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Karolinska Institute threatens work of noted wireless safety researcher / Wireless Internet bad for kids / James Collet / Awarded $36-million

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9 July 2010

Karolinska 'Nobel Prize' Institute threatens work of noted wireless safety researcher

by John Weigel

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Is this a despicable attempt to stop the truth about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation?


AN OUNCE: Wireless Internet in SD 20: good for learning, bad for kids?

by Diana Daghofer on 08 Jul 2010

While I very much support providing students with access to the Internet to expand their learning opportunities, the decision to provide all schools in District 20 with wireless technology subjects our children to "the largest human biological experiment ever."

This view, voiced by Dr. Lief Salford, chairman of the department of neurosurgery at Lund University in Sweden, is echoed by scientists around the world calling upon schools to restrict use of wireless technology until we have a better understanding of the health effects of low-grade electro-magnetic radiation, particularly on children.

Dr. Magda Havas, of Trent University, is Canada's foremost authority on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation. In an open letter to schools, Dr. Havas warns "those who are responsible for the health and safety of children to think twice before installing wireless microwave technology in schools and exposing students and staff to radiation that could be potentially harmful."

Dr. Havas notes that, "Very little research has been published on the health effects associated with wireless routers used in schools." She points out that the same frequencies are used for wireless routers in schools as are used for mobile phones (cell and cordless phones).  While research continues on the effects of cell phones on humans, most of that work is being done on adults, and not on growing children's brains. Children exposed to WiFi at school may also have wireless routers at home and may also be using cell phones, subjecting some to radiation around the clock.

Research has linked cell phone use to increases in brain tumours. One study found that after a decade of cellphone use, the chance of getting a brain tumour increased as much as 40% for adults (Interphone, 2010). Research at the University of Washington confirmed that exposure to frequencies emitted by cell and wireless technologies leads to damage of cell DNA – an undisputed cause of cancer. (Dr. Henry Lai, 2010)

Research continues, but it is interesting to note that only 25% of studies funded by the wireless industry show some type of biological effect from microwave radiation, while among independently funded studies, 75% show a bioeffect. (Dr. Henry Lai, 2010)

Because of concern about health effects, governments and medical associations in France, Germany and Austria advise schools not to install wireless Internet. WiFi has been removed from some schools in the U.K.

In Canada, Lakehead University has chosen not to install wireless technology.  Parents at Mountain View Elementary School in Collingwood, Ontario have taken their concerns about their children's headaches in the classroom, after wireless technology was installed, to Health Canada. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health held hearings in late April, with testimony by experts in Canada and internationally. The outcome of these hearings is yet to be made public. It may determine the fate of children in Canada about their exposure to wireless technologies at school.

In the meantime, I would hope Trustees of School District 20 and all other school trustees in Canada would hold off on subjecting our children to involuntary radiation.  Our children's long-term health and well-being are worth more than the short-term convenience of wireless Internet service.

Diana Daghofer is the co-chair of Prevent Cancer Now. She lives in Rossland, BC.


 - Leucémie : Sauver James Collet, l'appel, son témoignage bouleversant et ses combats

French to English translation

The overwhelming testimony and struggles of James Collet

Thursday 1st July 2010

Candidate cantonal and the municipal elections in 2004 in 2008, this physio-osteopath suffering from generalized cancer fight against death. Prepared for the worst, assisted by his sister Krysthel he talks about his battles against the antennas, for organ donation. Saint-Genis-des-FOUNTAINS few days ago, the agency's Independent Argelès we received an email entitled: "The final message of James Collet.

In a few sentences, the former physiotherapist of Saint-Genis described his condition "in the red, with a final salary and a small chance of escape. Hospitalized in a specialized unit in Marseille is through his sister Krysthel that James has accepted with pride and courage to answer our questions. James, when and how the disease was declared? It was December 13, 2008, smashing!

It all started with symptoms of peripheral organs: Spleen, pleura, mediastinum, tonsils, nasopharynx, and bone marrow. In my case, the symptoms were very special because the mediastinal tumor, located between the lungs, I compressed the heart, superior vena cava and the aorta, there was a medical emergency. In your opinion, there are disturbing elements, what are they? I had a lifestyle very strict on the food and physical (running, marathon, biking ...).

I've always been a big consumer of mobile phones and I was exposed 12 hours over 24 hours on my workplace to electromagnetic fields above 1 volt. The antennae of different mobile operators were located 50 meters from my place of work in Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines.

Do you really think these antennas are the source of your illness? The origin of leukemia is unclear, but exposure to ionizing radiation and electromagnetic as well as pesticides, are challenged by many independent experts like Professor Belpomme, president of the Association for Research on cancer therapies.

The most disturbing thing is that we are very close neighbors of several antennas to be affected or died, exactly the same malignant disease. In my street, a neighbor triggered breast cancer in the house next to the medical center, the three occupants have leukemia, two of them are dead. And we found a score of cancer in the scope of these antennas. Disturbing, no!

You attended last summer at a public meeting against the installation of a satellite mobile Montesquieu, your evidence was overwhelming, yet the project's opponents have lost in court, what do you think? Today the rules of installing mobile phone masts are consistent with data that have never been scientifically demonstrated.

Some antennas emit up to 51 V / m (note Next-up organization: legally antennas can transmit at 61 V / m in UMTS 10,000,000 μW / m according to Decree 2002-775, this value extravagant and foolish that is fatal is obviously never reached, however, it is enforceable by law, it serves mainly to reassure the public and Mayors as the official measures say are very immutably inferior. The main thing is that they can dismiss almost All legal actions brought by residents, is "a well-oiled mechanism" that works beautifully for years, is the ultimate weapon for operators. Those who condone active or passive ways by their standards exteriorizations as part of their responsibilities will be accountable to the justice of men, we rightly consider themselves criminals, Roselyne Bachelot Minister of Health included), while all independent experts including the American report, "BioInitiative" recommend maximum exposure to 0.6 volts / meter. Therefore, with the Association for a regulation on the siting of mobile phone antennas, we are asking the public authorities to apply as soon as possible precaution to all. Especially for children, and banned from installing antennas near schools. The childhood leukemias are booming.

Today, with your energy is exceptional, a second battle is engaged: that of bone marrow donation? For my personal battle I know the game will be very difficult, I have the courage, faith, the best specialists follow me but I know it will not do anything if you do not find a compatible bone marrow donor.

You should know that today the donation of bone marrow, as blood donation, is essential in blood diseases to keep alive the sick, or even permanently cure. Demand has exploded over the last 10 years, also in children, now everyone should know it can, on personal decision, save a person. For this, he must contact the hospital or blood center or seek advice from his doctor. On the eve of a new term for you which messages you want to convey?

We are doing this paradise that is our environment, our own hell. We have disrupted the balance of life, today we are millions facing cancer. We urgently need to respond and restore the balance, to finally common sense and empathy. The problem is both of public health but also social, economic and political.

Where do you get that strength ... for life? Life is a gift, she is wonderful and nobody has the right, even in difficult times, to give up. The force that found itself, is consolidated with all thoughts and prayers of our supporters who weave every day a protective cocoon around the patient and reassuring. Finally? J e does not know where I will be tomorrow but I want life to be a priority, that the precautionary principle apply systematically the time to scientifically prove things.

I thank all the people who understand this message and who will take care of transmitting it. I want to tell my children that I am in them for eternity, that life is beautiful when it defends values.

Veronique Parayre


Port Colborne, Ont., residents awarded $36-million in suit against Inco

The residents, in a class action, claimed elevated levels of nickel negatively affected the values of their properties

Peter Cameron

The Canadian Press Published on Tuesday, Jul. 06, 2010 6:14PM EDT Last updated on Tuesday, Jul. 06, 2010 6:15PM EDT

Residents of Port Colborne, Ont., whose properties were contaminated by emissions from a nickel refinery, have won a lawsuit against Inco.

An Ontario Superior Court justice released a decision Tuesday in Welland, Ont., awarding about 7,000 households a total of $36-million.

The residents, in a class action, claimed the elevated levels of nickel negatively affected the values of their properties.

The claim was for the decrease, or lack of increase, in the values of properties from September 2000 to date.

Inco acknowledged that its Port Colborne refinery, which ceased nickel emissions in 1984, was the source of the vast majority of the elevated levels of nickel found in the area.

The company argued the limitation period to make a claim had expired, but Justice J.R. Henderson ruled that the extent of contamination wasn't generally known until early 2000.

"Extremely pleased and almost in shock," is how lawyer Eric Gillespie, who represented the homeowners, described his clients following the decision.

Mr. Gillespie said households in the area closest to the refinery were each awarded $23,000.

"That's a very significant award for any family to receive in a claim of this nature," he said.

Judge Henderson did not award any punitive damages in the case.

"Inco's conduct in this case does not justify an award of punitive damages," he wrote.

"Clearly, Inco's conduct was wrong in law and has caused widespread damage that has affected several thousand people," he added. "However, Inco's conduct has not been so malicious or oppressive that it offends the court's sense of decency."

The Inco refinery started operations in Port Colborne, a city of about 18,000 located on the north shore of Lake Erie, in 1918.

Its primary business for many years was nickel refining, but that part of Inco's operations ceased in 1984.

Since that time, Inco has continued to operate in Port Colborne, but no nickel refining has been done.

Judge Henderson's decision noted that throughout its history, Inco has generally complied with environmental regulations.

Inco reduced emissions of nickel from its refinery over time, and eventually ceased nickel emissions altogether in 1984.

After the September 2000 disclosure of nickel contamination, Inco participated in, and paid for, studies and the remediation of 24 properties.

Mr. Gillespie noted that Inco can appeal the decision.

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