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19 April 2010

16 April 2010

Bill Zehr, President
Festival Hydro
Stratford, Ontario

Dear Sir,

I am very disappointed that Festival Hydro is installing potentially dangerous "smart meters" in the Stratford area, and I hope that you will seriously consider abandoning that plan until a safe alternative is identified.

I suffer from a known medical condition that will be affected by the "smart meters". It is "electro hyper-sensitivity", which means that I have severe allergic reactions to electro magnetic radiation, even at low exposure levels. A "smart meter" emitting this type of radiation could make my home unliveable for me.

I insist that you do not install on my home any type of "smart meter" that emits radio frequencies or microwave radiation. If you install "smart meters" on homes in close proximity to my home, please ensure that no wireless radiation from those devices enters my home or property, either wirelessly or by the electrical distribution system. Please note that I am willing to read my own electrical meter and call in the reading to Festival Hydro. I am also willing to take a digital photograph of the meter reading and send it by e-mail to Festival Hydro, if preferred.

You should be aware that everyone is sensitive to electro magnetic radiation at varying levels of exposure. Some of us can feel and detect that exposure, but many others develop illnesses that they do not usually relate to electro magnetic exposure. I have no doubt that there are many people living in Stratford who have already been harmed by electro magnetic radiation, but have not realized that it is the cause of their illnesses. I have included a compact disc with several files that describe the many adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation.

In your position and with your duty of ensuring safety over the community electrical distribution system, you should be aware not only of the effects of electro magnetic radiation on equipment, but also of the health effects on the public that you serve. It would seem that Festival Hydro should be informing the public of electrical pollution dangers instead of bringing further danger into the community, as will occur with these "smart meters".

In your capacity as a responsible public corporation, I ask that you suspend any further installation of "smart meters" until you have reviewed all of the information about the health effects of radio frequencies and microwave radiation and consider how "smart meters" may affect all residents served by Festival Hydro. By reviewing the scientific literature, you should soon understand the risk of adding dangerous microwave radiation to the electrical system and to the environment in which we live.

The symptoms of Radio Wave Sicknesses as they were identified back in the 1950s include at least the following:


Eye pain


Difficulty concentrating

Poor memory



Chronic Fatigue




Cancers and Leukemia


Parkinson's Disease

Heart palpitations and arrhythmias

Chest pain

Low or high blood pressure

Shortness of breath


Skin rashes and irritations

Cataracts & Floaters

Enlarged thyroid

Altered sugar metabolism leading to Diabetes


Immune dysfunctions

Ringing in the ears

                Joint pain / arthritis

The children of women who use cell phones and cordless telephones during pregnancy show drastically increased behavioral problems by the time that they reach school age.

Exposure to radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and antennas creates a stress response that damages people, animals, plants and bacteria. This is the same type of microwave radiation emitted by "smart meters" that you are installing on our homes. That radiation will be spread around homes on the electrical wiring and around our properties during each transmission.

There are many more adverse effects of electro magnetic radiation than I have mentioned above. To assist you to find more information about those effects, two thousand scientific studies may be referenced at (The BioInitiative Report). After you have studied some of the information about the known dangers, I think that you will agree that this type of radiation should not be on our electrical systems, should not be inside of our homes, and should not be spread throughout our environment.

I have no disagreement with new technology. In fact, I encourage it as long as it is safe. There is nothing new about meters that read electrical use at different times of day and night. Non radio-frequency emitting meters have been used in Europe for many years and houses are often heated with heat that is stored during the off peak hours in "storage heaters". Those meters are safe; they store information and it is retrieved only when the meter is read.

The meters that you are presently installing are not safe. Microwave emitting meters are the last type of equipment that should even be considered for use on electrical equipment. To the contrary, as you can see from the documents on the enclosed CD, Festival Hydro should be filtering their power lines and stopping those users who cause high frequency pollution that can cause serious harm to others. The scientific research papers by Millham and by Havas clearly show that high frequency pollution on electrical systems is causing severe adverse health effects for normally healthy people and may seriously endanger persons who already suffer various illness.

Another document that I have included with this letter, entitled Microwaves Imitate Pesticides, describes the health effects that are caused by pesticides and the similar effects that are caused by microwave radiation. It would be ironic if Festival Hydro were to introduce a significant environmental pollutant into our homes that causes adverse health effects similar to those of pesticides at the same time that Stratford and Ontario have decided to be pesticide free in our parks and garden environment.

The whole Ontario "smart meter" program has been poorly conceived and is being implemented without fully considering the harm it may cause to consumers. It creates great additional expense to all hydro users, it endangers the safety of all persons exposed to radiation emitted by it, and it harms the environment. The program is unlikely to result in any appreciable savings to the consumer and it is also unlikely to result in less electricity use.

The meter installed on my house is only one year old and is in good working condition.

Regarding the "smart meter" program I would like to know:

1. What is the cost of each smart meter?

2. What is the cost of installing each meter?

3. What is the total cost of meters and installation for all of Stratford?

4. How is that cost funded?

5. Can 'smart meters' store information to be collected manually each month?

6. What happens to the perfectly serviceable meters that are being removed?

Other electrical utilities have been blindly installing "smart meters" without examining the risks involved. They have simply accepted that the Canadian radiation standards are safe but, in doing so, they have made a significant mistake. Canadian radiation safety standards are based simply on a theoretical heating effect, known as 'thermal effects'. They fail to take into account the effects that radiation has upon the brain, the heart, muscles, and the nervous system, these are known as 'biological effects'. Independent scientists from around the world have demonstrated these affects exist at very low radiation exposure levels, but the Canadian standards have ignored these findings.

Stratford is a city with intelligent and knowledgeable citizens. They expect their public servants to demonstrate intelligence and leadership, and trust that they will not endanger the health and welfare of the public. I am sure that they would want you to examine the dangers of the "smart meter" program to ensure that their safety comes first, even if it means disagreeing with the Ontario Government, whose leadership on this issue has been both careless and dangerous.

The public is rapidly learning about the adverse health effects of electro magnetic radiation. If you install "smart meters" throughout Stratford, you run the risk of significant court challenges in the future. Court challenges can be very expensive and they may result in an order for "smart meters" to be replaced or for the dangerous microwave component of them to be disabled. Please make the right decision about further installation of "smart meters" now.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Weatherall

cc: Stratford Beacon Herald
      Stratford Gazette
      Stratford Citizen


Mobile Phone Tumour Fears

April 17, 2010 by: admin

David Smith faithfully sold mobile phones for 10 years. Little did he know, he was getting paid to sell something that he believes has now ruined his life. "I think it would be very foolish, very foolish, to assume there is no relationship and not take any precautions," David said.

"What makes me angry is that they continue to sell these phones without making sure that they are safe." The evidence is mounting. Brain tumors are on the increase – even neurosurgeons are concerned. The industry stands firm, however, not all of them. David was just 30 years old when he underwent three operations to remove the tumor as big as a golf ball, around his acoustic nerve.

During the surgery, the nerve was removed and another was accidentally damaged, causing David to lose muscular control in his face. "I believe mobile phones gave me this tumor and I blame the mobile phone companies," David said."I was angry at the mobile phone companies and at the telecommunication companies because they've put this product on the market without the proper research to what it does, I guess they've used us as guinea pigs." The tumor was situated just behind his right ear.

"I used to use my right ear as my phone ear, but I don't do that anymore because I can't hear out of it," David said. "I used to use the mobile phone maybe one or two hours a day for the 10 years or so before I was diagnosed."

David's tumor is one that studies have linked to mobile phone use. Professor Bruce Armstrong is head of Sydney University's Public Health Dept. He's spent 10 years looking at the research between mobile phones and brain tumors.

There was evidence of a twofold increase in risk of tumors. While David is trying to piece his life back together, he worries for the millions who constantly use their mobile. "You see 10 year olds running around the street using mobile phones, I wonder how they'll affect the development of their brains," said David.

Enrico Grani too blames his brain tumor on heavy mobile phone use over 10 years. "I had an analogue phone it was like a toy, you know what I mean, you get a new toy you talk on the phone," said Enrico. He was diagnosed with a meninglioma in the right parietal globe.

After the operation, he was in a coma for three days and suffered a stroke. "I blame the cell phone industry blinded by greed, they've known about this for many, many years but they still deny it," said Enrico.

None of this surprises those in the business of brain surgery.

One prominent Canberra Neurologist has written a research paper on the link between mobile phones and brain tumors. He believes mobile phones will be the next great public health issue and he compares their effects with those of smoking and asbestos.

He's calling on government and industry to take immediate steps to reduce exposure of consumers to mobile phones. As a Neurosurgeon Richard Bit-tar has seen a rise in brain tumors in the last 15 years, but says its hard to point the finger solely at mobile phone use. Yet Richard tries to use his mobile phone only on loudspeaker or uses a nearby land line when possible.

"There is certainly an element of concern not only from myself but from a lot of my colleagues. A lot of my neurosurgery colleagues go even further and really try and minimize the amount of mobile phone use they engage in, that reflects an underlying concern that there may well be a relationship," said Richard.

His warning to consumers? "Minimize the amount of time you spend with your mobile phone up against your ear. "We asked the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association's Chris Althaus if he was worried about getting a tumor: "No."

Does he use his phone every day? "I use it every day and I use it a lot every day, I'm very comfortable personally with the way the research effort conveys to markets like Australia and globally the level of safety you can enjoy when using a mobile phone," said Chris. But David had a different view.

"It's ruined the life I had previously had, all these plans and ideas and so much hope for the future and now that's all changed. I've had to reevaluate everything," said David.

Educational Cell Phone Digital Book by Paul Fitzgerald, EMF expert, graduated from NJIT in Newark, NJ. He has been studying EMF's for over 15 years.. He has done over 100 radio shows in 2006 and released his book CellPhone Lies To learn more go to EMF Radiation News.


Mother's Lament About Son's Exposure to Cell Phones & Microwave Radiation

Posted by: Beach Reporter In: california

15 Apr, 2010

When Virginia Farver speaks, a LOT of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, educators, environmentalists, and concerned cell users listen. Our postings about the subject are never without comments from those who say, "If cell phone use is so bad, why hasn't anyone I know ever been impacted negatively by it?" The assumption is that because someone doesn't hear about this issue affecting those in their immediate circle of friends & family, it must not exist.

The science behind the individual case studies is challenging to document, and proof is sometimes inconclusive. But the stories and loss are very real. And when we post blogs about this subject, the visitor numbers shoot through the roof with personal testimonies of those who believe electromagnetic waves from cell phones or other exposure caused their brain cancers.

Here's the latest from Virginia Farver, who lost her son, Rich. Her son's death and the controversy was published in San Diego newspapers :

Hello Everyone; I'm Virginia Farver, that this story is about! I lost my Son, Rich, from glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer, October of 2008.

Since the first article, I came home and investigated this Cell Tower outside of Nasatir Hall, on the SDSU campus in San Diego. It is a HPWREN, High Performance Wireless Research and Educational Network. A backbone node to the UCSD campus. It has the capability of sending signals up to 74 miles away, to Mount Soledad, Mount Laguna, Mount Margarita, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, etc.

I wanted to clear up that I do think Rich's cell phone caused his brain cancer, and I KNOW this Tower was the cause as well! Please, everyone find out what is on the cell towers that you live near! They aren't always what they seem! This tower is still on campus, and there are still students and staff that are near it. I actually heard that they had turned this tower down, since all of these brain cancer cases!

I would have done anything for my Son, and if I had known this tower had the capability that it has, I would have NEVER allowed my Son to attend there! Also, I flew to Maine to meet with Representative Andrea Boland, who was trying to pass legislation to get cell phone brain cancer warnings on cell phone packaging.

Do you know? If you  read your manuals, they ALL tell you NOT to put your cell phone near your heads or bodies? Please, read the fine print! I pray no one else goes through this devastating disease! I just miss my Son.  (Documentation and links are provided in a previous blog post here.)


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Safety of Cell Phones?

Here's an opportunity to send some input to our national radio. The Sunday Edition is between 9 and noon every week, and at the end of today's show (18th April)  Michael Enright announced that the program would look at the topic of safety for cellphone users. I think this is to be next week, so there's a short window of time for action before the fact, and also the opportunity for rebuttal by posting to the CBC forum afterward. 

But getting them to deal with the most important facts during the program is better than reactions afterward.

To hear the program (and I hope the announcement will be on the archived version) go to the website


You can subscribe to their announcement service to get advance notice of upcoming shows, or "become a fan" on facebook.

The program archives and topics by week are here (today's is not yet posted but should be online by tomorrow if they are keeping up with their jobs) -- short descriptions and audio files are both provided:


I felt that I should circulate this in case you didn't get the announcement. Here's an opportunity to give the CBC an earful, and to ask them to interview Magda Havas, Dr. George Carlo, and other spokespersons whose knowledge and research can contribute valid understanding of pulsed frequencies and their effect on human physiology (and on other living creatures).

Input must be made via the CBC website form

< >,

by phone, or by surface mail. Or, if you have facebook, post a comment on the Sunday Edition's facebook page.




Box 333 New Denver, BC, V0G 1S0, Canada

April 8, 2010

Mr. Darren Entwistle, President & CEO

TELUS Communications Inc.

Tony Geheran, Vice President

TELUS Customer Solutions Delivery, BC

Jacques Garceau, eng., PMP, MBA

Vice President

Engineering Operations & Implementation (Wireless)


We received a reply dated March 24, 2010 from Mr. Garceau which took a position completely unacceptable to us. Over the past two years we have had repetitive "standard" answers just like in this very letter, that dodge the issues with outdated assurances of safety, while Telus insists that it has not acted like a bully, but has been simply responding to local demand.

In the face of this assertion, let me remind you that:

  • The Village of New Denver Administration has protested and appealed your purposed actions.
  • The majority of New Denver residents object to it.
  • The Healthy Housing Society opposes it.
  • The New Denver Chamber of Commerce has notified Telus of its economic plan to promote a cell phone free vacation for tourists, in opposition to the installation.
  • The environmental organization Valhalla Wilderness Society opposes it
  • The Parent –Children's Association opposes it

Of late, pro cellphone persons have constructed a face-page subscribed, in large part, by non-residents. These numbers hardly address the fact that our residents and our children face the dangers of transmission. We could produce an equal number of non-residents against cellphones, but that also does not address the issues. You seem unwilling to take up the vast amount of scientific reports about cellphone usage hazards and transmission plume dangers, including reports of substantial danger to children even while your proposed antenna transmission is 190 metres from a children's playground.

Let me make clear; when it comes to dangers to our children's health and even their lives, you are ignoring a determined group of parents that do not intend to accept the position set forth in the letter just received. What you assert is the same thing we've heard for over two years, even while a mountain of evidence contradicting your assurances is being gathered world-wide. Be advised, we have secured the services of an attorney and the services of an international expert who will testify and present documentation as to these dangers. You will hear from our attorney shortly.


Susan Yurychuk


New Denver, BC

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