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5 July 2010

Letters To The Editor - Waiheke Gulf News (New Zealand)

Dear Madam,

Re:  Biased Media Coverage

Wonderful, wonderful Gulf News,  A truly independent newspaper that gives both sides of an issue and includes all the relevant facts has become a rare and beautiful thing.

Recently a number of Surfdale households received copies taken from eleven newspapers reporting on the same piece of research that claims to prove the safety of cellphone towers.

Under the heading "Study Rules Out Phone Tower Link to Cancer," the NZ Herald quotes Dr David Black that this study on "pregnant women's exposure to cellphone tower radio-frequency and early childhood cancer should end public debate on the issue."  It is incorrect and misleading of Dr Black to refer to the emissions from towers as "radio-frequency." they are not, they are microwaves which are more penetrative than radio waves.*   Interestingly, Dr Black refers to opponent's "poor scientific literacy."

Disturbingly, this doctor's "expert" medical opinion is the ONLY opinion quoted and has been uncritically and unhesitatingly accepted by the Herald who make no mention of the fact that he is employed by the cellphone industry.  Nor does the Herald inform  readers that this study was industry-led and funded.  Also omitted is the relevant fact that all the data estimates of exposure for the study were supplied by the industry itself.  It seems to me that this situation is akin to asking Jaws if it is safe to swim.

Readers should be aware that it takes more than 10 years for the adverse health effects from asbestos and smoking to become apparent and that lack of evidence in one study does not cancel proof of harm in others.   Big industries do not always get it right - in February, BP assured the world that an oil leak was "unlikely."  The damage caused by this company's over-confidence is incalculable, but would be as nothing compared to what might happen if the cellphone industry are wrong about their product.

In the meantime, the telecommunications industry refuse to sign any guarantee that there will be no adverse health effects caused by being forced to live in proximity to cellphone towers.

Yours sincerely,
S. Honeychurch

*Frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz are defined as microwaves.


Research papers of Prof. Olle Johansson

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The court has recognized the danger of masts

Published Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 10:14

Antenna relay Newspaper-The Court of Appeal of Tunis ordered the dismantling of a base station installed on the roof of a villa in a residential neighborhood in the capital on behalf of uncertainties about its impact on health of residents. Seized in an emergency procedure by the trustee of the local residents, the judge ruled that the risk was significant for the health of residents on the basis of a report of an expert appointed for this purpose. The latter noted that electromagnetic waves generated by antennas can have adverse health effects even if they are installed at a distance of 100 meters.

Referring to Article 99 of the Code of Obligations and Contracts, Court of Appeal held that "even if the current science can not determine with certainty the exact impact of electromagnetic orders, there is a risk impact on the health of residents.

This decision has confirmed the sentence imposed earlier by the Court of Appeal Sfax against one of the mobile operators, whereas the presence of an antenna relay near habitation is a disorder Neighbourhood serviceable disassembly of the antenna.


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