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20 June 2010

Residents furious at mobile phone mast

Apr 26 2006 By Sonia Sharma, The Evening Chronicle

A religious leader has come under attack for allowing a mobile phone mast on his church.

Arthur Jowett has had to call in police after protesters vented their anger about plans to put up the Vodafone mast on the tower at Crawcrook Pentecostal Church.

Vandals have glued the locks of the church and attacked the home of the chairman of the church's board of trustees, plastering no-mast posters on windows.

The row started after Vodafone UK applied to put up three antennae and a dish on the church's tower. The tower is 11.6m high and the proposed mast would take it to 14.25m.

The firm made a similar application in October last year, which would have taken the tower's height to 15.7m.

But residents put together a petition of more than 1,000 names against the proposal and the application was turned down by Gateshead Council on the grounds of visual amenity. It said the structure would be too dominating.

Those objectors have vowed to fight this new proposal and have drawn up a petition. They deny being behind the attacks.

Brenda Kane, 56, of Kepier Chare, who helped to collect signatures, said: "We will do anything that's law abiding to try to stop the mast going up. We would certainly not do anything like this."

Despite the row, Mr Jowett, whose church will receive an annual fee from Vodafone, is unrepentant. He said: "I think the people who are protesting are hypocritical. They have all got mobile phones.

"The church tower is quite high and they are only adding a few more metres. The tower was there before the estate."

Christine Squires, 54, who lives next to the church, said: "The height of the tower is slightly lower this time but it's not going to look much different."

Her mum, Elizabeth, said: "It will be an eyesore and out of character even if they lower the height."

People also fear health risks from the mast, but a Vodafone spokeswoman said all equipment complied with guidelines.

She said: "The plan is to extend the tower and match the brickwork. The equipment will be inside the tower.

"All the equipment complies with stringent international guidelines which have the backing of the World Health Organisation."


Future not bright as Orange mobile phone mast refused

Published on Wed Jun 09 10:51:23 BST 2010

PASSIONATE people power has forced planners to reject proposals to erect a 12-metre high mobile phone mast at the junction of Thorpe Road and Audley Gate in Peterborough.

Telecommunications giant Orange had hoped to put up the mast, designed to look like a lamp post, on a grass verge opposite the Thorpe Hall Hospice.

But after objecting residents submitted a 109-signature petition and received backing from all three West Ward councillors, city MP Stewart Jackson and city council leader Cllr Marco Cereste, the plans were rejected by Peterborough City Council's planning committee yesterday at the Town Hall.

Orange had applied to build it there because its current mast for the area is currently on the roof of Peterborough District Hospital and will be lost when the site is demolished and redeveloped.

But residents raised concerns that the new mast would look out of place near to their homes.

Speaking at the meeting, resident John Drewnicky said: "Yes, it may look like street lighting but it is three metres higher than the other lighting in the area.

"This is happening because the existing mast is being moved from the hospital. There are areas there that are not being re-developed but they have not been suggested."

Objections were also raised by Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson who raised concerns about the mast's proximity to homes in Audley Gate, Thorpe Road and Thorpe Park Road.

He also complained about its location near to a major pedestrian route to Jack Hunt School, in Netherton, and the loss of visibility it will cause drivers at the busy road junction.

West Ward councillors Nick Arculus, Matthew Dalton and Samantha Dalton all objected claiming the mast would have an adverse impact on the area's character.

While council leader Marco Cereste waded in to ask planning officers to look for a potential new site for the mast because of the volume of residents' complaints.

City council planning officers recommended that the application be refused and after a short discussion, the nine councillors on the committee, went along their recommendation.

They rejected the proposals on the basis that they would not be in keeping with the area's character, particularly as it would be taller than the other lamp posts.

A spokesperson for Orange said they would decide in the near future if they will appeal. She added: "Orange are currently searching for replacement sites in the area as we have been asked to vacate our existing site at Peterborough District Hospital due to re-development work.

"The site in Thorpe Road would be required, along with three other sites, to maintain the level of coverage that we are currently providing our customers in the area once the existing site is removed from the network.

"During our planning process we try to take the local surroundings and existing street furniture into account to ensure phone masts are as visually unobtrusive as possible.

"Naturally we are disappointed that our planning application has been refused."



There is some VERY disturbing information on the website below.  I had no idea our provincial government would ask that police visit homes of people who oppose wind turbines.  This is deliberate intimidation. 

What is this world coming to?


Begin forwarded message:

From: John Droz jr. <>

Date: June 19, 2010 11:32:35 AM EDT

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Subject: Violation of Canadian Citizen Rights

Canadian Friends:

I don't know about you, but even though I am not a Canadian citizen, I find this development very disturbing:

If that isn't a wake-up call about how far afield things have gone, I don't know what is.

Please see what you can do to get this more widely publicized. Write letters to the editor of your paper. Complain to your representatives. Etc.

The only way such an aggregious violation of citizen rights will stop, is if it is put under the spotlight.


john droz, jr.

physicist & environmental advocate


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