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20 July 2010

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From Zory's Archive

July 19, 2010:

Pick of the Week #3: 1967 EMR Review, copy 5/15

Pollack, H. and J. Healer.  1967.  Review of the Information on Hazards to Personnel from High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation. Institute for Defense Analyses, Research and Engineering Support Division.  Internal Note N-451, IDA/HQ 67-6211, Series B, copy 5 of 15, 15 pages.


Foreign and domestic literature on biological effects of electromagnetic radiation has been examined for information relating to safety criteria. Emphasis was placed on obtain relevant information on frequencies below 300 mc, most particularly on the high frequency (3 - 30 mc) region.  This information is reviewed and evaluated.

Note:  mc refers to millions of cycles per second or MHz.


This document, dated one year after the United States adopted the 10 mW/cm2 standard for military and occupational exposure in the United States (See Pick of the Week #2), was written by a medical doctor who reviewed literature from the Tri-Services Conferences and English translations of research conducted in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, and the former Soviet Union.

The most important paragraph in this document is the last one, which recommends the following: "to the extent practical, a conservation approach to safety criteria (approaching the USSR standards) be applied, particularly where hazards to non-controlled personnel may be involved." This conclusion is based on the finding that for both microwave (300 MHz to 300 GHz) and lower frequencies (0.01 to 300 MHz) "limited clinical studies of humans and controlled animal experiments present evidence of harmful effects at intensities considerably lower than 10 mW/cm2."      . . . continued . . . www.magdahavas.com


Are they lying?  Are they stupid?

Read the article at -

Mobile base stations safe, Turkish research reveals

Hurriyet Daily News

Aşıla said that mobile phones were smart gadgets and they could automatically arrange the electromagnetic spread according to distance from networks, ...



More wireless madness

From: Mark G

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 4:42 PM

Subject: EHS Warning: Kenmore Elite Dehumidifier...! Forward to warn others?

Hello EHS Friends,

Just wanted to give you a heads up about a major radiator of RF Fields.

I was doing a survey at someone's home using an Aaronia HF Detektor II Profi RF device and after I shut off all the usual sources of RF (Wi-FI, DECT Phones, Laptop, etc.) I kept seeing the massive burst of RF energy every 5 or 6 seconds on the meter...It goes right to the top of the meter on every scale near it and even floors away was quite detectable...the speaker on the meter really went nuts too.

Anyway, I know this geographic area well and I know the major external sources, so it was very confounding at first, because it was not something I had ever run across in the past.

Turns out that Sears Kenmore makes a Dehumidifier in their Kenmore Elite lineup that broadcasts to a REMOTE little screen to let the user know how full the water bucket is, so if the dehumidifer is in the basement, the user will know when to empty it.

What was most surprising is that even when the dehumidifier is TURNED OFF completely, it still broadcasts at the same rate -- every few seconds or so....It had to be unplugged to stop it completely. It was plugged in and unplugged several times to confirm that this was the source.

Now, I didn't have the manual for it and was in a hurry to fix other issues at the site (major EMF's from bad wiring in a relatively new house...!), so there may be a way of toggling the wireless off -- but the fact that it was transmitting even when off is really not too good and there was no obvious way to turn it off.

SO....ADD Wireless Dehumidifiers to the list of intentional RF generators.

Here is the exact unit:


I suspect there are other models from other manufacturers that do the same thing.

Anyway...just wanted all to know that this is a rather intense and potentially vexxing source of RF.

Best to all,

Mark G.


The LIFE And DEATH ABC's of EMR's (The Autism Connection) | Facebook

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The California Smart Meter Revolt

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