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It's Time to Take Action Against Smart Meters / Dear FCC / Tablets will strain Wi-Fi networks / final Wi-Fi arguments / Schools go wireless / MCS in Japan / Cell Mast fight in Pointe-Claire

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5 March 2011

Nina Beety: "It's Time to Take Action Against Smart Meters" 

The health issues are real and substantial. ... one-time brief exposure that does not produce heating (thermal) effects. ... Our butterfly sanctuary is currently under siege from microwave rf emissions from Wi-Fi and wireless devices, ...
Dear FCC Chairman & Commissioners,

Please say NO to AT&T's request to dismantle land lines. This is an
odd request at a time when it is becoming overwhelmingly apparent that
we are all being negatively affected by ever increasing levels of wifi
and cell phone electropollution. 3% or more of the population suffers
from electromagnetic hypersensitivity and needs to have land lines,
these people can not use cell phones at all, even for short calls, never.
Moreover, the rest of us are probably being negatively affected by the
pulsed RF radiation from cell phones, maybe we don't get sick
immediately or if we are sick we don't make the connection, but down the
road this may be the factor that tips us towards cancer or autoimmune
disease. 6,500 doctors have signed the Freiburger Appeal stating that
electromagnetic sensitivity is the probable cause for numerous illnesses
they are seeing in many of their patients. Dr. Devra Davis, a prominent
epidemiologist formerly with the NIH, has researched cell phones and
concluded that they are dangerous to our health, you can read all about
this in her book Disconnect. Please consider the Precautionary
Principle here.

If you let AT&T dismantle the land line system I will no longer be able
to conduct my business and pay taxes as I refuse to harm my health with
wifi or cell phone usage in my home, due to the negative health effects
of these technologies. Furthermore, I am raising a family and refuse to
expose my children to such added radiation in the home. We and many
other families will be forced onto the welfare roles and create an added
financial burden on society in this event.

Keep the landline telephone system intact, it has served us well for
many many years, cell phones are dangerous to our health.


Susan W. Vican
Sebastopol, CA

Growth of tablets will strain Wi-Fi networks

Most will be Wi-Fi models that depend on getting Internet access from networks at work, at home, at hotels and restaurants, and even medical centers and schools. Experts are warning that many users will be disappointed by the performance of those ...
Note - What this means is that we are facing a massive increase in wireless radiation to keep up with these dangerous devices.
Saanich News
By Natalie North - Saanich News The Greater Victoria School District has no plans to remove wireless Internet from schools, following the last of three Wi-Fi committee meetings Monday. Trustees on the special committee went home with plenty of ...
The district has received a $1 million federal grant to install Wi-Fi at all of its 15 schools, schools spokeswoman Regan Huneycutt said today. ...

MCS in Japan

Cell Mast fight in Pointe-Claire
Here is update of what is happening in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.
There was another article published the Gazette.


Sir Paul McCartney's fame academy in phone mast controversy

Please read today's news in the Liverpool Echo and the Liverpool Daily Post about a phone mast application for Sir Paul McCartney's Liverpool Performing Arts School (LIPA).  I have provided evidence/research on the dangers of phone masts to LIPA and sent a direct appeal to Sir Paul McCartney asking him to help with regards to stopping the mast application for his fame school.  The planning application is due to be heard in the Liverpool Town Hall on Tuesday morning.

Eileen O'Connor

Director, EM Radiation Research Trust




Zac Goldsmith, Conservative Member of Parliament for Richmond Park & North Kingston recently objected to the application of a phone mast near schools in his constituency, citing unknown health risks and the presence of several nearby schools. Download full statement here:


Cancers up as sperm quality down
Sperm quality has significantly deteriorated as rates of testicular cancer have risen, a study in Finland has found.
Dear Concerned Citizens,

At least one set of transmitting meters being used does not seem to be UL listed.  As noted below, many state and local ordinances require UL listing in order for it to be legal to install.    Please take a moment to write down the manufacturer, model information, serial number, and any other identifying from your transmitting utility meters.  Then search the Underwriters Laboratory database at or call them at 1.877.854.3577 in the US.  (Phone numbers to contact in other countries can be found at  )  
If you speak directly to UL, which would be a good idea if you do not find your meter in the database, please get the name of the person you speak to, please also note particulars of the conversation and the date it occurred.

If you find that your meters - electrical, water or gas - have not been tested and approved, it may give you, your town, city, county, or state a basis to require removal of the meters.  Please check into the relevant laws under "electrical"....   A sample is below.

When you have done this, please relay what you have found - Meter type, manufacturer, model information, serial number, and any other identifying from your transmitting utility meters, whether it is UL approved - along with approval numbers, where you live - town and state is fine, and your utility to the EMR Policy Institute (contact info below) so it can be collected and tabulated.  

Additionally, please send/call in  this information to Consumers Union and Consumer Reports.  Product safety is their job.  If you are experiencing health problems related to the meters, please let them know.  Request that they investigate the safety of the transmitting meters.  I am pasting links to some potentially useful supplemental information below.
Consumer Reports 
This is their email contact form.  You will need to select Consumer Reports Magazine, Share an experience, Reporting a safety issue in the successive pulldown menus. 

Please distribute this widely.



Again thanks for being on the show last Sunday.

(Special Guest Host Victor Viggiani speaks to one of the leading researchers on the history and health affects of RF and Microwave radiation, and the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity, and ground current.  

They'll also discuss the latest information on the health affects of cell phone radiation, what the cell phone radiation has done to hide it and how to protect your family.  Is Wireless Internet, which is increasingly finding its way into our childrens' schools, safe?  Are microwave ovens a health hazard?  What are the health affects of living in the shadow of a cell phone tower? )

Below is the web site at which you can download the show. It is in two segments. Please feel free to use/distribute it as you wish to friends - colleagues etc.

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Take care and please stay in touch with me if there any further significant developments.

Victor Viggiani

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