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Wireless signal making you sick? / Raleigh City Council / Cell Phones Do Harm / Nature being harmed by Electro Magnetic Radiation

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6 July 2010
Wireless signal making you sick?

Updated at 08:30 PM today

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The City of Raleigh is joining a growing number of cities looking at wireless signals from a health perspective.

On Tuesday, Raleigh City Council will take part in a presentation on microwave radiation sickness and hear a testimonial.

The discussion stems from a growing number of people who say wireless signals make them physically ill.

Raleigh resident Andrew McAfee says it all started about seven years ago when he and his wife bought a house next to a television tower.

"After a couple of months living there, I started getting more headaches and bags under my eyes, my skin became like reptile leather," he said.

McAfee says his symptoms kept getting worse and he eventually made the connection.

"Driving by the tower I'd just start feeling like, 'wow, something hit me from the tower,'" he said.

They wound up moving, but McAfee says other electronics, including cell phones had also begun to make him sick.

"It was very difficult to have this reputation that 'oh, you can't be around Andrew with a cell phone,' and especially for my career, it's been very difficult," he said.

The studies on electro-magnetic sensitivity are inconclusive. But increasingly, cities are starting to take stories like McAfee's seriously.

San Francisco just passed a law requiring cell phone retailers to post how much radiation their phones gives off. And many cities are considering moratoriums on building new towers.

McAfee is hoping Raleigh will do the same, but knows not much is likely to change anytime soon.

So in order to deal with it, he wears a lead hat when he travels by plane.

"It's typically used by people after they get a radiation treatment to not let the radiation get out of their head; I've found it helps lessen the radiation that comes into my head when I'm around other people with cell phones," McAfee said.

In Raleigh, one doctor's office tells us they've treated multiple cases of electro-magnetic sensitivity and in that McAfee sees hope.

"There are now more and more of us, locally, that are supporting each other, so I don't feel so alone anymore," McAfee said.

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Here is a speech before the Raleigh City Council to stop the spread of damaging wireless radiation and to set a safe exposure standard for Raleigh. Fiber Optic Cable is the best solution.

For more info, see

www.rfsafe.com ,

www.emf-health.com  ,




Cell Phones Do Harm to Brains and Eyes and Bodies Can Withstand That to a Certain Degree

July 5th, 2010


With China's national average per capita income and civil wireless communication technology develop greatly and rapidly, cell phone has become a necessary communication tool in today's society, from the youth to the old, and the number of cell phone user increases rapidly at tremendous speed. According to incomplete statistics, China has more than 700 million cell phone users. Whether the high frequency electromagnetic radiation produced during the process of making a phone call will do harm to our human beings health has become the focus of attention from all aspects.

Whether the cell phone radiation do harm to human beings? The marathon argument has never had a stop. Recently, the British experts, a new study has found that carcinogenicity of cell phones may be stronger than cigarettes. It has become the latest and most serious warning on hazard from cell phones to human body health so far, which will make people focus on the cell phone radiation on an unprecedented level. On the eve of the 16th national cancer prevention publicity week, the author interviewed professor LiAnMin, the famous expert of PLA neurosurgery hospital affiliated hospitals neurosurgery with the relationship between brain cancer and cell phone radiation.

Radiation of different wavelengths electromagnetic waves will do harm to human in different degrees.

Professor LiAnMin says, electromagnetic radiation of cell phone can be divided into two categories, one is ionizing radiation, known as high-energy radiation, such as physics, nuclear medicine application of x, alpha, beta, and gamma rays, cosmic rays, another is dispute ionizing radiation,  known as the microwave radiation, frequency between 0.5MHZ~100GHZ. Frequency of cell phone radiation is 890MHZ~900MHZ belonging to microwave radiation of larger radiant energy.

Different electromagnetic radiation wavelengths does harm differently. Effect of biochemical is the injury mechanism of ionizing radiation of high-energy rays, namely direct role in human cells, the chemical bonds of internal distortion, fracture. Thermo-chemical and electrochemical effects is the injury mechanism of dispute ionizing radiation of microwave , compared to the effects of  biochemical ionizing radiation to human body ,is relatively weak. The radiation effect is on the whole polarity chemistry molecule and strong radiation also causes error in cells biochemical processes and do damage to cells. 

Nature being harmed by Electro Magnetic Radiation

Study Shows RF Impact on Aspen Seedlings,

International Journal of Forestry Research

By emily

Electromagnetic pollution has skyrocketed with the growth of the wireless industry, since the early 1990s. Currently, wireless exposure guidelines for humans assume a 30-minute exposure, in contrast to 24/7 exposures that are common. ... It is time for governments to consider the biological effects from radiofrequency radiation and to have the understanding of the biological effects inform guidelines and policies to protect the health of humans, animals and nature. ...



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