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Tower Was Dangerous / Hosts of Cellphone Towers Are Liable For Lawsuits / Smart Meter Invasion of Privacy / City fails its citizens

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20 April 2010

Hi Martin,

Besides destruction of a cell tower, the article says that France is spending 172 million euros pulling Wi-Fi out of schools and that in 8 countries around the world, cell phones sales to youth under 16 has been banned.



Mochudi Mascom Tower Was Dangerous- British Scientist


A visiting British microwaves scientist has claimed that the Mascom tower that used to stand on the royal hill in Mochudi was just too dangerous for people's health.

Barrie Trower, was hosted by Bakgatla for a one-day workshop on the dangers of cellphone technology at Rasesa Lodge on Friday.

Unknown people destroyed the Mascom tower early this year after the Bagatla tribe resolved in a kgotla meeting it would be demolished so that their Kgosi Nkolo, Kgafela II, could return to the palace to rule his nation.

Before that the youthful ruler lived in Median village because he feared that his life as well as those of the young children he is raising would be compromised if they lived under the Mascom tower. Gael insists that his father, the late Kiosk Lynched II, who died of brain tumour in 2007, suffered from the effects of the microwaves emitted by the tower.

Police are said to be investigating the destruction of the tower with the aim of prosecuting the perpetrators.

Trower, who says he has been engaged by several European governments in the field of microwaves, and cellphone technology, says he recommends that cellphone towers be located seven kilometres away from a community. "That is for an average one, but for a bigger tower like the one that was on the hill, it should be nine kilometres.

Trower said unlike other waves, microwaves are especially dangerous because they can penetrate any object.

He told the workshop that cellphones are unsafe for use by children under 16 years of age because the microwaves can destroy their still growing immune systems.

Trower said children exposed to cell phone towers, which are usually erected near homes, schools and churches are at a greater risk because the microwaves attack their immune systems before they are fully functional. He said the microwaves easily penetrate children's soft bones, skulls and bone marrow resulting in all sorts of ailments.

Trower said young women are also in danger especially those sleeping near cellphone towers. "Young women have delicate cells that cannot withstand radiation...if you sleep near a microwave field, cancer cells that are usually produced by the body are being destroyed, thereby increasing chances of cancer".

He also said ovaries in young women can be adversely affected as microwave radiation can alter their genetic structure, resulting in genetically deformed children which will go for generations. "This is where it stops being fun and games...there is no known safety level for microwave radiation which is safe for children...the World Health Organisation announced last year to the European Parliament they may have an idea in 2015," Trower said.

However, Trower said after his presentation in France, that that country's government is now spending 172 million Euros pulling WIFI systems out of schools. He also said around the world today eight countries have banned the use of cellphones for children less than 16 years of age.

Some of the psychological effects of exposure to cellphone radiation among children, according to Trower include aggressive behaviour, suicidal tendencies among the youth, poor concentration in the classroom, leukaemia, cancer and poor immune system.

However, the scientist offered hope, saying that the cell phone industry can choose to drastically reduce the radiation level although that may affect their revenues. " You can have your cellphones, it just has to be set at a lower level, and eight countries have now adopted the safer level".

However, the scientist said naturally the industry would want to pump up more microwaves power to make profits by offering features like video and movie downloads. With the World Cup coming to South Africa in a few weeks' time, Trower said the cellphone industry would want to enable subscribers to download World Cup matches highlights.

The scientist also lashed at the cellphone industry for taking advantage of the communities' ignorance when they introduce cellphones.

He said the telecommunications industry should ideally follow the International Certificate for Non-Ionizing in their operations but they do not follow the guidelines to the letter. "They are naughty...it says children, and the elderly need different microwave level. So before they put it up (the cellphone tower), they should find out first about the children, and the elderly in the locality and also ask the community to report any cases of ailment that might arise as a result of the tower", Trower told the workshop.


Hosts of Cellphone Towers Are Liable For Lawsuits - Scientist

Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe
Staff Writer


Many plot owners who earn money from hosting cellphone towers in their homes may not have a clue that they are the ones liable to be sued for radiation, not the cellphone companies.

This emerged from a presentation by a world renown scientist in the field of microwaves, Barrie Trower of Britain, to Bakgatla at Rasesa on Friday in which he said even at low levels, microwave emissions can be very dangerous.

Infact, microwaves were first used as stealth weapons by governments to destroy dissidents and political opponents.

Trower told the workshop, that during his researches in the UK and the US, he had realised that many plot owners hosting the cellphone towers had no idea that the cellphone companies had absolved themselves from any legal blameworthiness emanating from the towers and had placed such culpability squarely on the plot owners' shoulders.

Further, it emerged from a recent international conference hosted by financiers in Europe that the cellphone industry did not have insurance cover for lawsuits emanating from cellphone towers and that their contracts with the plot owners actually stated that it is the plot owners who shoulder the blame.

The workshop was attended by industry representatives and government officials, among others, while Trower was the guest of Bakgatla.

He said he knew of a court case in which a plot owner was happy to receive the equivalent of P100,000 a year for hosting a cellphone tower on his farm but was sued for $4 million by his neighbours after the tower became a health hazard that resulted in the value of their properties falling.

Many homes host cellphone towers in Botswana and are happy to receive monthly payments averaging P2,000. Trower said it is a pity that many plot owners do not know the legal troubles they get themselves into by agreeing to host the cellphone towers and signing legal documents to that effect.

Trower, who is also a retired military intelligence scientist who specialised in the area of microwaves, said the contracts plot owners have been made to sign also state that they do not have an option to remove the towers from theit plots while they may opt not to receive the money.

He blamed governments of developed countries, especially the US, for keeping the dangers of microwaves a secret from the public for many years.

Brandishing a document he said remained the US government's top secret, Trower said the report, which was compiled in 1972 by the US Navy Medical Research Institute, said there were 2,300 published papers showing that microwaves cause cancer.

"They said governments around the world should keep it a secret so the industry can make a profit," he said. "It is the most dangerous document ever to be produced.

Trower, who trained at the Government Microwave Warfare Establishment and worked with the Underwater Bomb disposal unit which used microwave, told the Rasesa workshop that microwaves were first used as stealth weapons by governments to destroy dissidents.

"They would beam microwaves at people and communities regarded as dissidents or terrorists," he said. "They would then fall ill and lose the desire to fight. For 60 years they (the governments) have been developing this."

The scientist also said he used to interrogate Russian spies during the Cold War who confessed that microwaves could be used at different levels to weaken even the minds of political opponents.



Smart Meter Invasion of Privacy

I had not, until this morning, thought about checking youtube for smart meter info.  wow!

All the videos talking about the good points of the meters are from utility and device companies.  The real truth comes from consumers.

Do check out:


March 2010 "The California Public Utility Commission is moving forward with an investigation into PG&G's new smart meters...."

I think EVERYONE !!!  should see this one !!!


"PG&E Smart Meter Invasion of Privacy "

PG&E has installed 5 million meters. They plan to install 3million more.

Customers are complaining about sky rocketing bills.  There is a budding rebellion among customers.   

Mark Dieteman put his old meter under lock and key, trying to lock out the meters.   He said it is an invasion of his privacy.  They allow the meters to remotely read a customer's usage every hour. In the future that will allow homeowners to monitor their usage.    

Dieteman says it allows PG&E to come into your home any time and know what appliances you are using them, when, how.  It is corporate intrusion on
your life.  

Attorney Lee Tien with the EFF:  The privacy of the home is the most important value. It could tell the govt, the police what's going on in your home. Inside your home is where the govt is not supposed to intrude w/o a warrant.  When this data is flowing freely, this data gets outside this protected boundary and you start to have a problem.

Which can then bring you to:

And then:

"Vacaville Smart Meter Bill Stumps PG&E, Reporting, Anna Werner"

What's going on with PG&E's new Smart Meters?

A CBS 5 investigation prompted more than a hundred viewers to write in with horror stories about huge bills and excessive energy usage. Pacific Gas & Electric has insisted there are reasons that explain the complaints away. But CBS 5 has now found a case they can't explain.    

After CBS 5's investigation, PG&E admitted that at least one new Smart Gas Meter may have been improperly installed. But we were told not a single electric meter had a problem, until now.  ... SNIP

Then there is the situation in the UK:


December 03, 2009  - New Labour want to force consumers to have smart meters for their electricity. So that's a few thousand meter readers on the employment scrap heap, instead claiming the dole. Meanwhile this wheeze will allow the government to say "You've used too much electric today, we're cutting you off."

"They want to put them in all 26 million homes in Britain, estimate to help most households save 28 pounds / year and cost 8 billion pounds.

The role of smart meters will start accelerating in 2-3 years time.  One way or another, they will start impacting on all of us."



City's hands tied on cellphone towers



Last Updated: April 19, 2010 6:00pm

Size isn't everything — unless, of course, you're talking cellphone towers.

In which case, size is the only thing.

Size pretty much guarantees every homeowner in Calgary will soon live within sight of a 14.9-metre tall cellphone tower, with 300 of the homely pillars about to spring up across town.

For once, it's not a city hall issue.

Indeed, city hall is doing everything it can to stop the poles from peppering the skyline, but the city has been overruled — or rather, ignored — by a higher authority.

Cellphone towers are a federal issue, and the federal government, via Industry Canada, says any tower standing less than 15 metres tall can be erected without public consultation.

With cell companies looking for a piece of the airwave action and landowners looking to make an easy buck leasing space for towers, Calgary will soon bristle like a porcupine with antennas.

Aldermen, no surprise, feel like Calgary is getting the shaft.

"They're not the most pleasant things to look at, and in fact, most of them are pretty butt ugly," said Ald. Brian Pincott.

"But our hands are tied — the city can't refuse any application."

Pincott is the latest politician to endure an earful of abuse from ward residents, after a tower exactly 14.9 metres tall was thrown up at Southland Dr. and Oakfield Dr. earlier this month.

For those with homes nearby, the skyline is now sullied by a grim protrusion, one they weren't consulted over.

Naturally, residents demanded answers from city hall — and like countless Canadians before them, they heard there wasn't a damn thing anyone can do.

"I feel one hundred percent helpless — it's ugly, and it's depreciated housing values, and there's nothing we can do about it," said Peter Iamartino, whose retired parents own a home nearby.

"All you see now is a giant tower — when you drive up, it looks like it's standing in their backyard."

Iamartino attempted to get help from city hall, and when that went nowhere, he unsuccessfully tried to reach the owner of the stripmall where the tower stands.

"He doesn't even live in Calgary, so I'm sure he couldn't care less," said Iamartino.

With thousands of dollars to be made leasing land for the towers, it's a certainty that any landlord with space to spare is going to sign a deal with the phone companies.

Once a lease is signed, the tower is a near certainty. Industry Canada rarely says no.

"Because of Industry Canada's 15 metre rule, they don't have to do any public consultation, which is why we're getting a whole pile of 14.9 metre towers in this town," said Pincott.

"Industry Canada's rules say you can build a 14.9-metre tower, and you don't have to consult anybody."

It's not that Canadian cities haven't tried — in December, Calgary's city council wrote a letter to the federal government expressing concern about the lack of public input.

There's been no reply so far, according to Pincott and Ald. Bob Hawkesworth, who shares the long list of concerns over short towers.

Hawkesworth is also waiting to hear back from Industry Canada after city council passed his motion.

The motion forces tower applicants to hold public consultations, or the city will deny the usual letter of support.

But such city support has always been an empty gesture — for the 14.9 metre towers, it means nothing.

"Industry Canada doesn't have to accept our letters of support, no," said Hawkesworth.

Even with towers still being built around him, Hawkesworth is optimistic that Industry Canada might listen — though so far, all he's heard back is silence.

Officials from Industry Canada weren't immediately available to speak to the issue, though a spokeswoman said it's likely city council's requests are still being considered.

Hakwesworth, meanwhile, just hopes good taste prevails when it comes to building the 300 new towers anticipated over the next year or so.

"Calgarians want the convenience of cellphones, but we can't let these towers blight the landscape," said Hawkesworth.

"If they'd only come up with some more acceptable designs — something that's less of an eyesore — we wouldn't have to bring down the hammer."

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Worry not about the looks,but be very worried of the health effects!!Read the science and see what the the RF,radio fields are doing to our health.There are cancer clutters around cell towers in Europe,so maybe,just maybe this is where all our cancer is coming from??

Check it out. www.BioInititive.com


Robert Riedlinger, April 19th 2010, 9:00pm

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