Thursday, January 15, 2009

International protest against Bushey Heath phone mast

International protest against Bushey Heath phone mast

10:40am Thursday 15th January 2009

Photograph of the Author By Filip Hnizdo »

Protesters from around the world have joined residents in Bushey Heath campaigning against a phone mast they say will "fry their brains".

Telecommunications firm O2 have put in a planning application to build a mast in the National Grid Compound in Elstree Road, near Immanuel College and a residential area.

A government database states there are already 1092 masts and communications bases in Hertfordshire.

Following a Watford Observer article about the proposed building, comments have flooded in from international groups.

Martin Weatherall from Canada, the founding director of anti-mast group WEEP and a former Watford Observer photographer, said he became ill following work with the Toronto Police Service that exposed him to electro magnetic pollution.

He strongly disagreed with O2's statements that there was no research linking phone masts with bad health.

He cited more than 50 research papers on the topic as evidence against masts and radiation.

After reading the article on the proposed mast in Bushey Heath, Henrik Eiriksson of said: "If you examine the World Health Organisations research database you will find that 80 per cent of studies on people living near mobile-phone masts show harm to health and quality of life."

Leslie Winters of Woodstock Road, Bushey Heath voiced anger over the mast being planned near a "huge" mast already located in the nearby Spire Bushey Hospital.

He said: "There is no doubt in my mind that over extensive use of mobile phone gives a headache.

"I understand that they have to have masts but having two on top of you is absurd and disgusting.

"What worries me is that we will be in an enormous triangle between massive masts. If we would allow for that we would all really have our brains fried.

"There is no proof that they are safe. We used to think cigarettes were safe. The phone companies just have a lot of wealth so they can get people to say anything."

O2 Spokesperson Jim Stevenson said there was no scientific evidence to support any of the protesters claims dispite significant research.

The application, recommended for refusal by Hertsmere Borough Council will be decided at the Radlett Centre, Aldenham Avenue, Radlett on Tuesday at 7.30pm

Filip Hnizdo

The Watford Observer

Dear Filip

Thank you for reporting again on the Bushey Heath Phone Mast protest and thank you for referring to WEEP and particularly, the scientific evidence that links mobile phone radiation to adverse health effects.

There is one thing in your article that I wanted to correct. You referred to an - 'anti-mast group'. This is not correct, we have little concern about masts and we are not anti mast. We are extremely concerned about the electro magnetic radiation emitted by antennas (some on masts) and our concern is based on strong scientific evidence ( . We are also highly concerned about other forms of electrical and electromagnetic pollution harming people, animals and the environment.

WEEP (The Canadian Initiative against ) - Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution, cares little, if politicians are stupid enough to allow masts that 'blight' highways, towns, cities, the countryside and in particular most scenic high points around the world.

If the antennas on masts did not emit carcinogenic radiation, if they did not affect composition of blood, if they did not affect the heart, the brain and other internal body systems, if they did not harm birds, bees and the environment and if they did not cause what may be the biggest threat to life on earth, WEEP would not complain about all the ugly masts, which have sprouted up over the past twenty years.

WEEP is not opposed to any new technology that is proven to be safe. Microwave radiation (from many sources) is not safe and research over many years has been proven it to be highly dangerous to human health.

Yours sincerely

Martin Weatherall

Co-Director WEEP