Sunday, January 11, 2009

This should scare us

Sunday, January 11, 2009 3:10 AM EST

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This should scare us

Should we be happy that there are cell towers in the Adirondacks? In fact, the spread of the wireless communication industry should scare us.

In 1970, one out of 10,000 children had autism and now it is one in 166. We are exposed to 100 million times more radiation then just two decades ago. The cells in our body communicate with each other by subtle low-intensity electromagnetic signals as well as chemical reactions. Continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation can drastically distort and disrupt these cellular communication pathways resulting in abnormal cellular metabolism and eventually disease.

Electro-pollution compromises normal intercellular communication of the body. Cell function deteriorates, cell membranes harden, causing a shutdown of the cells. Nutrients and toxins can't get out and over time there are mutations, premature aging, illness and disease.

As an example, at a Starbucks, equipped with wireless internet, there are cell phones, lap tops, etc. Each is transmitting to the back of the store and at each point the signal gets an electronic push to get it going. The push creates a wake called a near field plume. This plume is sending out lots of radiation.

Many places are filled with laptops, wireless networks, game stations and iPods. Increasingly the world is blanketed with a dense fog of plumes and beams. Day and night our cells are bombarded and cellular function is compromised.

Please thank Representative Dennis Kucinich for holding hearings on the safety of cell phones and the wireless technology. The wireless corporations spend millions lobbying Congress and that is why Congress passed the Telecommunications Act that said health and safety weren't to be considered in citing towers. For information look up the EMR Policy Institute (

Martha Winsten