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12 January 2011

Letter to The San Francisco Chronicle
This was submitted to David Baker at the San Francisco Chronicle tonight.

"The conclusions are indistinguishable from the industry mantra that says
proof beyond any doubt is required about wireless health risks before taking

It is reckless to require 'clear evidence' of harm as a precondition for taking
reasonable actions for prevention.    Installing millions of RF transmitters in peoples' homes
when we already have substantial scientific evidence about the risks of chronic, low-level RF
is a risk not worth taking.  Especially without any discussion, or disclosure to the public
about trade-offs made without their knowledge or consent.

What CCST should have done was to advise the Legislature to press industry and the CPUC
for very detailed computer modeling to prove RF levels comply (or do not comply)
with FCC standards in the manner they are being installed and operated.  And to look at
what low-level RF exposures might pose as a health risk, given the millions of people who
care deeply about this because 'they are the experiment'.

It is better for the CPUC and government agencies to make mid-course corrections
now, than to go forward with inadequate information. 

Our report identified possible FCC violations in the manner that many meters
are installed and operated.  CCST had no new data from industry or any
other independent expert groups to evaluate, so why issue an "all-clear"?

Comparing wireless meters to other wireless devices that are voluntary, and which many
people choose not to use is not a fair comparison to government-mandated meters
that expose people in their homes 24 hours a day.  Particularly when these devices
are already reported to double the risk of malignant brain cancers in half the time
it takes for low-dose ionizing radiation to do so in humans.

The costs for having guessed wrong is likely to have enormous economic and
public health consequences for Californians for decades to come."

Cindy Sage, MA
Sage Associates
Co-Editor, BioInitiative Report
Research Fellow, Department of Oncology, Orebro University Hospital, Sweden
(805) 969-0557

School Wi-Fi plan alarms Edmonton parents

uesday, January 11, 2011  CBC News

A group of parents will try to persuade Edmonton public school trustees to hold off on installing Wi-Fi in schools until the effects of the wireless technology are fully known.

"Wi-Fi in schools can be 20 to 30 times the strength of Wi-Fi in your house, so the children are exposed to that radiation coming from the Wi-Fi for the entire duration of the day," said parent Gina Shimoda.

A staff report that will be presented to school trustees Tuesday night states that the radio-frequency electromagnetic energy emitted in Wi-Fi transmissions has "no real or demonstrated non-thermal radiation effects."

"We believe Wi-Fi is an important part of the infrastructure to enable the use of 21st-century technologies in education," the report states, adding that the cost of running cabled internet in every school could run at least $30,000 per classroom and would limit access in hallways, cafeterias and other open areas.

Health Canada and the World Health Organization have said Wi-Fi is not dangerous.

But Shimoda argues there hasn't been enough research done on long-term impact of the technology on children.


How to get information from Health Canada, under the Access to Information Act

I have taken the liberty to include in this email the instructions for you to make a formal request. 

To make a formal request to receive Health Canada records, please send a letter stating that you are seeking records under the Access to Information Act, and provide as much detail as possible about the information you are seeking. Mail your letter to the address below, along with the required application fee of $5.00 in cash, or cheque or money order made payable to the Receiver General for Canada. Without the application fee, correspondence will not be treated as a request under the Act.

If you are seeking access to your own personal information under the Privacy Act, no fee is required, however, you should submit a letter containing sufficient detail to enable us to locate your records. 

Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
Health Canada
1010 Somerset Street West
1 st Floor,
Postal Locator: 2301D
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9 



Cars getting more dangerous?

Shane McGlaun  - January 6, 2011
Wireless gadget charging coming to Volt first

GM has announced at CES in Las Vegas that it has signed a $5 million deal with Powermat to put the charging mats for gadgets into GM vehicles around the world. Powermat has been in the market for a long time and is one of the firms that make charging mats and cases that allow users to charge smartphones and other gear without having to plug in cables.

The investment with Powermat gives GM a full year of exclusive use for the tech inside vehicles and will make charging on the go a wireless prospect rather than users needing to plug devices into their DC outlet with cords and cables. GM notes that the first vehicle to see the Powermat tech will be the Volt, which has become a technology platform for GM.

The Powermat charging plates will be integrated into the center console of the vehicle for front seat passengers and will also be integrated in the back of the vehicle for rear seat passengers. GM has not noted when the chargers will surface, but they are not expected any sooner than in 2012 model year vehicles.

GM's Micky Bly said, "The Chevy Volt will be one of the first applications, but we intend to expand it across our vehicle portfolio."

The $5 million investment from GM is also intended to help the company expand its technology and expand globally. Reuters quotes Powermat CEO Ran Poliakine saying, "GM is a very, very good partner for us, not only for the automotive industry, but more in the context of what we are trying to achieve."
Weather Radar Shows Something
At the scene of mass bird deaths
Crack in the Northern Geomagnetic Field
Some interesting NASA information about electromagnetic fields affecting Earth.
Originally Posted by ufochick 
I am NOT a scientist. So for those of you who are is this feasable???



 I am an Aerospace Electro/Mechanical engineer and live in Hot Springs
 Arkansas. I would like to give you some information I have been
 following sense early December 2010.

 When I saw a news flash on yahoo about a crack in the northern
 geomagnetic field:

 At first, I was concerned so I started tracking to see
 if there were any increases in solar activity, but was surprised that
 the Sun was calm, however I check this site daily up to today and only
 found slight elevations in the Sun's activity which also puzzled me.

 So, I starter looking at local anomalies that could account for such a
 reaction to the birds being affected and I found that different regions
 have higher levels of magnet fields and it appears that the LITTLE ROCK
 and BEEBE areas fall in one area that has a positive charge
 NANOTESLA FIELD at 1,000 feet elevation colored in red which would
 attach the negative charged solar winds electrons and ions.

 Other State Maps


 The CRACK IS ROTATING as seen in Auroral Activity Extrapolated from NOAA
 observations on the Sun side of the earth where high energy particle
 enter the atmosphere and spread around to the dark side of earth. They
 are then distributed across the hemisphere and then out to space where
 they create a snapping of magnetic field lines which can induce brief
 high current and lightning.

 And as I recall, we had a coronal hole and coronal ejection earth bound
 on the December 30/31 2010.

 Sense the timing of the fire works may have masked the lightning and
 thunder, it is very possible that this event and other similar die offs
 have been caused by the "Crack in the Geo Magnetic Shield" and LOCALIZED
 in areas of high absorption on Earth.
Submitted by Robert R
Turkey's mass killing birds

Translated for you.

Vesti.Ru , 5 hours ago, January 10, 2011, 16:33

In Turkey, there was a case of an unexplained mass deaths of birds.
Dead starlings found residents of the county Karacabey in Bursa province. On
the road were dozens of carcasses of birds. Promptly reported the incident
to local authorities launched an investigation of the incident.
Experts are currently conducting the necessary tests. However, while they
failed to establish the cause of death of starlings. According to ITAR-TASS
news agency, according to one version, the flock of birds could crash a few
heavy-duty trucks, marching one after another.
On the unexplained mass death of birds, the world's media began reporting on New Years Eve, when about 4 thousands of blackbirds fell dead near the small town Biib in Arkansas. Later, similar cases occurred in Louisiana and Kentucky. Also, incidents of mass deaths of birds have been recorded in Canada, Sweden and Italy.

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