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Microwaves Imitate Pesticides

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5 April 2010

Hi All

Lucinda Grant was helping electro hyper-sensitive (EHS) victims and running the national support group Electrical Sensitivity Network, years before I was even aware of the problem.  Her early work and running the ESN between 1995 and 2000 helped to make it much easier for others to learn and continue the fight. Lucinda is the author of the books The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook and Workstation Radiation.  She is no longer an activist but is still very concerned about the effects of electro magnetic pollution.

There are two Lucinda Grant documents from 1997 which are attached to this message. 

1.  Electrical Sensitivity as an Emerging Illness, which provides general EHS information and references to EHS research.

2.  Microwaves Imitate Pesticides.  This is a very important document that we should be referring to often.  The paper discusses how low levels of radiofrequencies and microwave radiation induces harmful effects to humans and animals.  The effects are very similar to effects caused by dangerous chemical pesticides, which have been already been banned in many towns, cities, states and provinces.

With this information we should challenge the people who are indiscriminately placing dangerous microwave radiation emitting devices in public places.  For instance - would libraries, schools, hospitals, coffee shops, hotels and supermarkets etc continually spray their premises with dangerous pesticide chemicals for hours on end?  I think not, but these same people are 'spraying' the inside of their premises with strong levels of microwave radiation, with the possibility of causing severe cumulative harm to patients, employees and customers.

It is important that we tell these people what they are doing wrong and provide community leaders, educators, health professionals with this type of information and other scientific evidence showing electro magnetic radiation, causes significant harm to health.

Martin Weatherall

Co Director WEEP

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