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29 July 2010

Hi All

The Ontario Municipal elections take place on October 25, 2010.  Today I filed papers and now I am a candidate for Mayor of Stratford, Ontario.  This is an excellent opportunity for me to provide public education on the most important single issue, the dangers caused by exposure to electro magnetic radiation.  If elected, I could continue to advise a much greater audience.

If you live in Ontario, I encourage you to take part in the Municipal elections to raise awareness of EMF issues, to make your community safer.  While the position of Mayor may be daunting to some,  an opportunity for those who need experience is the position of councillor.  Common sense and a concern for the community are some of the best attributes.  Those who are able to get elected to school boards can strongly influence the issue of Wi Fi and electro magnetic issues which are harming children in schools.

In my election race, I face an uphill battle because the two main newspapers (Beacon Herald and Gazzette) in Stratford, have already failed to report my concerns about smart meters and city wide Wi Fi.  In fact after providing strong scientific evidence showing the dangers of Wi Fi and microwave radiation, the Beacon Herald printed a false story about how safe the smart meters are.  This is a serious mistake on their part and I hope they come to their senses and realise the danger they are placing their readers in.  The third newspaper in town, the Stratford Citizen published a fair and accurate story describing my address to council on June 28, 2010, as reported by Adam Gardiner.

Only time will tell if the two newspapers will report accurately report the details of my campaign and advise the citizens of Stratford about the serious harm they face from dangerous microwave radiation.  At this stage I request your help to get my message to other people though various social media outlets.  Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated.  By this means, can I be assured that my campaign will be heard and not hidden.


Martin Weatherall


Press Release 28 July 2010

Martin Weatherall candidate for Mayor of Stratford.

The most important single issue

in the Stratford Municipal elections is the health and safety of the people of Stratford. The people of Stratford are facing the greatest danger in their history because of exposure to electro magnetic radiation and in particular microwave radiation from wireless devices. Stratford residents are not being warned of that danger.

Even more worrying, public officials working for the City at Festival Hydro and Rhyzome networks are greatly increasing that danger with implementation of a city wide Wi Fi system and the installation of dangerous smart meters, both of which emit very strong amounts of microwave radiation. These officials and the present Mayor, have been provided with important scientific information about the dangers, but have done nothing to stop implementation of these dangerous systems, or finding a safe solution.

Thousands of scientific reports over the last sixty-five years have documented serious health effects from exposure to electro magnetic radiation. There is far more information documenting this danger, than there is for cigarette smoking, yet most of our citizens, including the very young and the elderly, are being exposed to microwave radiation that may be the equivalent to smoking a large number of cigarettes each day. The effects of microwave radiation are usually gradual, in the short term people may suffer from: headaches, sleep disruption, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, muscle and joint pain and dizziness. In the long term adverse health effects include various cancers, depression and anxiety, heart and cardiovascular problems, neurological effects, genotoxic activity and reproductive harm.

Martin Weatherall will ensure that Stratford citizens are educated about the dangers of electro magnetic radiation and will work to make Stratford the safest City in Canada, from this invisible but deadly new pollution.

Martin Weatherall is very concerned about the long-term debt of the city and the high property taxes. He will give this problem a very high priority in order to find solutions.

He will encourage development of new sustainable industries and he will work to ensure that empty factories become productive again.

If elected he will encourage citizens to become more involved with the council and the decision making process.

Martin Weatherall has well-rounded experience that would complement mayoralty duties. He served seven years with the British Royal Navy and two years as a British press photographer. He served for twenty eight years with he Toronto Police Service, first as a uniformed officer, then several years as a Forensic Crime Scene Investigator and nearly six years as an elected, Toronto Police Association, Director of Legal Services.

For the last four years he has been the Co-Director of W.E.E.P. ( ), a Canadian non profit environmental organization that specializes in the health effects of electro magnetic radiation and helping those who have been harmed by it.

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Burnaby Hospital among highest death rates in Canada: report


METRO VANCOUVER - Burnaby Hospital has the worst mortality rates in B.C. and among the highest in Canada for the second year in a row, according to a national report card.

However, the Fraser Health Authority, which oversees Burnaby Hospital, says its mortality rates are improving – according to data that is not included in the annual Canadian Institute for Health Information report.

At issue is CIHI's fourth annual Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio report, which tracks death rates at large hospitals across Canada.

After taking into consideration factors such as age, diagnosis and pre-existing medical conditions, the report produces a score for each hospital: More than 100 indicates a hospital has higher mortality rates than the Canadian average, and a score of less than 100 suggests a lower mortality rate. (The numbers don't reflect actual numbers of deaths, only how a hospital's mortality rate compares to the national average, which is deemed to be a statistical range around 100.)

Burnaby Hospital is the only one of 14 B.C. health facilities with a higher mortality rate than the statistical range, with a score of 116. That's up from last year's 113. Other B.C. hospitals were either at or below the average.

The CIHI statistics did not include patients admitted to hospitals for palliative care, but did include those who were admitted for acute care and were eventually transferred to palliative care, said CIHI senior analyst Brooke Kinniburgh.

However, Arden Krystal, a vice-president at Fraser Health, said CIHI produces a second group of numbers that excludes all palliative care patients, and that those - unpublished - numbers show a marked improvement in Burnaby over the last year.

Kinniburgh said those numbers were not made public because the non-profit organization no longer considers them the best way to track trends in mortality rates.

Regardless of how you interpret the numbers, following last year's poor showing, Burnaby Hospital investigated its mortality rates and largely attributed them to the way charts were being coded with patient death information - not to flawed medical procedures, Krystal said.

Administrative changes made since then have shown "reassuring" results in mortality stats, she said. "We have a really active quality improvement program at Burnaby."

Overall, B.C.'s five health authorities were either at or below the Canadian average for mortality, and their rates have generally been falling year over year.

Vancouver Coastal Health had the lowest rate (83) in 2007-08 and the Northern Health Authority had the highest in B.C. (101).

Among large health centres across Canada, about half a dozen had higher mortality rates than Burnaby Hospital.

Dr. Patrick O'Connor, a vice-president at Vancouver Coastal Health, said the CIHI report is valuable because it's the only one to track national mortality rates. He said it is important for hospitals to monitor their own numbers, but not to compare themselves to other hospitals because every city has a different population with different challenges.

While Lion's Gate, Vancouver General and St. Paul's had mortality rates well below the Canadian average, Richmond Hospital had a higher rate of 107, which was within the CIHI's average range. O'Connor said this was lower than in other years, but was still being analysed by the health authority.

O'Connor said Richmond has a large Asian population that typically prefers hospitals to hospices when someone is terminally ill, which might explain the slightly higher numbers.

Health Minister George Abbott said he finds the CIHI numbers "a bit misleading and somewhat unfair" for including any palliative care cases at all. He said the scores in Burnaby and Richmond come down when those cases are excluded.

Abbott argued that B.C. is a healthy province, and he wasn't concerned about the Northern Health Authority's slightly higher score. In the north, Abbott said, there are factors that contribute to poor health such as higher smoking rates, more obesity, and a larger percentage of deaths from car crashes.

He said the province has undertaken some initiatives, such as creating the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, to improve care in hospitals.
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Note - From the links below you can see photographs of the large cell phone mast that is mounted on top of Burnaby hospital.

How many deaths may have been caused by the radiation from these antennas?


Your Boxspring Could Be Acting As A Gigantic, Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna

Gizmodo Australia
Some researchers think it's because people tend to sleep on their right side, and their boxsprings are pulling in electromagnetic radiation from FM and TV ...


Dr Reese Halter

5525 Agoura Glen Dr

Agoura Hills, Calif


Langley City Hall

Mayor Rick Green

20399 Douglas Crescent,

Langley, BC

V3A 4B3

July 27, 2010

RE: Cell Tower in Campbell Valley Park, South Langley, B.C.

Dear Mayor Green:

My name is Dr Reese Halter, I am a practicing conservation biologist specializing in tree physiology with over two decades of experience in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Currently, I am stationed at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, Calif. I'm also the founder of Global Forest Science an international conservation institute with operations in 8 countries. I oversee approximately 165 scientists. I am also a prolific writer and one of my books, The Incomparable Honeybee and the Economics of Pollination, Rocky Mountain Books, documents the known deleterious hazards of high frequency electro-magnetic radiation from cellular towers on honeybees. This year alone North America is missing at least 55 billion honeybees from a mysterious disease called Colony Collapse Disorder.

I urge the City Council to re-consider the recent license for a cellular tower in Campbell Valley Park. The radiation will not only adversely impact honeybees and native bees but all wildlife including other beneficial insects like ladybugs and dragonflies as well as frogs, newts, all birds including raptors like eagles, hawks and owls and other critters like raccoons and deer.

I am including a pdf from a recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Should you have any questions I am more than happy to discuss this further.

Reese Halter (Dr)


A Basic Summary of the Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency ...

Studies finding no health effects are predominantly industry funded.9 A report by Hallberg and ... A number of studies show that electromagnetic radiation, ...

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