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Maine cell phone warning label bil / EMF Petition read in Canadian Parliament / Letter to Dr. Klassen / A message / Japan Radiation / Smart meters are anything but smart / Dumb Idea

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29 March 2011

Cell Phone warning Bill

Press Release Maine

NON-THERMAL language added to cell phone/warning label bill...

Many thanks to Rep. Andrea Boland for incorporating this most important language of non-thermal effects into The Children's Wireless Protection Act in the state of Maine and to all those who are working towards exposing this horrific and shamelessly covered up information on wireless devices/infrastructure and health effects.

Sincerely, Liz et al

See the attached document



EMF Petition read in Canadian Parliament

From: Simms.S@parl.gc.ca
To: gerryhiggins55@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011

Here is the link to the YouTube video.


Serena Lambe

Parliamentary Assistant
Office of Scott Simms, MP
Bonavista-Gander-Grand Falls-Windsor

Well done Gerry Higgins


Letter to

Dr. Miriam Klassen

Perth County Medical Officer of Health

See the attached Word Document

also forwarded with this message to:

Stratford City Council

28 March 2011

Dear Members of Council

Because of the City's widespread use of wireless technology and the poor example you are providing to the public, you should be aware of this information about the dangers that wireless radiation poses ( see the attached letter ).

Please consider the children of Stratford who are already suffering from lymphoma and leukemia and try and make the City safer for all other children.

Please de-commission the city wide Wi Fi system, encourage wired connections, educate the public about the dangers of wireless radiation and find a way of greatly reducing the widespread and dangerous microwave radiation emitted by smart meters.


Martin Weatherall


A message for George Monbiot

In your column in the Guardian newspaper 22nd March 2011, you announced that the Fukushima disaster has made you stop worrying
and love nuclear power...



Japan Radiation Readings

Here is an other smart use of Google earth and data from users with Geiger counters in Japan :


Map of realtime equivalent dose radiation readings in *microsieverts per
hour ( ┬ÁSv / h) * from Japan.

Would be nice to have these maps for EHS people for non ionising radiation as well!

Good luck from the Netherlands,
Marcel Honsbeek
Dutch EHS Foundation


Smart meters are anything but smart


I'm writing in opposition to allowing Smart-Meter installations. The public needs to be informed. (I believe) smart meters will blanket the city 24/7 with electromagnetic fields.

Many cities in California have put a moratorium on these meters and have criminalized these in some cities. These meters are not accurate in many instances and many are worried that criminals will be able to read your meter, which gives them a good indication if you are home or not, leading to break-ins.

I lost my beautiful 28-year-old son from glioblastoma brain cancer in 2008. His neurosurgeon from Poway, Calif., told our family it was cell-phone use. My son Rich's only enjoyment during the last couple of months of his life was to take hourlong showers a couple of times per day. I would not have cared if this would have cost me $10,000 a month; that would be my choice. Many people do not have the option of worrying about their power usage because of health-related issues.

The public needs to type in, "Does non-ionizing radiation damage living tissues or cells?" on the Internet. There is the real answer at


New Mexico defeated the installation of these. House fires have occurred from faulty installations of these meters in Texas, beside the outrageous, very outrageous cost of implementing these Smart Meters, which are anything but smart.

Virginia Farver,
Fort Collins


Ironically-Named 'Smart Meters' Prove to Be a Dumb Idea

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