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6 April 2010

'Allergic' to Electronics: ABC News

Firstenberg said he has been diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Excellent video about Sarah Dacre and article about Arthur Firstenberg.


The Joint Action of Microwaves and Chemicals

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The companion piece to Lucinda Grant's article (Microwaves imitate pesticides) might be this (attached documents).
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Our Health: Breast cancer linked to cell phones?

By Jane Glenn Haas
The Orange County Register
Page 18
2010-04-05 12:00 AM

Dr. John G. West has been studying women's breasts for 33 years.

In his office, The Breast Link at the Breast Care and Imaging Center of Orange, Calif., he has twice diagnosed my separate cancers, a 7mm invasive ductal carcinoma on the right in 1994 and an 8mm one on the left in 2003.

Two "pieces of cake" in terms of breast cancer survival. "In 33 years there have been a lot of changes," he says.

"We are catching more and more cancers early, there are better survival rates, more breast conservation, fewer mastectomies, less radiation."

But there also are new challenges. Dr. West talked about the latest challenge and more.

Q. You have recently issued a public alert about cell phones?

A. To date, there have been no scientific studies suggesting that cell phones are associated with increased risk of developing breast cancer.

However, two recent cases have caused us to rethink our position on this issue.

The first case involves a 39-year-old woman who, for the past five years, put her cell phone in her bra to improve the connectivity with her Bluetooth headset. She felt warmth throughout her breast when she received calls but thought nothing about it until she felt a pain in the spot where she put her cell phone. She examined the area and felt a lump.

A subsequent mammogram and biopsy revealed it was an invasive breast cancer. She required a mastectomy and examination of the removed breast tissue showed five separate tumors in almost the exact distribution corresponding to the shape of the cell phone.

Q. That's scary, but does it signify a trend?

A. We were unaware of any similar case and concluded it was just an unusual experience. But a few weeks later, a second case occurred in a woman in her 50s who wore her cell phone in her bra for the past five years. A mammogram showed a cancer directly below the spot where she placed her cell phone.

Q. What does this prove?

A. These two cases could be an unusual coincidence. The most we can say is that the issue should be explored in more detail. I'm not saying the cell phones caused the breast cancers. I am saying that women should "Be Aware" of the possibility that such a risk might exist.

Q. You are asking other doctors and patients to share information with you?

A. You can contact us at and we will share any updated information in the "Ask the Doctor" section of the Web site.

Q. You told me you think younger women may be more at risk?

A. They are greater users of cell phones. It's up to women to be aware and do everything they can to protect themselves. Women tell me they put the cell phones in their bras when they work out at the gym. Why not put the phone in their purse?

Keep cell phones away from the skin.

Even guys need to know they shouldn't put their phones in front pockets.

Instead, they should use a belt loop.

Q. But if you've been carrying the cell phone in your bra?

A. Remember, early detection of breast cancer means less invasive treatment. Be sure to have your annual mammogram.

Jane Glenn Haas writes for The Orange County (Calif.) Register.

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Phones – devices, communication devices or blocking communication always active?

The purpose of this article is to all readers on mobile phones or mobile phones and other portable devices like iPods, remote controls and cordless phones for assistance. I am writing this from my personal experience of a tragedy that struck me bitter.

Was unreachable

It 'happened over a year ago. My friend Jacques then was in possession of a work of leadership in a world renowned advertising agency. He had just returned from a trip to Singapore, where He received several awards for its unique advertising and creative work excellent. I've seen days are not gone to see him arrive at Charles de Gaulle. We, his mother, his wife, Marie and I, perhaps too busy to congratulate him was to see nothing wrong. I remember that he preferred to dine in his restaurant. The next day he visited his office as usual. That evening, Jacques returned and asked the wife if she noticed or have no significant change in a particular Face. After careful consideration, Marie noted that his face was suddenly angular, distorted. She was frightened and immediately called his mother at their home in the rue de la Neva and I in the Avenue Matignon. We ran to Jacques's Place, near the Bastille and observed for the first time, the perceptible change had occurred in the face. Apparently his colleagues in the office for the first change that Jacques will face on site were carried out in a corner.

We took a right doctor Jacques removed. The doctor recommended a brain scan. First we were surprised by the need to scan the brain, but the doctor assured us that it was only a matter of routine that would eliminate some diseases. As I asked the doctor for a possible reason for which Jacques had become the face wrong, said it could be due to a muscular problem that could easily be treated with facial exercises and physical therapy. This alleviated our fears by much. Jacques spent the rest of the evening Playing with children. The next day, Jacques led us all in his Peugeot to the hospital for its scanning. The nurse said that it would be a matter of forty minutes. Jacques in his office after scanning units. His mother, his wife, and I would take a taxi to our respective offices. We waited outside the MRI room and engaged us in many ways. I went through the newspapers, while his mother Marie, how bad the kids had to be on late. When Jacques had not yet slipped from the scan room an hour later, I went to knock on the sliding door. The nurses and doctor have come with sad faces. What followed has left us all shocked and shaken. The scan revealed that Jacques had five brain tumors, and that all five were malignant. Worse, they could not undergo surgery and were removed because they were staying in the most sensitive parts of the brain and cerebellum.

Needless to say we have seen a hundred Doctors. Yes, almost a hundred doctors, no less. Jacques was a young man of thirty years with a wife and two children. It was imperative that he lived. He wanted to live very badly. I remember his pathetic face with tears his cheeks, a broken heart every time I visit an oncologist or a cancer surgeon, the other dashed his hopes of survival. If a tumor can be surgically eradicated, there is nothing comparable. But the problem with cancer Jacques was that they so confused. All surgeons must tell us if it were their scalpels by Brain Jacques' run or remove the tumor with a laser or other means, he ended up getting a vegetable, as the tumors were removed and removing vital parts Would mean removal important parts like the parts that appear to remember, think, think, etc.

I can not have these months were not very numerous. Jacques suffered brain tumor, which at an advanced stage, from which he had received no hope of recovery, whatever. His mother was devastated.

Marie took his leave from his work with Jacques for most of the time. The strange thing about brain tumors and any type of cancer is the disease without any warning the patient develops. Physicians and surgeons had told us that Jacques had five tumors developed over several years before the diagnosis of disease and that his discovery to an earlier Stage, would be likely to have any chance of recovery than in small tumors without severe damage to his brain were removed. When the notice arrived, however, was already too late and was put in metastases was a few days after the discovery Jacques paralyzed and unable to walk, when tumors hinder normal motor functions of the brain. Little by little, to have affected his speech and vision. Jacques was quickly slipping in and out of consciousness. The pain was Jacques was painful and virtually live pain and sedation, and nutrition through intravenous injection. We thought of chemotherapy to make one last attempt to keep it for a few months to live longer, but the doctors told us not to go as useless for them chained to a bed and harassment Necessary Patients terminally ill, rest and sleep would be more what else in his final days. It 'died four months later after the scan and be diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Cell Telephones or mobile phones are the culprit

All the doctors told us that the widespread use of mobile phones and wireless technology are cited as the main reason for the increased incidence of brain tumors among people. Mobile phones or cell phones and other portable devices that work nowadays very popular, with the help of electromagnetic radiation.

When you talk to someone about a phone that these rays enter through the brain. Even if you are listeningMusic with the help of an iPod, some rays of brain cutting. Cordless phones also have the same effect. So, as a person talking on the phone and use your handheld device, the more he or she is sensitive to brain cancer, malignant gliomas and acoustic neuromas. In addition, research shows that there is a greater likelihood of cancer in those parts of the brain near the ear, where a person puts his or cell phone, iPod or other devices. Jacques usedon his cell phone to be almost 24 / 7 In conversation with customers from overseas to his family and friends when he was out of Paris with his staff and teammates in all continents. He was always on his mobile phone during the night and take it to bed with him so that he talk to customers abroad when she called.

Wireless technology, you can create a mesh of problems

Some experts also argue that the speech is on the phone far more dangerous than smoking because:

• Mobile phone use is involved in cancer development and smoking can cause cancer or cause not to. (However, this statement was widely seen as some have disputed the results of research supported, while other finds have denied. Some say that scientists have not yet found any direct relationship between mobile phone use and brain tumors. You also said that such relationships may, after prolonged use of mobile phones and so discovered the link between cell phone use and cancer can not be completely excluded.)

• Almost all of us use mobile phones or mobile phones, while only few of us smoke. If you compare the number of smokers in the world for the number of mobile users, the number of smokers seem tiny.

Moreover, the devices operated with wireless technology also may adversely affect cognitive abilities – what they can and answer justification processes in humans and cause damage to people and situations means to respond, Problems at a slower pace. Research also shows that continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones or mobile phones also cause fatigue, insomnia, headache, dizziness, impaired concentration, memory loss, increased heart rate and digestive disorders.

Studies show that people are dwelling in the vicinity of towers and base stations of mobile telephony in danger, as they are surrounded by radiation from top to bottom, all the time. People living near GSM Mobile phone antennas are often complained of fatigue, sleep disturbances and memory loss. The number of complaints has risen sharply in recent years, governments, forcing restrictions on the location of GSM cell towers to deliver. While most developed nations current regulation prohibiting the location of a cell tower near a residential area or school, underdeveloped countries have no such restrictions in place to protect populations harmful effects of radiation from base stations.

Cancer has spread too

So what should be done to world leaders? Impose an embargo on the use of mobile phones, mobile phones and wireless technology? This can be useful, but it is not feasible. We ask too deeply rooted in mobile phone technology and implement such bans. I tried not to my phone after the death of my friend to use. Every time I have to France, I would like my mother,Colleagues and friends of long distance phone through traditional hotel. But after a while 'was a nuisance. I could not wait to book a hotel or a place to walk to a phone booth to call my mother, my colleagues and friends. They become totally dependent, and a slave to my phone. modern mobile phones are a type of practice you can not do without them. And they are increasingly demanding and Get Smart every day. As with video, audio, chat,E-Mail, Internet, games and even video conferencing integrated into a phone, the phone has become almost as important as food and water! And this is the frightening aspect of cell phones and cell phones!

The only thing we can hope for is that the mobile phone and mobile phone manufacturers to develop safer forms of communication, are phones that are biologically compatible, ie. Can not say that you try. Many of the giant cell sincerely try to bring phones, the state-of-the-art and does not represent a risk to the human brain and body. But it will take time before such phones are available for ordinary people at affordable prices. What will happen in the meantime, it is horrible and something that does not like to think or speak.

The other side of a hi-tech

In today's world, technology is the benchmark of progress. The world's most technologically savvy, more Advanced is. At least that's what some people believe and want others to believe. But technology is the true measure of progress? Of course, technology makes us smarter, faster and more competent. But the rapid development of technology has also crimes that this was strange, new, crime, the fight against law enforcement authorities to understand, are produced. As technology allows for better monitoring of offenders, but also AIDS and encourages the criminals to get Law. Technology is a double edged sword, branches full and definitive that are not fully aware of us.

Technology has changed the rhythm of life dramatically. It has helped to transform the world into a global village. However, the current hysteria and media hype on inadequate technology. The media must play an important role. It should educate the masses about the negative impact of technology.

Medical experts have cried out loud and raucous for themselves adverse effects of mobile phones for a long time, but their warnings continued in a sea of praise for multimedia mobile phones, call the Media "Smart Phones" drowned. Some doctors, oncologists, onco-surgeons, neurologists and neurosurgeons have confessed to me that they tried to throw their cell phones from the windows, as people who are understanding of the malignant effects of radiation from mobile phones, better than others. But they failed in their essays and I went back to using cell phones and cell phones. This revelation was the next most surprising thing for me after my death of his friend. Physicians and surgeons who can not give in full awareness of the harmful effects of mobile phones with mobile phones are!

Let's Communicate time to the maximum possible

We need a concerted effort to sit down and invent on cell phones and mobile terminal sufficient pressure on the mobile phone and mobile phone manufacturers new bio-friendly, mobile phones and brain-friendly. I do not blame phone companies outright. But what to do, should be reconsidered. individual essays to curb the use of mobile phones have proved to be futile and will continue to fail, because the gadget has become an integral part of our lives. Just as we start with the phone, as our friends and neighbors were there, do not use when you no longer use our friends and neighbors. While mobile phone companies must Mull how they present themselves, their products more authentic, as are less harmful, we in our experiment, premature deaths from battle to join mobile. In addition, scientists seek to find ways to fight this terrible disease because brain cancer is one of the few types of cancer and disease which is fatal like.

I understand if you disagree with me. But when you lose a best friend or neighbor and loving as I am sure appreciate what they are trying to say. The mobile phone radiation, cancer is contradictory in nature, while some studies on this, and if we are constantly exposed to continue, we become vulnerable and susceptible to the dreaded disease. Cell phones, mobile phones and handheld devices are just some gadgets that we should stop harmful use, because neither televisions and stereos, PCs, laptops and digital cameras have always been, at least one term radiation causes cancer.This article does not urge you, go back to the Middle Ages, to give up technology or to stop the steady advance of civilization. It begs to only use only products that have the potential to damage physically. The phone or cell phone is a Frankenstein that the brain can very destroyed. Let us banish this Frankenstein of our lives forever.


EMF Basic Training Seminar Toronto

Saturday, April 24,  10 - 5
Yonge & Lawrence area, Toronto
taught by Kevin Byrne,

Which shall cover:
Understand EMF fields
The 4 components of Human Made EMFs
. AC Electric Fields
. AC Magnetic Fields
. Dirty Electricity
. Radio Frequency Radiation (RF)
The Health effects of EMF Pollution
The Science of Measuring EMFs
Commonly used EMF meters
Standards and Thresholds
Proven EMF Remediation Strategies
contact:  416 322 0363
This workshop is co sponsored by the Toronto Dowsers


Apple blocks app that warns users of radiation levels

              From Essentia


Phones in remote Washington come at high cost

The Associated Press
Cell phones don't work because the area is designated wilderness, forbidding the construction of wireless towers. The local phone service has received ...

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