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Dr. Carpenter's Comments on CCST Smart Meter report / Non thermal Effects / EMF-Omega News

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16 January 2011


Dr. Carpenter's Comments on CCST Smart Meter report

Please see the attached document and feel free to circulate.

Sandi Maurer
EMF Safety Network

Non thermal Effects
It has been brought to my attention that the recent non-thermal paper we published on our website had no pagination.  My sincere apologies.  I have also received requests from people interested in bringing the bill to their state, to pair down the paper to only include cell phones as talking about the whole issue including WIFI, smart meters and infrastructure may be too much for legislators at this moment in time.

So here are the newly published links to the paper with pagination and the newly revised paper only focusing on the cell phone/warning label legislation to make it easier for those of us going for that legislation.  

And by the way, we have another senator from another state who will be authoring the bill.  We will wait until it is filed to make an official announcement about that and may even issue a press release.  It is a major state.  :)

Here are the updated links...

Sincerely, Liz et al

Non thermal paper in it's entirety...

Non thermal paper just for cell phone legislation...


EMF-Omega News

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Citizens' Initiative Omega
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