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13 June 2010 Exposes That Cell Phones May Cause Cancerous Brain Tumors

Taylor Dawne, mother of 27 year old Tommy Dawne, who developed a brain tumor writes, "I am in desperate need of your help and prayers, as my son Tommy has developed a deadly brain tumor. Doctors have been able to successfully remove the tumor, but Tommy has suffered permanent brain damage. His medical bills are mounting and the advertising from this site is helping him survive. The doctors are still at a loss as to how he developed the brain tumor. In light of new medical findings, I can only conclude that his 6 years of constantly using a cell phone are the cause. Please, I urge anyone who currently uses a cell phone to stop! If you or anyone you know has developed a brain tumor, and suspect your cell phone is the cause, please let me and your local media know. Thanks for caring about my baby boy, all your emails and prayers have deeply touched my son and I. Tell as many people as you know about cell phone cancer and this website. Hopefully, we can make a difference together and encourage more medical research into cell phone cancer."

Mrs. Dawne has created a website in order to help financially support the future of her son Tommy. Tommy was left with brain damage but appears to be making a quick recovery. Mrs. Dawne asks that all young children stop using their cell phones till further research proves it's safe. Website visitors will be able to view Tommy's progress over the next year. Visitors will also be able to submit their opinion to an online poll regarding cell phones and cancer.

To view new research regarding cell phones and cancer, please visit Mrs. Dawne's website at Visitors to will be able to learn more about the new dangers of cell phones and brain tumors. Mrs. Dawne cites a new medical report issued by Professor Sir William Stewart


If you wish to help Tommy or learn more about cell phones and related cancer risks, please visit 

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Taylor Dawne


Wind turbine lawsuit set

Credit: by Peter Jackson, 9 June 2010

A group of farmers in Midwestern Ontario is turning to the courts in an effort to stop wind turbine development in Central Huron.

But the lawsuit could grow to include residents from across the province.

A proposed class-action lawsuit seeks damages from TTD Wind Project, Twenty-Two Degree Energy Corporation and individuals who put up wind turbines on their properties.

Lawyer Patrick Murphy of the Goderich firm Donnelly and Murphy has been hired to launch the proposed action.

Murphy admits the lawsuit could take years to get to court.

Murphy says his firm will advertise for anyone affected by wind turbines so a class of individuals can be developed.

He says only then can he go to court to apply for certification that his clients are affected by the turbines.

Murphy says there is the potential for the action to become widespread around the province of Ontario.

Murphy says once certification by the Court is achieved the action would become province-wide and not restricted to just Central Huron.

Murphy says his clients take issue with the companies and individuals on several fronts.

He says health concerns top the list including sleep deprivation from wind turbine vibration which can lead to depression.

Murphy says his clients also cite a drop in property values and the loss of enjoyment of their properties.

Last week, the province's Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Arlene King said that while there are irritants linked to wind turbines, there's not enough medical evidence to label them a health hazard.


 - Antennes relais et irradiation de la population :

La Mairie de Bordeaux s'engage explicitement dans le combat de salubrité publique.

- Arrêté exécutoire n° AM-10-74568 du Maire de Bordeaux concernant la Commission de Concertation élargie, l'urbanisme, l'interdiction d'augmentation de puissance et l'interdiction d'installation d'antennes relais dans une zone de 100m d'établissement ou lieu public accueillant des enfants de moins de 12 ans.


Air Tube video

I just uploaded a new clip to you tube at 

In this video I will try to show that most of the radiation that makes its way on the earpiece wire does not reach the ear plugs, meaning it does not reach the user head.

The trick is that the wire does not reach the head, and so does most of the radiation. In a regular wired earpiece some of the radiation makes its way on the wire up to the users head.

Few months ago I got myself a wired ear piece with an Air Tube. I was told that it will limit my exposure to EMR when using the phone to the minimum, much better than a regular wire ear piece. Few weeks later I needed to use my mobile phone and I used it with the wired Air Tube earpiece. I was amazed to see that I feel no pain, even after 3 minutes passed and I was still on the phone. The mobile phone was placed as far as possible from me and I felt OK after the call ended (I am an Electromagnetic hyper sensitive person and exposure to EMR make me feel bed).

Please feel free to forward this email.

Thanks and best regards
No Rad

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