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8 April 2010

SF Wireless Resolution Signed by Mayor

From: "Doug Loranger" <>

Date: April 8, 2010 5:25:42 PM EDT (CA)


Subject: SF Wireless Resolution Signed by Mayor

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors' Resolution on the potential health impacts of wireless facilities that was unanimously passed on March 23 has been signed by Mayor Newsom and is now available on the City's website:

We will be posting it to the CLOUT website ( as well in the near future.


Diabetes and Heart Disease

You may be interested to note that Dr. Mercola's newsletter has just made reference to work done by Magda Havas. The last of the main articles in the newsletter below links to a page on Mercola's site, which links to two of her videos.


- - Type 3 Diabetes and Heart Disease Video: New EMF Dangers - - Type 3 Diabetes and Heart Disease

Can dirty electricity be the reason why your blood sugar levels are out of control or you are having heart irregularities?


Miniature cell tower in your living room.

Dangerous little device -


Cell tower fight moves to court

Candlewood residents' suit highlights safety questions

By Prentiss Findlay

The Post and Courier

Thursday, April 8, 2010

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Candlewood subdivision residents opposed to a 195-foot-tall cell phone tower on Whipple Road have taken their fight to court.


Residents of the of Candlewood subdivision in Mount Pleasant have asked a judge to reverse a board ruling in December upholding a town permit for a 195-foot-tall cell phone tower on Whipple Road.

The residents' suit is against the town, the Board of Zoning Appeals and SCANA. It asks a judge to reverse a board ruling in December upholding a town permit for the SCANA-built tower. And it raises a number of town zoning code issues that relate to placement of telecommunications towers such as health, safety and aesthetics.

"The tower applicant (SCANA) failed to show evidence that the tower will not endanger the health and safety of the residents," according to a copy of the suit.

"The record will show that one child who lives next to the tower has a pacemaker and his parents were advised that the child should not play in his neighbor's backyard," the suit states. "Another resident in the immediate area testified that she was a former cancer patient and that she has read and cited several reliable studies that indicate that such towers emit high radiation levels and electromagnetic field levels."

SCANA asks in court papers filed in March that the Candlewood homeowners suit be dismissed. It says that federal law prohibits state and local agencies, including zoning boards, from regulating telecommunications towers based on concerns about environmental effects of radio frequency emissions as long as the towers comply with Federal Communications Commission regulations.

Homeowners Mark Bevivino and Alan Lincoln filed separate appeals of Zoning Administrator Kent Prause's decision to allow the tower, which was upheld in a 4-2 vote in December by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Bevivino and Lincoln declined comment on the suit on Wednesday, and referred questions to Melinda Lucka, the lawyer representing those who filed suit. Six other Candlewood residents have joined in the suit.

The $250,000 SCANA tower was built in October.

"We're not inclined to talk about it until everything goes through court," said Patricia Freshwater, public affairs manager for South Carolina Electric & Gas. SCANA Corp. is SCE&G's parent company.

Attorneys for the town did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

The town staff is in the process of reviewing its regulations concerning wireless communication towers, and plans to make recommendations on the issue to Town Council.

Lucka said she will write a letter on behalf of the Candlewood Neighborhood Association suggesting that the town strengthen its regulations governing the towers. Of particular interest are issues such as whether wireless technology could be located on an existing tower rather than a new tower. Review of such applications at the board level rather than staff approval also is of concern. Charleston County has a stronger review process for telecommunications towers, she said.

"We hope that in the future utility applicants will have to go through a more rigorous application process than what exists now in Mount Pleasant," she said.

Reach Prentiss Findlay at or 937-5711.

Towering issue: Safety, effect on property values are among worries, published 11/16/09



Plan for cell tower near Gilbert elementary school riles parents

by Parker Leavitt - Apr. 8, 2010 09:01 AM
The Arizona Republic

A technology company's plan to build a cellular tower at a Gilbert elementary school triggered an emotional response from concerned parents at Wednesday's Planning Commission meeting.

Six local parents spoke out against Clearwire's request for a permit to build a wireless cell tower at Val Vista Lakes Elementary School. The parents said they were concerned about the effects radiation from the tower could have on the health and safety of the students.

"I'm very surprised by this, that this is even happening," said Chris Handorf, whose 8-year-old child attends the school.

Fighting back tears, Handorf said while working as an engineer at Motorola, he read internal e-mails and memos about the potentially dangerous effects of electro-magnetic radiation.

"I don't let my son near my cell phone," he said. "I don't want wireless in my home."

But the 65-foot tower, disguised as a faux palm tree, would be right on school grounds, just a few yards away from school buildings where students spend several hours each day.

A Clearwire respresentative said the tower, used to provide wireless internet coverage to cell phone customers, would emit up to five amps. By the time any radiation reached the ground, it would be less intense then that of a microwave, he said.

But residents countered that students' close proximity and prolonged exposure to the electromagnetic waves is indeed cause for concern.

"If you build this tower, you're going to unleash a very silent, dangerous predator on the grounds of that school," said Geoff Feltham, who said he used to work as an electrical engineer.

"I just feel that you've got to take a stand here, not for technology but for the future of our children," he added.

Clearwire has already negotiated a lease with Gilbert Public Schools to build the tower on school grounds.

Other schools in Gilbert have already been leasing land to wireless companies for similar towers, Commissioner Jennifer Whittmann noted.

The Planning Commission unanimously voted to delay the permit for at least a month and advised Clearwire, the school district and the parents to discuss the issue in a formal meeting.

The groups plan to meet at 6 p.m., April 28 at Val Vista Lakes Elementary School.

Clearwire's request for the permit will likely come back to the Planning Commission at its May 5 meeting.


The world's largest-ever human experiment

Are mobile phone users at risk to their health? If they are, it will be noticed first in Finland

By Jaakko Lyytinen

      "It stings my ear just as if someone had stabbed a nail into my head. My skin doesn't just get inflamed and itchy and hot, but I also come out in a rash as if I'd grabbed a stinging-nettle", explains Hanna Nurminen.

      The it in her description is a mobile phone handset - something that 54-year-old Hanna Nurminen picks up only under the greatest duress.

This is a lengthy article, follow the link for full article -


(If only they would do as they say!)

Parma declaration


USA - CANADA Dossier: The alternative of Mobile Telephony by Satellite – Analysis

-TerraStar-1 the world's largest phone system satellite launched into orbit by Ariane 5

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