Monday, October 27, 2008

An open letter to the Eureka City Council

An open letter to the Eureka City Council

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dear Mayor, and City Council Members

The real injustice of the cell tower deal between Verizon and the Apostolic Church, on Harris and D. St., came to light to us while watching the city council meeting on public access television a couple weeks ago. I was aghast at the tepid response that most council members had toward residents' concerns and disappointed at their rush to approve this project. Even though we live a half a block from, and in plain view of, the 60 foot cell tower "to be", we were never notified by the city during the permitting process. Even more disheartening: it was our neighbor, who we are friendly with, who brokered the deal with Verizon behind our backs.

Something smells fishy in Eureka, and it's not from the high tide.

A glance at a cell tower locator map of Eureka on the Internet will reveal seven towers surrounding the city, most in commercial/industrial zones. This cell tower would be the first one in the center of town in a primarily residential neighborhood. I think this precedent is significant and warrants more attention than a few mailed notices to residents within a 300 foot radius of the proposed site. This past week, we walked around our neighborhood and talked to people about the project. Most people never received notice of the cell tower and were outraged that they were left out of the dialog.

What kind of city do we live in where hard working, tax paying citizens, are denied a real voice in decisions that will directly affect our lives?

Stop the permitting process.
This injustice must be undone now.