial mammary tumours in the second group."

This represented a more than two-fold increase, which was considered highly significant (cf. Beniashvili et al. 2005).

Of course, many other environmental factors have changed during the period 1978-1990, but increased environmental exposure to power-frequent fields is among the more conspicuous changes to have taken place. Naturally, there are many aspects of this question that remain to be clarified, and, from a scientific point of view, it is far from conclusively settled.

Educational Cell Phone Digital Book by Paul Fitzgerald, EMF expert, graduated from NJIT in Newark, NJ. He has been studying EMF's for over 15 years.. He has done over 100 radio shows in 2006 and released his book CellPhone Lies To learn more go to EMF Radiation News.




The Fear of Health Risks or Infertility

The electric wave that leaks from the microwave oven in Taiwan becomes a problem. 
I will inform you of the electronic journalism. (Language Japanese)

google translate

youtube video

"the fear of health risks or lead to infertility"

Thank you!
Mariko Toya (Japan)



Trent researcher sounds alarms about 'electrosmog'

Dirty electricity presentation at university's annual Health Studies Day

By KENNEDY GORDON/Examiner Staff Writer

Dirty electricity and "electrosmog" are affecting people's health, says a Trent University professor whose research into wireless communications has garnered a lot of attention over the past year.

Magda Havas was one of five speakers Wednesday at Trent's DNA Building as part of the Centre for Health Studies' Health Studies Day.

This is the ninth year for Health Studies Day, said Deborah Kennett, director of the Centre for Health Studies.

Dirty electricity is excessive energy given off by certain devices, Havas said. These include cordless phones, exercise treadmills and plasma televisions — and even compact fluorescent light bulbs.

With an audience of 20 people, Havas offered a few documented examples of the negative effects on human health, including an image of a woman who suffered burn-like symptoms on her face after sitting near a compact fluorescent bulb.

"It took the dermatologist a long time to determine what the cause was," she said.

Symptoms of electrical sensitivity can include fatigue, migraines and skin conditions, she said. As well, diabetics can see their blood sugar rise.

As an example, she used the case of a 56-year-old female diabetic whose blood sugar dropped each day after a walk outdoors — but increased if she walked the same distance on an electric treadmill.

"This is something that can be used in doctor's office to check for electrical sensitivity," Havas said.

Havas mentioned research she did in 2005 with people with multiple sclerosis.

"I began to videotape them when I started seeing improvements," she said.

As part of her work, she arranges to have homes electrically filtered. This includes removing or modifying electrical devices.

She displayed a pair of woven silver metallic male underpants that block radiation, using a hand-held sensor to show that the radiation from a cordless phone dropped when the garment was wrapped around it.

NOTES: Magda Havas maintains a website featuring her research at…. Also speaking Wednesday were Peri Ballantyne (sociology department), Health Status of Injured Workers with Permanent Injuries: Comparisons by Income Status; Elaine Sharfe (psychology), Changing Health Behaviours: An Exploration of the Importance of Attachment and Time since Diagnosis in a Sample of Breast Cancer Survivors; Beryl Cable-Williams (nursing), Lessons from Canadian Mortality Data About Life Span Extension and Dying in Advanced Old Age; and Leslie Grightmire (nursing), Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Nursing Students.



Cell Phone Tower Causing Harm

Mr. Hillman, 

Hi, my name is xxxxx  xxxxxxx, I'm from Cadillac, Michigan. A cellphone

tower was installed approx. 1/4 mile from our home.

It's been up about 3-4 yrs I believe. My wife and 2 daughters are home

almost 24/7 as we homeschool and have a business in our home.

They have been experienceing way to many sleepless nights, headaches,

achy muscles, and being really run down. (Low iron.. 

I have milder symptoms as I'm away a lot more with our other business. We

have another lady at our home about 4 days a week for the last 6-8 months.

She is now having alot of headaches and drug out feeling. She's fine at

home on the wkend. I sent my family to stay nights away last week, here

only during business hours. What a major change. They were here Sat/Sun.

and started back with symptoms again.   

We eat quite well and supplement regularly. We should not be having the issues we have. 

We have wanted to move off this highway, now we need to move, we've been

here almost 29 years. I can not sell to someone knowing this. What info do

you have? Can you help us in anyway?

I'm looking for how to take and document readings, how to get the tower

checked, and can this lead to serious damage to my family. Everything I

read seems to be vague... 

Anything you can do will be much appreciated! 

Thank you,



Dear xxxx and xxxxx:
I received your email stating that your MSU Extension Service referred you to Dr. Ed Rothwell and he in turn referred you to me.
I was involved in over 100 "stray voltage" cases in Michigan and throughout the United States starting in about 1982. Nearly all of the cases were settled out of court thus making it impossible for the public to benefit from the findings. While I was calculating damages for farmers I worked with several electricians and other experts and became aware of many problems caused by electricity. In January 1999, I wrote an article and the MSU Animal Science Department had it keyed onto the net (and it remains there) at:
Dave Stetzer, an Industrial Engineer from Wisconsin, read my article and called me to tell me that he had been on several of the farms that I had been on and that he had been taking measurements of the electricity and recording the damages and that he was convinced that everytime there was a surge of electricity, the milk production would go down. I worked with Dave and a team to prove the effects of "Dirty Electricity" on the health of Dairy Cattle. We presented our paper at three International Meetings in 2003.
About that time the City of East Lansing permitted Nextel to put antennae on a water tower in our city park, close to a school, and very close to several homes including ours. They came in the dark of night, so they knew it was not a popular thing to do. It was too late to protest, but a year or two later they announced that Nextel wanted to double the antennae and the power capabilities. At that time, I decided I was going over to measure the current and found it was atrocious and that it was connected to the whole East Lansing City Water Line going into everybody's home. I measured the current in all the homes and school and found that they all had dangerous levels of electricity. I, with the support of neighbors, presented our findings at the City Council and the Council voted unanimously to refuse the expansion on the water tower.
I prepared an educational DVD about "Dirty Electricity" and have distributed it to many who have requested copies. In 2007, I heard of a Dr. William J. Rea, M.D., a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon, who had became allergic to electricity in the operating room. He did considerable research in Environmental Medicine and became the Founder of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas. I called him in 2007 and during the discussion told him what I had been doing and he asked for a copy of my DVD. The same week he called me back and asked if I would make 2 presentations – dividing the DVD into 2 parts – one on animals and one on electricity in our homes and work places. I took part in that his 25th Symposium on Health and the Environment and was invited back with 2 additional presentations in 2009. In 2010, because of ill health, I had to decline his invitation.
I am now 82 years old and suffering from post-radiation damage, so I am limited in the help I can give.  In August &September, I gave testimony before the Judge in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, in a farm case and  I am most hopeful that their laws will be corrected – a decision has not yet been returned.
In Michigan, a farmer has a case before the Michigan Public Service Commission which I am most hopeful will help to change the laws involving "Dirty Electricity." You can view all of the testimony in that case on the net at: . Click on E-Dockets on the menu at the left. Key in 16129 after the U- and Enter. You can click on any of the numbers to view a .pdf file of the testimony. Quite enlightening.
I know that it is almost impossible to get the power company to correct the problem though I have been sending volumes to the Attorney General's Office, the new Governor, and his planning team.
I admire your character in being unwilling to sell property that you're concerned is not in a healthful environment. I am aware of a few methods of mitigating the EMF from outside sources:
1. A Faraday Cage – Installing a fine aluminum screen beneath the siding of the house was 100% effective for RT at Sterling Heights, MI. His children developed headaches and nose bleed when Wireless Oakland turned on their WiFi at each corner of the school yard, Neighbors installed the aluminum mesh in all houses in a 10-block area. The cost was about $250 per house, available at local hardware stores.
2. Installing a Shielded-Neutral Isolation Transformer (SNIT) between the source: e.g., cell phone relay station and the utility power supply service entrance will eliminate the transfer of EMF from the Switch-mode AC/DC transformer to the utility neutral-to-ground in your service entrance (circuit breaker panel) that serves every circuit throughout your home and business and is bonded to the water system in your home. The SNIT is available from Electric Transformer Co., Roanoke, VA, and from electric equipment suppliers – e.g., Big D. The Transformer must be fully shielded.
3. A dielectric coupling (insulated plumbers union) installed in the water pipe near the entrance from the well or city-municipal water main will eliminate EMF from other utility customers entering your water system, i.e., kitchen sink, bath tub, shower, etc. If the utility neutral is grounded to your water system, this could be a source. You can test it with your voltmeter or ammeter at the kitchen sink, or outside faucet with positive lead to faucet and negative to a stake or screw-driver in the ground
4. EMF Stetzerizer Filters plugged into 110-Volt wall outlets will dramatically reduce high frequency currents (EMF) from the distribution circuits in your home. You may want to use them in an office where computers, printers, copy machines or other AC/DC power supplies are common. You can order the filters directly from He will provide instructions about how many you might need and the cost. You may want to order a Graham/Stetzer Microsurge meter which you can plug into wall outlets to determine how much high-frequency current is in each circuit. In Kellogg Center Ballroom, MSU, the G/S reading was commonly 1600 to 2200, The recommended level is somewhere near 50-100 microsurge readings. The change will be obvious when you plug in the Stetzerizer Filters.
I have copies of many publications and know many people who are striving to solve similar problems.The health problems you mention are shared by many people in the same predicament. At the present time I am trying to get a team together to study a cluster of 35 people with childhood leukemia in a 12-mile area of Clyde, OH. Fortunately the Commission Supervisor in Sundusky, OH wants EMF studied -- his daughter died from Leukemia.
I would be happy to share books and article references and copies of my DVDs. You can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email me again at
Respectfully yours,
Donald Hillman, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University

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