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13 March 2011

BC Hydro`s wireless `Smart Meters`

Please take the time to learn more about BC Hydro`s wireless `Smart Meters` coming to all our homes this summer. Now is the time to voice your concerns as it will affect us all.

To all,

A growing number of British Columbians are very concerned over the uninvited roll out of BC Hydro's wireless 'Smart' Meters to begin this summer for many different reasons and are increasingly frustrated with the lack of information provided by BC Hydro officials with no clear answers for the public and no resolutions offered to the many legitimate concerns voiced. It would seem reasonable as a Crown Corporation that BC Hydro officials would first address key questions that include details on energy conservation, cost increases, privacy protection, fire safety concerns, and very importantly, accommodation of electromagnetic sensitive persons and the potential long term health impacts before ever installing a single meter.

With the expenditure of nearly a billion of tax payer's dollars, one would expect a comprehensive and independent analysis of energy and cost savings to determine the benefit of using smart meters, especially given that many unhappy consumers elsewhere sharply challenge any advantage to these new meters, stating their monthly rates have doubled, even tripled.

Some people are even reporting serious health symptoms such as headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, and sleep disruptions once the new meters were installed. Some reports have even linked home fires in the USA with Smart Meters with ongoing investigation still underway.

Security also remains a top concern with confidential information from wireless transmissions remaining vulnerable to hackers as evidenced by the 179,000 illegally accessed accounts at Toronto Hydro that allowing personal information and data on usage habits to be stolen.

With the exemption of Smart Meters from all public oversight and with apparent conflict of interest in the awarding of contracts for Smart Meters, many feel there has been a sided stepping of the democratic process and blatant obstruction of truth adding only further to the air of non transparency that shrouds our dysfunctional parliament today. Many also feel their rights have been violated with forced compliance mandated to all British Columbians with no opting out of smart meters.

We witnessed on Wednesday night at the Pacific Coast Hotel many Victorians outraged over being told wireless smart meters will be going on their homes even though they are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and will be negatively impacted by the radio frequency signals emitted by the wireless meters. Officials at BC Hydro could not say if there will be a `wired`option for meters. The Canadian Human Rights Commission recognizes this environmental sensitivity and states that all reasonable measures should be taken to accommodate those affected by using hard wiring and fiber optic cable wherever possible.

Around the globe many are trying to raise awareness to the growing scientific evidence that proves long term exposure to even low levels of radio frequency, microwave radiation from such things as cell towers, cell phones, DECT phones, Wi-Fi/Wi-Max, and now Smart Meters, is harmful to health. Newer digital technology emits pulsed and modulated signals that are more disruptive to living biology and needs to be seen as a harmful environmental pollutant as researchers have been verifying through decades of research, however, largely concealed to the public and ignored by politicians worried about keeping their jobs.

Plans to install smart meters should be stopped immediately considering the obvious dissent taking place in many states in the USA over these same wireless smart meters. It is very disconcerting that some states have banned Smart Meters including 32 counties in California, with Marin County criminalizing any further installation! However, the current government and BC Hydro officials do not want to slow down to examine the conflicts taking place elsewhere first to gain a more comprehensive picture of the problems before going ahead. Is BC Hydro really looking out for our best interest and making the right choice for the public, deciding on the most 'green' initiative for the buck that supports sustainable energy and that does not threaten human health or the living environment? Many would say NO!!

If the over flowing public meeting held the other night was any indication of the larger scale of British Columbians and how they feel about Smart Meters, there is a hurricane of trouble trouble coming that surely indicates we need to go back to the table on this one. People are fired up and deeply unsatisfied with BC Hydro's plan, how it was implemented, and the lack of information available to the public.

Let's do our best to keep raising awareness and hopefully put a stop to the insanity of wireless `Smart Meters` that does us and our environment more harm than good. We can do better this and our future generations deserve nothing less.

Tammy Jeske
Advocate for safer technology


Interview with BC HYDRO SMART METER rep Cindy Verschoor

Please Listen to this interview :

Transcript of this audio files most important points :

"We have NOT conducted any studies on the EFFECTS of wireless technology"

"It could be wired or wireless"

"We do understand that some customers do have some concerns about technology

and that there are some people who are sensitive to wireless technology

and in those cases we will work directly with those customers to find mutually beneficial solutions so we can still service them "

for more information


The meters aren't smart

Re: Get smart about smart meters — March 10

This editorial fails to mention the impact on seniors who live at home. We have had a senior living in our home for over 10 years who has problematic breathing issues. We have to keep heating this house during the cold days and in the summer we need to run the air conditioning and furnace filtration system so she can at least breathe comfortably. I suspect that being in a high allergy area we are not the only ones.

Where is the justice of charging more for electricity during prime times so our people with disabilities can live and breathe comfortably? No thought for the poor or seniors has gone into the process of installing these cash-cow smart meters. I suggest Energy Minister Brad Duguid and the Liberals have their heads buried in the sand. The poor get poorer as the rich dream how to rob them.

Harry Ims



Position Paper on Electromagnetic Radiation in a School ...

The decision states that it is important for schools to be as "clean" as possible from electromagnetic radiation.

The education system should be instructed, as a matter of principle, to give preference to existing technologies that are relatively safe and simple, such as the use of wired systems instead of using WLAN and WiFi.



Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

for your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens' Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog
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