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16June 2010

Hi All

One of the great difficulties for people who suffer from electro hyper sensitivity, is convincing their doctor(s) that their condition is real, that it is extremely serious and that they may need assistance. 

I have removed the personal information from the letter below and have provided it and the attached documents, in case this may be of assistance to others.



Dr. -------------


Dear Dr. ------------

I am writing on behalf of your patient, ------ -------- to help you understand the condition of electro hypersensitivity which she suffers so badly from.

Please look at the attached document the 'Freiburger Appeal', this appeal has been signed by over a thousand German doctors and about thirty five thousand health care professionals who have recognised the adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) and the harm it is causing to their patients.  You should be aware of the wide variety of symptoms caused by exposure to EMR and documented in this appeal.

The next document is 'Five Studies'.  These are five Epidemiology studies of people living in areas near to cell phone towers.  Again please notice the wide variety of harmful effects from this type of (microwave) radiation.

In the document 'Electrosmog Dangers', Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy explains how EMR is harming the body at very low exposure levels.

In the 'Electrohypersensitivity' document Prof. Olle Johansson discusses the illness of electro hyper sensitivity.  He is a world renowned expert on this illness who, I am sure will gladly provide you with further information if you need it.  Please note his reference to another group of medical doctors from Ireland - IDEA, who have also recognised and documented the health effects of EMR.

If you wish to see many more scientific documents about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation, you can visit www.bioinitiative.org where over two thousand studies are referenced.

Health Canada, in their 1999, Safety Code 6 document state (page 11): "Certain members of the general public may be more susceptible to harm from RF [radio frequency] and microwave exposure."

Please view these videos documenting the effects of radio frequency radiation.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-TJXRc5fzo Students interviewed at Collingwood Schools

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EI9fZX4iww Cordless phone affects the heart

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7E36zGHxRw Blood Clumping with EMR exposure

______ ______ does not need to see a psychiatrist, she needs a place to live where she is not exposed and constantly being harmed by electro magnetic fields.  Her health situation is further complicated because of multiple chemical sensitivity, and she must be housed where chemicals and EMR are not part of the environment.

Please help ----------- to gain safe housing.

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall

Co Director WEEP



SF Supervisors Pass Cell Phone Legislation

From: "Doug Loranger" <loranger@sfo.com>

Date: June 15, 2010 5:37:21 PM EDT

By a vote of 10-1, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors today passed Mayor Gavin Newsom's cell phone right-to-know legislation today after 2 amendments clarifying liability issues for the City and small business owners were adopted by unanimous consent.

San Francisco is now the first city in the country to require radiation disclosures at the point of sale of cell phones.  The new law will be phased in over the next 2 years, with large formula retailers to be the first to comply, followed by small independent businesses that sell mobile phones.


Statement on SAR

Hello All,

I had said I would attach our group's statement on SAR but didn't do it in the past email.  Here it is attached.  Also, some of you said you had trouble with the link to the Briefing Book.  Here it is again.  It may take a minute or 2 to upload because it has lots of pictures in it which is why I can't email it.  So please be patient while it uploads.  Thanks so much.

Please Upload Our Briefing Book


Liz et al


Mobile phone users 'five times more likely to develop a brain tumour'

By Fiona Macrae
15th June 2010


Lead researcher Lloyd Morgan said there could be a 'brain tumour pandemic' unless people changed their patterns of mobile phone use. This would include texting rather than holding the phone to the ear.

People who talk on mobile phones are up to five times more likely to develop brain tumours than those who stick to landlines, academics have warned.

They say a number of previous studies into mobile phone safety 'substantially underestimated' the cancer risks and that tumours are much more common on the side of the head to which the mobile is held than on the other side.

After reanalysing the earlier studies they concluded that the risk of these tumours is between 10 and 500 per cent higher with long-term mobile phone use.

Lead researcher Lloyd Morgan warned yesterday that the findings raised the possibility of 'a brain tumour pandemic' unless people change their pattern of mobile phone use.

Mr Morgan, of the Environmental Health Trust, a U.S. campaign group, spoke out after re-examining the figures from six previous studies.

These included a Swedish one which originally concluded that people who used
mobile phones for at least ten years were 3.9 times more likely to develop an acoustic neuinroma  -  a non-cancerous tumour  -  on a nerve near the ear to which they held their phone compared to those who rarely or never used the devices.

The reanalysis, designed to take into account flaws in the design of the study which could have skewed the results, put the increased risk at 4.9 times.

Another study had concluded that ten years of mobile phone use raised the odds of 'same side' gliomas  -  aggressive brain tumours  -  by 60 per cent.

But if the new technique is applied, the risk is raised by 100 per cent, a scientific conference in Seoul, South Korea, will hear today.

Reanalysis of a third study concluded that every 100 hours of mobile phone use raises the odds of meningioma, another common brain cancer, by 24 per cent.

The results of some of these studies were included in the world's largest study on mobile phone safety.

Released to much fanfare in May, the Interphone project concluded that ten or more years of mobile phone use raised the risk of a glioma appearing on the side of the head to which the phone is held by 21 per cent.

The British scientists involved in the study said the figures were flawed and urged people not to worry.

They pointed out that some of those who took part claimed to have used their mobiles for more than 12 hours a day ten years ago  -  something which was 'incredibly implausible'.

In addition, brain growths can affect memory, meaning some of those with tumours may have over-estimated how much they had used their phone.

Mr Morgan's team crunched the same figures but tried to factor in the effect of various design flaws.

This showed the increased odds of 'same side' gliomas to be 51 per cent  - more than twice as high as estimated in the May study.

However, British cancer experts said predictions of a 'brain tumour pandemic' were overblown. Ed Yong, of Cancer Research UK, said: 'Even after the minor adjustments reported in this new analysis, the results from the overall Interphone study are still either not statistically significant, or right on the borderline.'

John Cooke, of the Mobile Operators Association, which represents the industry, said a World Health Organisation fact sheet last month stated that 'to date, no adverse health effects have been established for mobile phone use'.


Shelter for MCS and EHS

There is a new non-profit group to help those with MCS and EHS.  For  more information visit their website at:


Co-founders are:  Julie Genser and Julie Laffin.

Note:  they have an elementary school outreach program in the works  for those of you on the list concerned about schools.



Interphone revisited and inappropriate Welsh Assembly leaflets for children

Welsh primary children get the OK to use mobile phones despite real concerns about their future health

Click here for the full news story



Heat & humidity affect wireless high speed signals


With Execulink's wireless high speed internet, the internet signal is sent directly from one of our towers to a receiver on the outside of your home. If you subscribe to this service, it's good for you to know that there are weather conditions that can affect the quality of your service during the summer months.

In order for your wireless internet service to function at its best, the signal is sent in a straight line from our tower to your home. With high heat and humidity, a condition called "thermal inversion layer" occurs. This is when signals are bent upward or downward which results in the signal not reaching the receiver on the outside of your home. This can remain in place for days or even weeks and can often vary depending on the time of day.

The second condition that occurs is called "atmospheric ducting". In this case the signal travels at the proper angle but it is carried over a great distance which means that it can interfere with other signals in your area. An example of this is when you hear a radio station from very far away only during certain times of the year.

Although both of these conditions are not within our control, we hope that you have gained a better understanding of summer time weather conditions that can affect your wireless service.

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