Monday, January 19, 2009

Global Television contacts and video / Generation Cellphone

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Last night on Global Television (Canada) there was a very informative program about the dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs and the adverse health effects of dirty electricity. The links below are to videos that can be viewed on the internet and contact information for the show producers.

Martin Weatherall


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Feel like commenting on the show? Have a hot tip you'd like to see us chase down for a future episode? Or maybe you have some questions about the program. The producers of 16x9 want you to get in touch with them, and here's how:



1-877-TELL-169 (1-877-835-5169)

Conventional mail:

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Generation Cellphone
Wendy Mesley reveals new evidence about possible health risks facing the newest generation of cell phone users: children.

CBC Market Place What Canadians are not being told about cellphones.