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20 March 2011

Human Frequency

Wireless radiation is interfering with our natural body frequency.

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Canadian Nuclear Plant Leaks Radioactive Water Into Lake Ontario

And we didn't even have an earthquake!



Letter to

The Peak

Simon Fraser University

Re -

Dear Opinions Editor

The opinion By Ian Bushfield Vol 137, Issue 10, March 14, 2011 (bogus health scare) has serious mistakes. He claims that there is no study which shows that electro hypersensitivity exists, but he fails to refer to the scientific research of Prof. Magda Havas which clearly shows that wireless radiation has serious adverse effects on the heart of some people: .

There are also several studies that have shown very serious harm and cancer caused by radiation from cell phones masts ( see attached ). Wi Fi is much like having a cell phone mast right inside your home or classroom, a very serious mistake.

If you were to read the IEEE publication from 1984 titled - Biological Effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation, you would learn that the IEEE were aware 35 years ago, that microwave radiation (as used by Wi Fi, Cell Phones and Cordless phones etc), causes very serious adverse health effects. Today, the IEEE simply declares the technology is safe, because many of its members earn their living from developing and making wireless equipment.

Mr. Bushfield should have read the Bio Initiative Report ( ) before he made comments which may be harmful to your readers by providing them with a false sense of security and failing to warn them of a real danger. The Bio Initiative Report is a major review of the scientific evidence showing harm caused by EMR, it refers to over two thousand scientific studies which have found biological effects caused by electro magnetic radiation.

The comments by Mr. Bushfield may be suitable for a comic book, but they are not appropriate for a University publication. He also should realise that every person is electro sensitive, it just depends on the level of exposure. He should be aware that each of us is different and each is susceptible at various levels, to any number of diseases and various things that can harm us, including wireless radiation.

I am not a Luddite, I have been exposed and have used high tech wireless equipment for over forty years. I now suffer greatly from electro hyper-sensitivity, something I can assure you, that you would not want to happen to you. I also know many other people exposed to high tech equipment, who have also developed this condition.

The effects of microwave radiation may take several years to take effect and you may find yourself struck down by it later in life. Just imagine not being able to work, not being able to live in your home, not able to visit people who have Wi Fi and cordless phones in their homes, not able to go shopping and constantly avoiding exposure to wireless exposure. Of course you may not become EHS, but instead develop cancer and one of the many other modern illnesses which have arrived at the same time as the mass exposure of people by microwave radiation.

Your readers need to take precautions now, before they are badly harmed.


Martin Weatherall

PS How many students at Simon Fraser are studying the health effects of electro magnetic radiation? How many across North America? As microwave radiation exposure is probably the most significant health threat of our generation, you may be surprised by the answer.


EDITORIAL: Smart meters are a dumb idea

Bureaucrats shouldn't have control over the nation's appliances

Washington Times

Homeowners from coast to coast are growing upset over the "smart meter" devices that utilities are foisting on them by the millions, with the full backing of the administration. The meters are being marketed as energy savers enabling consumers to ...


Ottawa smart-meter billing delayed for some - Ottawa - CBC News

Hydro Ottawa won't meet a June deadline to switch over all 300000 of its customers to a new peak and off-peak billing system, an official said Thursday.

Smart and Hydro Ottawa should never be used in the same sentence. Just take a second to look at the top 250 salaries for Ontario Power Generation (see link below). The bottom guy on the list still makes $212,419.89 + 1,326.60 in taxable benefits, that was back in 2009 so I am sure he has received a raise. People who work for the hydro companies are making enough money not to be that concerned about the prices. Normally in the private sector if you mismanage your company, you go under plan and simple. With the Hydro companies, they literally have a limitless source of income, being US, the consumer. No matter how poorly they run the company, the customers will always be there to pay. The Ontario Energy Board should also be investigated. How can they justify granting Hydro companies price increases to cover the debt they incurred by mismanagement? Just so you know, the "Debt Retirement Charge" is currently scheduled to run until somewhere between 2015-2018.

IMO the only way to get these companies to be accountable for themselves and to get their wages and hydro prices down to were they should be, is for every consumer to refuse to bay there Hydro bill. People will generally just complain to each other about the ridicules cost of hydro, and that's where it ends, but if the people got together and no one was paying, you would see some action.


Court of Appeal France - Chernobyl

Chernobyl cloud in France: the prosecutor's office in favor of a non-place

(AFP) - March 18, 2011

PARIS - The prosecutor general will require a non-place in the investigation of the transition in France of the Chernobyl radioactive cloud at a hearing of the Court of Appeal in Paris on March 31, to the chagrin of the plaintiffs, said here Friday from sources.

The investigating chamber of the Court of Appeal in Paris on March 31 to consider an appeal by Professor Pierre Pellerin, indicted for aggravated deception in this case, against the refusal of the judge responsible for the investigation of ordering a dismissal, it was learned from the cabinet of Mr. Bernard Fau, lawyer for the plaintiffs.

The investigating judge Marie-Odile Bertella-Geffroy has been suspended in parallel in this case, pending the decision of the appellate court, sources said.

"This approach aims to suppress a criminal investigation on the major issue of the official communication to the populations at nuclear disaster, which is absolutely intolerable," responded Chantal Lhoir, co-president of the French Association thyroid patients (AFMT), in a statement.

The association asked the Minister of Justice Michel Mercier prevent any "interference" in the process of investigation, in particular that does not require the prosecution does not proceed in this matter.

In the days that followed the explosion of reactor number 4 of the Central Ukrainian Chernobyl April 26, 1986, the Central Service for Protection against ionizing radiation (SCPRI), directed by Professor Pierre Pellerin, had issued several press releases reassuring , arguing in part that "the relative increase of radioactivity" in France was "very far below regulatory limits.

The investigation on the transition in France from the Chernobyl cloud, was opened in July 2001 following a complaint from the MSG and the Commission of Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity (CRIIRAD).

Mr. Pellerin is one indicted in the case.



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