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WHY OUR URBAN TREES ARE DYING / Ontario region struggles to make sense of suicides / Crack Down on Mercury / Is the IEEE a criminal organization? / Murderous Microwaves

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2 March 2011


Congratulations to Niek van het Wout and the citizens and officials at Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands for pointing the finger at cell phone and WiFi radiation as being a major cause of deformations and early death in urban trees. Niek was just a concerned citizen who gathered photographic evidence from all over Europe and conducted simple experiments using an ordinary multimeter to collect information on the effects of the radiation on the electrophysiology of local trees. His results were sufficient to convince both myself and Andre van Lammeren of Wageningen University of the need for further investigation using Faraday cages with WiFi access points as the source of radiation. The work is still ongoing but the initial results show definite detrimental effects of WiFi radiation on the physiology of the trees under test.

Their work was presented at a Symposium on Feb 18th, in which I also gave a lecture on the likely biochemical mechanisms underlying microwave damage in general and those on trees in particular. You can find a short article based on a transcript of this at


More information on the adverse effects of radio-frequency radiation on plants and trees can be found at


Try as they may, the cell phone operators cannot claim that these effects are on trees are psychosomatic. We are now finding out not just what the radiation is doing to plants and trees but also the mechanisms by which it does it. At least some of these mechanisms may also apply to humans.

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(Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy)


Ontario region struggles to make sense of suicides

Feb 21, 2011
Town shares suicide story The Town of Perth, Ont. is hoping to raise suicide awareness after six young men took their lives in the span of a few weeks, the CBC's Jeff Semple reports Watch: 4:25

Ottawa MorningTeen Suicides Feb 22 - A Valley town comes to terms with the suicide of six teens. Listen: 11:09

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Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among teenagers in Ottawa, but in Lanark County, it is the number one concern.

Six young men took their own lives in the space of a few weeks, a series of shocks that left the town of Perth and people in the surrounding area not knowing how to respond.

"It was a time when we really took stock," said Perth Mayor John Fenik. "I think we took a good look around, to see what we could do for each other."

The town has since held several community meetings on the topic of depression and suicide, with the goal of making it something that can be talked about.

The following audio slideshow tells part of the story of one of these young men — Jesse Graham — through the voices of his friend Krystal Shannon and his mother Shelly Graham

Note - Electro magnetic fields are linked to depression.


Feds to Crack Down on Products with Mercury

Dental fillings and fluorescent lights, will be excluded from the legislation

by Jessica Murphy, Parliamentary Bureau

The Calgary Sun

March 1, 2011


OTTAWA — The federal government is moving to crack down on the manufacture, import and sale of most mercury-containing products.

The tougher legislation is expected to eventually remove 4.5 tonnes of mercury-containing products from the marketplace, according to Environment Canada.

In the environment, mercury can transform into a chemical called methylmercury, a dangerous substance that can easily seep into the food chain and can cause brain, nerve, kidney and lung damage in humans when consumed.

A recent Canadian Health Measures Survey, which looked at 5,600 people across the country from 2007 to 2009, found mercury in 88% of Canadians.

In response, the feds announced Monday they were kick starting the legislative process that would restrict amount of mercury-containing consumer products in Canada.

Some products, including dental fillings and fluorescent lights, will be excluded from the legislation. The new laws are slated to be finalized by 2012, following a series of public consultations.

Most consumer products containing mercury are imported. Domestic manufacturing is limited to products like lamps and neon signs.

Mercury is currently banned in children's products in Canada.

Canada's move is part of an international push to reduce the amount of the dangerous chemical in the environment.

The global annual cost of methylmercury pollution is estimated to reach $20 billion by 2020.

The price tag for the proposed legislation is expected to be $4.2 million for the government and $5.9 million for importers and consumers over 20 years.


Is the IEEE a criminal organization?

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE

(By 2010, IEEE had over 395,000 members in 160 countries. Through its worldwide network of geographical units, publications, web services, and conferences, IEEE remains the world's largest technical professional association).

Back in 1983, before cell phones, before cordless phones, before Wi Fi, before antennas were everywhere and before our environment became polluted with microwave radiation and before many 'modern diseases' existed, a large book was published by the IEEE press. The book is 591 pages long and the title is "Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation", Edited by John M. Osepchuk. The book goes into great detail and describes scientific research which showed many serious biological effects caused by exposure to electro magnetic radiation.

In 1983 the IEEE was obviously very concerned about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation, but what has happened since then? In the years since that time the IEEE has become the organization that sets the standards for electrical, electronic, wireless and microwave emitting equipment that is widely used and is polluting our homes, our businesses and our environment.

Many members of IEEE are earning large paycheques by designing and making equipment that we know is making people very ill. The IEEE appear to be ignoring the mass of scientific evidence which clearly shows serious adverse health and biological effects, caused by electro magnetic radiation. Significant adverse health effects are being caused by equipment operating at levels of exposure which are many times below the guidelines which they say are safe.

Have they lost their morals and sacrificed the health and safety of everyone, for their own profit? Are their actions criminal?

Martin Weatherall


The story below shows the callous way that serious warnings by knowledgeable and concerned people are regarded and treated by the IEEE

Murderous Microwaves

Three books take on conventional wisdom about the health risks of electromagnetic fields

March 2011 http://spectrum.ieee.org/telecom/wireless/murderous-microwaves/3

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