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Body Scanners Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer / Residents win fight / Cary denies tower request / cell phone dangers / Dr. Bill Deagle

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2 July 2010

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Columbia University:

Body Scanners Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer

John Weigel
Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection


Greetings All!

It's been a while since we updated you with the news of Full Signal, and that certainly hasn't been for lack of activity.

The Wireless industry has been in a flurry ever since the Interphone Study (which they sponsored 50% of) cast even more doubt into the safety of wireless technologies.

They were even more shocked when San Francisco passed legislation to make Standard Absorption Rate information more prominent for people buying cellphones.

Since we last wrote, Full Signal was shown to Congressional Staff in Washington, DC, it was a finalist at the Anasy Documentary Awards in Abu Dhabi, and we have had several community screenings.

We have kept up our media campaign in outlets such as the Huffington Post, etc.

The awareness campaign continues!

For us, Full Signal has turned over a new leaf. One that many of you have been waiting for: the release of Full Signal on DVD!

What makes things even more exciting is that since making the DVD announcement a couple of weeks ago on our Facebook Page, we have literally sold hundreds of DVDs, and are already manufacturing more!

You can buy the Director's Cut DVD by going to and clicking the DVD Tab or by linking through this e-mail.

Once there you will find 5 different products:

Americas DVD. This DVD is NTSC format and although it is meant to be played on the American continents, we have not limited its region playability. This DVD comes with 3 languages built into it: English, French and Spanish (including full English subtitles for the hearing impaired).

Worldwide DVD: This DVD is meant to be played everywhere else in the world. This is a PAL DVD and is not restricted to any one region. In addition to the languages above, we have added Arabic, German, Italian, and Swedish to this version [thanks in no small part to the diligence and hard work of some very dedicated volunteers!]

While the Americas DVD is already being shipped, we are currently taking advanced orders for the Worldwide DVD (which will begin shipping next month).

There are some great volume discounts (so if you and your friends want copies buy them together). There are also one-off offers that we will post on our Facebook Page under the DVD Tab.

The 3rd option under the "Home DVD" section is the Awareness DVD. This is exactly the same DVD you would buy to watch at home, but is intended to be used to raise the awareness of politicians, the media, etc. We're offering it at a 40% discount off the price of the regular DVD, because after all this why we made the film (the one condition is that we mail it directly to the politician/media outlet in question).

We have also facilitated the screening option by including 2 different screening fees depending on the size of the audience. We just had a successful test of this system last Friday with a screening in Calgary (Canada) attended by about 75 people.

So at this point, I want to thank all the volunteers for the countless hours they put in to making this DVD possible. And I also want to thank all those who have purchased copies of the DVD so far.

For those of you on Facebook who have seen the DVD, please be so kind as to write a review by clicking on the review tab.

Our very best to all of you!

Talal Jabari

Talal Jabari


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Residents win fight to stop phone mast going up nearby

Whitehaven News

"I am concerned about the health risks associated with mobile phone masts, and the reduction in our house prices and the adverse effect it could have on ...



Cary denies tower request

Applicant must look elsewhere


CARY - A proposal to locate a 110-foot tall cell phone tower in a non-residential community was shot down after elected officials said the tower would be incompatible with the area's surroundings.

The Cary Town Council unanimously denied a permit request to install the telecommunications tower in a spot off of Kilmayne Drive near the Trent Square office park and the Woodland Terrace senior rental community.

The decision was a victory for dozens of business owners in the area, who signed petitions and spoke passionately against the proposal at the June 10 public hearing.

They said the tower doesn't fit the look of their residential-style office spaces and they worried that the tower would also affect property values.

The tower would have held antennas for AT&T and Sprint, which must find a new location because the current space - atop a water tank on Kildaire Farm Road - is being decommissioned.

Representatives for the carriers and American Tower, the builder, said they have been looking for a location since 2007. The land for the proposed cell tower is zoned for office use.

To meet certain aesthetic requirements, the tower would've been painted bronze to look like existing light poles in the area. Antennas would also be mounted internally in the tower and equipment at the base of the structure would've been housed in a brick exterior.

Karen Kemerait, a lawyer for American Tower, said her client doesn't think there's another location for the tower. She warned that the removal of the existing antenna on Kildaire Farm Road would lead to coverage gaps along that road and Southeast Maynard Road.

But town officials weren't convinced. The site of the current coverage antennas - near Cary Elementary on Kildaire Farm Road - is still available even if the water tower isn't. Councilman Erv Portman said he wasn't sure why they couldn't stay in the same place.

Kemerait said that the town's new land regulations make it difficult to construct a new tower on the existing site. She added that Sprint had problems with the old location.

A special use permit must meet seven criteria for approval: it must conform to long-term town plans; it will not endanger the public health; it is necessary for the general welfare; it won't injure property values; it's in harmony with the character of the surrounding neighborhood; it is located near any relevant utilities; and it will not cause any undue traffic congestion.

A special use permit can be denied for not meeting a single requirement.

Council members raised concerns about dropped property values but data presented wasn't decisive.

Members instead voted against the proposal on the basis of its incompatibility with the neighborhood. In particular, the council said the tower would contrast with the Woodland Terrace senior living community's campus and the Trent Square office development.

The cell phone carriers will have to find a new location or figure out how to make the current one work again. or 919-460-2612


Husband's cancer spurs wife to warn of suspected cell phone dangers

Coast News

Foster organized a medical study of firefighters exposed to cell towers on their stations, authored the original version of a resolution to call for a ...

Robert R


Dr. Bill Deagle

Hello, Folks,

Dr. Bill Deagle discusses developments regarding cell phones /radiation at the beginning of his internet radio podcast today at:

It is not anything that most of us don't know regarding the dangers, but the conversation mentions the San Francisco packaging warning and pending legislation in the U.S. Congress within the next two weeks.

This legislation is in direct contrast with the situation here where ComReg is touting for businesses from as far afield as China to test their equipment in Ireland at:

Ireland's Spectrum 'Test and Trial' Programme Ireland's Wireless Test & Trial licensing Programme. Test and Trial.

Commission for ... Block DEF, Abbey Court. Irish Life Centre. Lower Abbey Street. Dublin 1 ...

It is also important to note that adding packaging warnings does not constitute a change in practice regarding the location of masts.

Also, the local newspaper in Leixlip, "The Liffey Champion" failed to publish the fact that the Co. Council has noted: "The Planning Authority's investigation to date indicates that the development as detailed above would appear to be unauthorised" at the Riverforest hotel where new masts have been erected approximately 30 metres from the classrooms at Scoil San Carlo Junior School. The hotel owner, Meteor and Threefold have been given four weeks to respond. Failure to comply would result in fines up to €12,697, 380 each or 2 years imprionment. Or "on summary conviction a fine of €1,904.61 or six months imprisonment or both." This penalty amounts to €5 - €7 as the price on the head of each child at the two schools.

Kind regards,
John Weigel

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