Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comment to the Independent

Can any of those claiming that WiFi is safe direct me to any specific published study of WiFi [2.4 GHz] which actually shows that there are no health effects?

The Bioinitiative Report [2007] which reviewed over 2000 studies concluded that the present [thermally based] ICNIRP guidelines for emissions from mobile phones, cordless phones, etc. do not protect health. The European Parliament is taking the Bioinitiative Report very seriously. I refer you to the 'European Parliament resolution of 4 September 2008 on the mid-term review of the European Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010 (2007/2252(INI)'."

In this document the European Parliament acknowledges that permitted mobile telecommunications exposure levels are too high, that electrosensitivity can occur, that exposure levels need to be based on biologically factors [not just heating effects]. The comments apply to WiFi as well as mobile phones and base stations.

Posted by Margaret 29.12.08, 17:36 GMT