Monday, October 27, 2008

Doctors baffled by an unexplained rash on people's ears or cheeks

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The strange thing about the next story is that I know persons who are electro hypersensitive, who do not use a cell phone, are not exposed to nickel, yet when they are sensing electro magnetic exposure above normal levels, they break out with the same type of rash. Doctors should not be so baffled. If they only learned to listen to their patients, they would realize that exposure to electro magnetic radiation causes dermatitis and a host of other illnesses.

Martin Weatherall

Thurs., Oct. 16, 2008

LONDON - Doctors baffled by an unexplained rash on people's ears or cheeks should be on alert for a skin allergy caused by too much mobile phone use, the British Association of Dermatologists said on Thursday.

Citing published studies, the group said a red or itchy rash, known as "mobile phone dermatitis," affects people who develop an allergic reaction to the nickel surface on mobile phones after spending long periods of time on the devices.

"It is worth doctors bearing this condition in mind if they see a patient with a rash on the cheek or ear that cannot otherwise be explained," it said.

The British group said many doctors were unaware mobile phones could cause the condition.

Safety concerns over mobile phones have grown as more people rely on them for everyday communication, although the evidence to date has given the technology a clean bill of health when it comes to serious conditions like brain cancer.

"In mobile phone dermatitis, the rash would typically occur on the cheek or ear, depending on where the metal part of the phone comes into contact with the skin," the group said in a statement.