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The Research of Dr. Zorach ("Zory") R. Glaser / Double risk of tinnitus / What Are They Doing? / Bill to study cell phones and health / Health Minister deputy

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1 July 2010

The Research of Dr. Zorach ("Zory") R. Glaser

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In 1971/72 Dr. Zorach ("Zory") R. Glaser published a bibliography that  provided more than 2,300 references on the bioeffects of RF/MW  radiation.  At that time he worked for the US Navy and he later worked  for NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and the Food and Drug Administration. During the years he has accumulated more than 6,000 documents  in this field that include research from eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, from the US  Military, and from the US government, documents that have had limited  distribution.

These documents are being scanned as searchable pdfs and will be made available from the electrosensitivity website ( in the coming months.

For those who think there is no proof that non-thermal effects are  biologically active . . . stay tuned!  Not only is there proof but the US government and military were aware of the harmful effects more than 50 years ago. 

Internal attempts to alert key military and government  committees that this radiation was harmful and that guidelines needed to be reduced, went unheeded. 

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Double the risk of tinnitus

Researchers in Vienna have found that using a cell phone for four years or more doubled the risk of developing tinnitus.

Once again, we have have learned the importance of looking at long-term impacts, rather than simply immediate effects.

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If Cell Phones Are Behind the Bee Decline, What Are They Doing to Humans?

By Niraj Chokshi

For years, scientists have been trying to explain why the bee population has been drastically declining. A new study may hold the answer, CNN reports, and it could have an impact on humans, too. First, the study:

In a study at Panjab University in Chandigarh, northern India, researchers fitted cell phones to a hive and powered them up for two fifteen-minute periods each day.

After three months, they found the bees stopped producing honey, egg production by the queen bee halved, and the size of the hive dramatically reduced.

Andrew Goldsworthy, a biologist from Imperial College, London, told CNN that the reason may have to do with radiation from cell phones and cell towers disturbing the molecules of the chemical cryptochrome, which bees and other animals use for navigation. The "other animals" part there is key: it includes humans.
Cryptochrome apparently also plays a role in controlling circadian rhythms. If cell phone and tower radiation disturbs cryptochrome molecules, it could have serious consequences for our circadian rhythms, Goldsworthy wrote in a briefing for an independent, British radiation research group last year. Circadian rhythms follow a roughly 24-hour cycle and play a key role in physically, mentally and behaviorally regulating our bodies. Mess with your circadian rhythms and you screw with, among other things, your ability to be well-rested and the associated health benefits. Goldsworthy argues that the link between phone radiation and cryptochrome could then explain the sometimes-found link between cell phones and cancer:

[A]ny weakening of the amplitude of these rhythms means that at no time will any process controlled by them ever function at maximum power. In particular, the immune system may never be able to summon up the overwhelming power that is sometimes needed to overcome pathogens or to destroy developing cancer cells before they get out of control.

Of course, the ostensible link between cell phones and cancer is itself up for debate, but if the evidence starts supporting that connection, then cryptochrome might be at the heart of it all.

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Kucinich Introduces Cell Phone Research, Warning Label Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 30, 2010) -- Today Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) announced his intent to introduce a bill to create a new national research program to study cell phones and health, require an update of the decades-old Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), and grant a consumer's right-to-know by providing for warning labels on cell phones.

"Consumers have a right to know whether they are buying the phone with the lowest – or the highest – level of exposure to cell phone radiation.  They also deserve to have up to date standards, which are now decades old," said Kucinich.

Kucinich first called a hearing on the issue in 2008 as Chair of the Domestic Policy Subcommittee.  Dr. Ronald Herberman, then Director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute testified to the Subcommittee, "I cannot tell this committee that cell phones are dangerous, but I certainly can't tell you they are safe."

Last month, the Interphone study, a major inquiry into the potential links between cell phone use and tumors, concluded that when taken as a whole, there was no link.  However, when the data was broken down, more risk was found and the picture became clearer.  Those using their cell phones only 30 minutes per day or more were found to have a 40% increased risk of a type of brain tumor called glioma.  This risk increases to 96% if the phone is used mostly on one side of the head.

"Some studies find links.  Some don't.  But studies funded by the telecommunications industry are significantly less likely to find a link between cell phones and health effects.  We need a first-class research program to give us answers," said Kucinich.  "Until we know for sure, a labeling law will ensure that cell phone users can decide for themselves the level of risk that they will accept.  Obviously, cell phone companies should not be the ones making that decision for us."



News from Israel

The economic newspaper Globes reports that Liztman - the Health Minister deputy - said that people who want to take care of themselves had better take distance from the antennas. He said that he saw "in my own eyes" how wireless antenna increased the radiation level in an apartment of a parent who died of cancer. He said soon there will be published results of a study he ordered on radiation and he is not afraid to fight the cellular companies and the media.

Another article says that the high court ordered the ministries of environment and communication to explain why the regulations of the cellular law delay for 3 years.

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